Who Invented Bingo?

history of bingo

Bingo is a game that has been around for a considerable amount of time and there are millions of fans of the betting game across the world. Bingo has changed massively since it was first established. It originally was played only in bingo halls, but now it has grown massively with online technologies and can now be accepted widely across the internet.

Bingo originated back in 1530, in Italy. It was played every Saturday in Italy and still is. It was then introduced to France in the 1770s and then in Germany in the 1800s. In the US, the game of Bingo was originally called “Beano”, this was until someone accidentally shouted Bingo instead of Beano when they won, and from then on, the game was referred to as Bingo.

When it was known as Beano, it was because it was first played at a Carnival near Atlanta, Georgia. Cards would be marked off using beans instead of pens/ dabbers. As the game grew in popularity, mathematicians had to come on board in order to increase the amount of different combinations of bingo cards that there are. This mathematician, known as Leffler, invented 6000 different bingo cards.

Bingo was not well known in the UK until 1960, when the gambling act, passed by Parliament in that year allowed bingo games to be played in halls, which were strictly members-only. Games similar to bingo would include the likes of Keno and Lotto.

Of course, nowadays we are in a position where bingo is more widely accepted, thanks to the advances in technology. It was the early 2000s where online bingo really became a thing and people started playing bingo on a desktop or mobile device, as apposed to travelling to a bingo hall to play there. It was software developers like Microgaming, who were the first online software providers to release online bingo games for customers to play. Then form 2010, bingo sites broadened from being strictly bingo games, to offer other types of games for customers to enjoy, which would be the likes of slot games, scratch cards and more.

These aspects have made for a very competitive online bingo industry. Customers are always on the lookout for the best online platform to play bingo games on. New games are one aspect that they consider, the newer features, games, bonuses that a site can offer them, the better. That is why we are in a really exciting industry, where we are seeing it become filled with excellent platforms to play at, and this will only get better as sites look for ways to be better than others.

Typically, we associate bingo with elderly people, which is not the case. The demographic of bingo is changing year on year and there is a higher percentage of younger players playing. This does not mean that the game is no longer accessed by older people. Even though they may not have access to online bingo sites or a computer to play the games online, they can still access bingo in other ways.

Bingo halls are still about, and members are able to play bingo at bingo halls, which is the most popular way in which elderly people decide to enjoy a good game of bingo, or alternatively, there are other places where it is played. Retirement homes can sometimes offer patients the opportunity to play bingo for fun, in this case there may not be any prices up for grabs but at least the game of bingo can still be appreciated for fun.

The game of bingo is not only to be played for the opportunity to win money, but to also be enjoyed for fun, and a way of socialising. Socialising is important for anyone in order to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. For elderly people, it can also help your memory skills. Playing games like bingo, throughout your life, can help you train your brain to be more efficient in later life, the more it is trained, the better your memory skills should be in later life. So when you are in your 70s and feel like your memory isn’t as good as it used to be and you cant quite think like you used to, then playing games like this can slower the process down of forgetting thinks and not having as good memory skills.

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