Eco Card Bingo Sites

One of the most safe and secure methods of payments that customers use in order to successfully withdraw and deposit funds to and from their bingo account, is ecoCard. This is not typically a customer’s first choice of payment, as a lot of customers resort to card payments or e-wallets, but they might just be missing out on a hidden gem, which would be ecoCard.

Here at BingoSites.Bet, we have sourced the best ecoCard Bingo Sites for you to register. These casino sites are the best in terms of deposit and withdrawal speeds, any fees that are associated with the payment option and also whether or not the casino actually caters for ecoCard, as there are a lot of bingo sites out there that do not offer this method of payment.

Best ecoCard Sites for Bingo

There are many ways in which you can distinguish the best ecoCard bingo sites from one another Each bingo site has its own unique and innovative features for you to experience, as well as wagering requirements in regards to the ecoCard payment method. At BingoSites.Bet, we take these factors into consideration so that we can offer you the very best and most exclusive bingo sites. Below, you can see everything that you need to know about ecoCard, before you consider using this as your preferred method of payment.

Who are EcoPayz?

EcoPayz are the parent company of ecoCard. They are one of the most important brands of ecoPayz. ecoPayz as a brand are extremely big and are one of the biggest e-wallets that you can use for any casino site or bingo site. They are not yet available on all betting platforms; however, they are slowly becoming more and more accessible.

ecoCard is a virtual card that can be used in order to process payments online, hence why they are useful for processing payments via betting sites. The process of setting up an ecoPayz account is extremely fast and simple, which makes it so easily accessible. In order to make a payment through this payment method, you must have available funds in your account, which stops you worrying about the possibility of over spending, as you can only spend what is funded in your betting account.

ecoCards were created back in 2000. Which means that they have been a trusted and reliable form of online payment for many years. They are a UK based company, that have strict security policies in place, to ensure the safety of your details and also your funds. The registration process for this e-wallet is extremely quick and simple, which is extremely convenient, once you have registered, you are then able to transfer funds from your bank account, into your ecoCard. Once you have opened your account, you are given an online wallet that can be used to make transactions. You are also given a virtual MasterCard that will have a 16 digit long number on the front of it and also an expiry date, for you to enter into the bingo sites that do not support e-wallets like ecoPayz, however will support card payments like Mastercard.

EcoPayz is available in over 50 different countries, this means that it can cater for different currencies. As well as this, it is also applicable across a number of mobile platforms, so that you can make payments from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet device.


Like all online payment methods that you find at the bingo sites we offer, ecoCard is extremely safe and secure. The parent company, who are PSI-Pay, are a licensed UK e-money provider that is regulated by the Financial Services Authority. They are extremely well regulated, and the company provide online payments on a global scale.

The great thing about using this form of payment, as apposed to using a card payment on your bingo account, is that you do not need to expose your banking details to the bingo site, and instead all that the bingo sites can see is your ecoCard account. This puts the customer more at ease, knowing that their details are not exposed to the casino or bingo site.

Bingo Games

Once you have activated ecoCard as your preferred method of payment, you are then able to deposit funds and spend these funds on your favourite bingo games. If you win money on these games and decide that you then wish to withdraw the funds, you can also do this. Once the funds are then withdrawn back to your ecoCard account, you can then withdraw from there to your bank account.

Bingo Bonuses

An important aspect that you need to consider when deciding to use this method of payment, is whether or not you can use ecoCard to claim a welcome bonus or any other type of bonus. Some casinos and other betting sites will offer a wide range of payment methods, such as e-wallets, however when it comes to claiming the bonuses that are available to you, you may only be able to claim these via a card payment and not an e-wallet. As a customer it is important that you are aware of this, if it is only a card payment that you can use, you may be able to use an ecoCard, as it is a virtual Mastercard, that can provide the same details required.

The types of bonuses that you typically can find at a bingo site is a deposit bonus, a bonus spins bonus and also on occasion a no deposit bonus.