Who Is the Woman in The Sun Bingo ‘Are You Gonna Bingo’ Advert 2019?

jayde adams sun bingo advert 2019 screenshot

Jayde Adams (whose full name is Jayde Pricilla Gail Adams, born 26 November 1984) is a British comedian, actress, writer and singer from Bristol acted the ‘are you gonna bingo’ advert in 2019.

The UK newspaper, the sun, wanted to attract a new audience to Bingo, which is starting to pay off as we are seeing the demographic of bingo players change. For example, there are a lot more players between the age of 18-30 playing bingo than we have ever seen before. Sun Bingo wanted to attract a new, younger audience to the online gambling game, hence why the funny, grime-inspired music to their video.


The 2 minute video, which was created by The&Partnerships, has Jayde singing the catchphrase “are you gonna bingo” in a variety of different locations such as a US shops, on a red carpet, at a tea plantation and sitting back on a talking racehorse to remind viewers that they can play Sun Bingo anytime of the day and anywhere on their smartphone.

As a child, Jayde attended several youth theatres groups in Bristol but never formally trained in acting or singing and moved to Wales in 2004 to study Drama, theatre and media. In 2011, Jayde started performing stand-up comedy and since then has been nominated and won many of awards. In 2013 she won an audience vote for the London Cabaret Awards. She also won Funny Woman of the Year 2014 and nominated for the Edinburgh Fringe Best Newcomer Award for her show in 2016.

There were questions over the length of the blog and it had been considered that the length of it may be too long, because 2 minutes for an advert does seem a bit much, especially when a lot of people are not a fan of adverts as it is. When asked about this, the creative director Danny Hunt said “we just wanted to stay as true to the idea as possible and show the work in full… we also had the talent of Jade and her sidekick Suzzie, combined with the excellent writing from our very hairy creative team Adam & Ted; we just found the whole thing very watchable and un-Advert-like”.

It is not just on the TV where you can hear about this advert, it is also across numerous media channels, which include press, digital, radio and social media. There is a lot of praise towards Jayde Adams as she is being labelled as a star and a very comedic character.

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