Woman uses online bingo to relieve her grief and steals £5k in the process

woman gambles husband money

A woman has been recently under scrutiny for her gambling habits, which made her funnel over £5000 from her very own husbands building business. Denise Postgate has caused an uproar in the Newton Aycliffe Magistrates court, as they unveiled how she personally asked her husbands, clients, to pay upfront and transfer the amounts within her own personal bank accounts.

The lies came to light after customers were not receiving the work that they were promised for their fees- the clients were not even scheduled within her husband’s work schedule and he knew nothing about it. Eventually, the lies built up more and more, from vans breaking down too, to her very husband being in hospital with a serious illness as an explanation as to why no work has been done.

From the October months onto the coming December months, she had stolen more than £5000 and caused much chaos to families that wanted a completed and nice home for the upcoming Christmas. A victim of her lies was reported to have given in excess of £1500 for work to be done upon her home. She became very concerned to find out that the builder who she had known from years and trusted was unwell, and so accepted Denise in suggesting for another builder to come take his place-yet Denise covered lie after lie until the husband of the victim went round to the house of Gary and Denise, to in fact find him very safe and well in health. All this was in aid of retrieving the materials, to yet find there was no such material and no such illness of Gary.

So, the question that comes into mind is-why did she do it?

Denise explained to the higher courts that she used gambling to handle the grief of her mother who had recently passed away it was an escape of her feelings to substitute for positive feelings that arise from winning in gambling. She wanted to leave her worries behind and forget. She initially began her habit by depositing small amounts within the casino platforms-with £10, £20 and £40, however that completely changed and suddenly the small amounts were far less than enough and her spending habits increased in multiples, that she could not in fact afford. She reached a stage where paying the bills and mortgage was compromised and she was in deep trouble. It spiralled out of control, causing her to take out credit card loans, and loans from borrowing money companies.  

Yet within the court she did, in fact, plead guilty and ensured to give a detailed account and explanation to the courts and witnesses/victims as to why she did it. Therefore, for that reason, she was convicted of fraud by false representation and ordered to serve an 18-month community service. In addition to committing herself to a community rehabilitation centre for gambling addictions and paying an £85 victim surcharge alongside that same amount to fund the court cases outgoings and procedure.

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