Scary Bingo Review Review


Welcome Bonus:

Deposit £10 & Play with £40


1st deposit offer on the bingo site with respect to welcome Bonus Funds is 150%. The minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus offer for any initial deposit is £5. For example: If your initial deposit is £5, the bonus offer is £7.50 for bingo games. If you deposit less than £5 no bonus will be given. The maximum Bonus Funds you can receive is £52.50.

Scary Bingo Review

This Scary Bingo review is going to show why I think this online bingo site has been a great pleasure to play on and why I think that’s the reason it’s encountered insane amounts of success as of late. In this fantastic review you’ll discover all the relevant information there is to know about the site so that you know what you should expect when you get playing on this awesome site.

Established in September 2015, Scary Bingo has done really well over the past couple of years and it has gone on to become one of the very best Dragonfish sites to date. Scary Bingo has got loads of excellent features which have made it so popular and in this review I’ll break them all down so you know why it’s so popular.

This scarily awesome bingo site is eye-catching with it’s halloween design, well-developed with its mobile friendly casino and easy to play on because of its simple layout. These are some of the reasons why many people love playing on the site – and you can too!

One quick side note thing I love about Scary Bingo is that the deposit and withdrawl limit is so low -The minimum amount of money that you can withdraw on Scary Bingo is just £5 and the minimum amount for deposits is also just £5.

These days, mobile betting is on the rise with players from all around the world and the majority of top sites now offering their players the chance to enjoy an excellent gaming experience all from the comfort of their phone. The convenience that mobile betting has is fantastic; it allows players like me and you to play from wherever they are in the world (Be it in the queue waiting to pay for your shopping… lay on the sofa at home watching TV… or even at the gym in between exercises!) and I’m sure you’ll be glad to find out that this handy feature is available on Scary Bingo.

Scary Bingo have ensured that their players can play from their phone and this can be done via the mobile optimized site. The site is free to access but you must make sure that you have a stable internet connection for the site to run properly – it’s best to be connected to some sort of Wifi. Another reason why the mobile optimized site is a fan favourite is because no storage gets used as it would do on the app so your phone isn’t bogged down with used up memory. So for a really fun, exciting and slightly different mobile gaming experience make sure you get playing on the world-renowned Scary Bingo site!


When it comes to playing on bingo sites, there are dozens of features which must be considered in order for you to have a good experience and one of the most important features which I always look out for is the layout.

Layouts come in all different shapes and sizes. From big, bright, flashing buttons to a really boring and stale 2 colour page. Luckily for players on this Dragonfish site, Scary Bingo is well-designed and laid out absolutely great too – The menu items are really easy to see, The colours are easy on the eye and the promotions are just a doddle to find! In this part of the review I’ll go in a bit more depth!

Scary Bingo is a unique looking bingo site to say the least. The purple and orange colours stand out from all the other bingo sites out there straight away. The amount of features it has is also great and all of these are mega easy to navigate too – even on your phone!

The first thing to catch my attention was the Scary Bingo logo which has a Halloween theme to it and this is situated in the top left corner of the site. Adjacent to the logo, you will notice the ‘join now’ and ‘login’ tabs which are highlighted in purple and orange, both which are bright colours that catch the eye of any punter.

The center of the homepage on Scary Bingo is filled with information regarding the latest bonuses/promotions that are available on the site (at the minute theres a game bonus and a bingo bonus – lovely!) as well as instant games, progressive jackpots and a list of the top winners too. Now in terms of the main tabs, the tabs for ‘help’, ‘winners’, ‘register’ and ‘home’ can be seen towards the top of the site.


Nowadays, the creme de la creme of bingo sites are the ones that run on a good software and because of this the vast majority of players look out for the top software’s. Playing on a site that runs on good software which is reliable and well-known means playing on a site that feels good – the games run smoothly, respond quickly and also offer an overall good gaming experience.

Luckily for you, Scary Bingo runs on the world-famous dragonfish platform; you can certainly expect to have a good time on this awesome site that is definitely one of a kind! Dragonfish are an excellent company who focus on developing world-class bingo sites that give players a memorable gaming experience and you can expect exactly this from Scary Bingo.

Having been around since 2007 – Thats over a decade – Dragonfish really are pioneers in their industry and they know what they’re doing! With plenty of awards being won by the company over the year and millions of people choosing to play on Dragonfish sites every single year, it’s fair to say that Dragonfish are a reliable and fantastic software development company when you play on their software!


There are so many reasons why I love playing on new bingo sites but one of the best reasons about signing up to a new site that I haven’t played on before is taking advantage of all the tremendous promotions that are available to me as a new player.

Bingo sites these days tend to offer lots of cool, interesting and valuable promotions and bonuses to new players who have signed up to the site.

Guess what… This is also the case for Scary Bingo thankfully!

Scary Bingo have got lots of promotions which can be found all throughout the site with the main ones being displayed right on the homepage.

With all these fantastic bonuses, you can expect to have a great time on the site – not only are the bonuses good for getting money off bets, they can also help you win larger amounts of money too which is obviously a brilliant feature for any player!

A few of my favourite promotions on Scary Bingo include “Deposit £10 & Play with £40” Because it’s like getting given £30 off of the bingo site, Mystery Jackpots – The suspense of not knowing what I’m going to get gets me every time and “Free Bingo Games” Because who doesn’t love free?

Watch how to claim your welcome bonus and register in the video below.

Bingo Games:

Whether you play casually or fancy yourself as more of a professional bingo player, you’ll know just how great these types of games really are. Playing bingo games online is fantastic, not only are they really, really fun but they also have plenty of advantages too…including big payouts!

Scary Bingo is a great site that is immensely popular with online bettors from all over the world and one of the main reasons why it has done extremely well is because it offers some of the best games that are fantastic to play on.

To find the best bingo games available on Scary Bingo, simply head over to the ‘Bingo’ tab, once this has been clicked on you will be taken to a new page that is filled with awesome bingo games available on Scary Bingo.

A few of my favourite games on Scary Bingo include 90 ball, 75 ball and 52 ball bingo. The majority of these games have got a spooky and scary theme and bingo cards due to the theme of the site and I personally think this is fantastic due to the uniqueness of it!

Deposits and Withdrawals:

With online bingo growing bigger by the day, many different things are regarded as important for a variety of reasons – deposits/withdrawals is one of these aspects.

The methods of payment on a bingo site is vitally important because players need to make sure that their preferred method of payment is accepted on the site. Scary Bingo have made sure that their site can be used by as many players as possible by accepting three very common methods.

You will be able to withdraw and deposit funds on Scary Bingo via MasterCard, Visa and PayPal too. As I mentioned before, one of the big draws to this site is the fact the deposit and withdrawl limits are only £5!


Overall, Scary Bingo really is a fantastic online bingo site which I had an absolute marvelous time on. Playing on this well-developed site was wonderful, as not only has the site got tons of epic features but these exciting and unique bingo games are tremendously fun too.

When you get playing on Scary Bingo you can expect to come across a solid amount of bonuses/promotions, Including jackpots, free bingo games and free spins as well! To add to this, there are lots of big payouts available to those who win their games on the site too!

The site itself is designed really well and I don’t have any complaints in all honesty; maybe one small gripe I had is the font could be a tiny bit darker. So all in all, Scary Bingo is a truly epic online bingo site to play on with plenty of immense features and I certainly recommend it to any avid bingo fan out there.