Easter Bingo Review Review


Welcome Bonus:

Get 300% Bonus + 30 Free Spins


1st deposit offer on the bingo site with respect to welcome Bonus Funds is 200%. The minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus offer for any initial deposit is £5. For example: If your initial deposit is £5, the bonus offer is £10 for bingo games. If you deposit less than £5 no bonus will be given. The maximum Bonus Funds you can receive is £70.

Easter Bingo Review

Easter Bingo is an extremely fun and fascinating Easter themed online bingo site which is absolutely awesome! Over the past couple of years, this Dragonfish developed site has risen majorly in terms of popularity with crazy amounts of bingo players investing their time/money on it every single day and because of this we thought that it was only right for us to create a fantastic Easter Bingo review which is filled with all the interesting information you need to know about the site.

Still quite new to the industry, Easter Bingo was only created in March 2016 but in this time it’s gone on to receive lots of attention and there’s many reasons for this. From the themes… to the games… and… even the professionalism that this site offers, Easter Bingo honestly does have it all. In this review you’ll find out about all the tremendous features that can be found on the well-developed Easter Bingo online bingo site.

As soon as I got onto the Easter Bingo homepage I noticed so many cool tabs, graphics and images which really grabbed my attention. One thing that really caught my eye was the amount of progressive jackpots and promotions that were available – this pleased me because I’m a bit of an online bingo addict – I do like to play on sites that offer useful incentives so this was great to see!

Even though Easter Bingo has done well for so many different reasons, I personally do think that the jackpots, bonuses and promotions have helped the site gain popularity because more and more people are willing to sign up when they know they can take advantage of certain features that will benefit them. This is clever thinking by the developers of Easter Bingo and they certainly deserve credit for it.

Just like pretty much all Dragonfish bingo sites, Easter Bingo allows the player to deposit a minimum of £5 and this is also the case for withdrawals too – £5.

With mobile bingo on the rise, it’s only right for us to review a top site that can be played on via mobile phones, so that is why we’ve decided to review Easter Bingo, who offer mobile bingo through their web browser. Even though there isn’t an Easter Bingo app, players can still have the convenience of playing on their phone from the site which is handy for those that don’t want to go through the hassle of using up storage on their phone.


Dragonfish are renowned for developing bingo sites that have top layouts and with this in mind I was expecting Easter Bingo to have a good layout which would improve my overall experience on the site. I think it’s fair to say that I certainly got what I wanted because Easter Bingo is laid out very well and during this part of the review I will be giving you all the relevant information there is for you to know about the layout on Easter Bingo.

So the first thing which you will probably notice as soon as you get onto the site is the bright pink logo which can be found on the top left side of the homepage. Right opposite the logo is where ‘login’ and ‘join now’ tabs are placed – they’re shaded in colours pink/blue.

The middle of the page is where you’ll be able to find out about the very best bonuses and promotions that are available on Easter Bingo, including bonuses and free spins as well as the T&C’s too. Just like the majority of other Dragonfish bingo sites, tabs such as register, bingo, winners and help are placed at the top of the page on a navigation bar.

Just above the payment methods and policies, there’s a paragraph which is a summary about Easter Bingo, this gives players an informative insight onto what the site is all about, including the theme, how to play, how to deposit and much more. Make sure you give it a read as it may end up benefiting you.


Easter Bingo is a fantastic bingo site which I am very fond of for a variety of reasons. This super cool bingo site runs on the epic Dragonfish gaming platform – I personally feel that this factor has helped Easter Bingo as a site because more people are willing to play on it knowing that it runs on a reliable and professional software.

The Dragonfish Gaming software is known all over the world for being a magnificent software that’s used by world-renowned companies. The top bingo sites run on great software platforms such as Dragonfish; you can definitely expect to have a splendid and reliable experience when playing on a bingo site that runs on the Dragonfish software.


There are many reasons why I love playing on new bingo sites that I have never been on but one thing which is truly thrilling for me as a passionate bingo player is using all of those awesome promotions that are available to me.

The amount of promotions that are on Easter Bingo is excellent – there’s a good few to keep you busy and enjoy. You can view them all by heading to the homepage on the site or clicking on the ‘promotions’ tab which will then redirect you to a fantastic page filled with all the promotions that are available on the site.

Some of the best promotions on Easter Bingo include free spins, free bingo games, big jackpots and loyalty points.

Watch how to claim your welcome bonus and register in the video below.

Bingo Games:

Here are the best bingo games available on Easter Bingo,

  • 52-Ball
  • 90-Ball
  • 75-Ball

Deposits and Withdrawals:

Three of the most common payment methods are accepted on the site: PayPal, MasterCard and Visa are all accepted on Easter Bingo.


Easter Bingo is such a thrilling online bingo site to play on and I think it’s one of the best sites I have played on so far this year. Dragonfish have clearly done their best to develop Easter Bingo to as close to pure perfectionas they can; I’m all for it because this is a site that has everything that is required from a world-class online bingo site!

I love the bonuses as well as the themes and games that are available to players, in addition to this there are huge payouts too which is absolutely fantastic! So if you would like to win tons of money whilst also having rounds upon rounds of fun, be sure to try your luck on Easter Bingo as soon as possible!