Top Bingo Site Payment Methods

Online Bingo is brilliant and it keeps on growing by the day! Millions of punters decide to try their luck on Online Bingo Sites and due to the great amount of people who go on these sites, online bingo companies have had to ensure that they accept a wide range of payment methods in order to cater for all the different types of customers that deposit with them. In this excellent page, you will find out everything about online bingo payment methods you need to know


If you are familiar with the world of Online Bingo and Online Payments then we are sure that you would have heard of PayPal. PayPal is a giant in the industry of Online Payments and they are extremely popular with over 250 million users! In 1998 Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery decided to create the online payment method which is popular amongst those who wish to pay for items online. Despite being well-known for online purchases, PayPal have also broken into the Online Bingo world and they have become a pioneer in the industry, with plenty of punters opting to pay via PayPal every single day!

Due to the fact that PayPal is one of the biggest payment methods in the world with millions of users, the majority of Online Bingo sites accept PayPal and it has turned out to be a punters favourite!

PayPal really is a tremendous payment method with plenty of great features. Despite the fact that PayPal has many advantages, there is also some disadvantages too which we feel you should be made aware of. Below are a few Pros and Cons of PayPal.


  • Brilliant Customer Service.
  • Fast and extremely convenient.
  • PayPal are renowned for being immensely safe. PayPal does not require punters to enter personal information which could get in the hands of hackers.


  • Unfortunately PayPal is not currently available in all countries.
  • Not all Online Bingo Sites accept PayPal.
  • Withdrawn funds may take up to a week to clear in the users account.


Over the past few years, Boku has become a giant platform for payment in the world of Online Bingo and the company just keep growing! Pretty much every online bingo site accepts Boku and they are very popular for many reasons.

Boku is an extremely safe method of payment which was founded in 2009 by 4 business partners. Boku is popular for a variety of reasons, first of all this payment method does not require punters to enter details which will assist hackers such as personal information and bank details. Boku is also a punters favourite because of how quick it is. Depositing and withdrawing via Boku takes under a minute and it is very simple to do!

The Boku concept is one of a kind and is extremely unique. Punters fund their Boku account by entering their phone number and the money is added to the punters phone bill. So if the punter is running low on money but still wants to play then this is no issue at all as they can still play and pay by phone bill. The Boku headquarters is based in San Francisco. Below you will find some Pros and Cons about Boku.


  • Extremely easy to use. Boku is easy to use and the whole process of depositing funds on Boku will take less than a minute!
  • Boku is very convenient and punters can simply pay their remaining balance along with the phone bill.
  • Completely Free! Boku has no fees and is completely free for punters to make deposits on!


  • Punters can only deposit a maximum of £30 a day with Boku.
  • Lack of offers. Boku rarely have offers/promotions available to their punters.
  • Punters can not withdraw via Boku. To withdraw funds on Boku, an alternative method needs to be used.

Debit Cards:

Debit Cards are one of the most popular methods of payment and pretty much everybody owns or has owned a debit card at some point in their life. Debit Cards can be used for various things, including online transactions as well as in-store transactions and also on Bingo Sites! Debit Cards are accepted by the majority of Online Bingo Sites and they are known for being extremely reliable. Debit Cards are connected to your bank and funds are drawn out from your balance. Debit Cards are the most used method of payment amongst punters for Bingo Sites.

Listed below are a few Pros and Cons about Debit Cards:


  • Majority of Bingo Sites accept Debit Cards.
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals.
  • Punters will not be charged any extra fees for using a Debit Card.


  • Card Details will be kept on the Bingo Site’s database.
  • Potential risk of being hacked/scammed.
  • Money needs to be in the account at the time of the deposit being placed in order for it to go ahead.


Skrill were founded in 2001 and in 2009 they were worth around £360 million. Skrill are owned by the PaySafe Group who are known for being giants in the E-Wallet industry.

Skrill is an E-Wallet which is extremely popular and since their establishment they have been immensely successful! In recent years Skrill has been compared to their competitors such as Neteller and PayPal due to the similar features they have. Depositing on Skrill is very quick and quite simple too. These days, E-Wallets have become part of the industry and pretty much every Online Bingo Site accepts Skrill so be sure to look out for the iconic Skrill logo when on your favourite Online Bingo Site.

In order to give you a clearer idea of why you should use Skrill and what to keep in mind, we have put together a list of a few Pros and Cons about Skrill.


  • Transactions are quick to process.
  • Accepted by the majority of Online Bingo Sites.
  • Simple to use.


  • Not accepted in all Countries.
  • Fees may be applied if punters wish to withdraw with Skrill.
  • Customer Support is not 24/7.


Ukash is a popular payment method which is classed as an E-wallet. Ukash is a United Kingdom based company which gained immense popularity over the last few years because of the rise of E-wallets. Ukash was founded in 2005 by William Scott Thomson who wanted to create an E-wallet which was unique and convenient for Betting Punters to use. The CEO of the company is David Hunter and he has held this position since 2010. The Ukash headquarters is in London (United Kingdom).

Ukash is one of the most popular E-wallets which has many tremendous features, making it a fans favourite, however although they have plenty of advantages there is also a few disadvantages about Ukash which we feel you should be made aware of. Listed below are a few pros and cons about Ukash.


  • Safe and Extremely Secure.
  • Deposits are Instant.
  • No Fees are Charged.


  • Withdrawals are not Widely Available.
  • Restricted in some Countries.