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If you are a regular bingo player and has been playing the game for a while, then you should be aware of the different terminologies used by callers to announce the bingo numbers. You will most likely hear terms like ‘2 little ducks’, ‘2 fat ladies’ and many more iconic terms. Each bingo number on the tickets has iconic and specific terms attached to them. There are about 90 numbers on the bingo ticket and the terms of each number have become synonymous to the workings of the game. Bingo players enjoy the unique diversity and fun that accompanies the game. These terminologies enhance the level of interaction between players.

As not many players have been attending bingo halls recently, people haven’t been able to experience the enjoyment of hearing callers shout out these humorous terms. In places like Norway, online bingo wasn’t really popular haven’t the past few months, there has been a considerable increase in online bingo gambling. Norwegian players can visit Casino Site Norway for the best bingo card calling experience. This site also guarantees quality gaming.

The Origin of Bingo Calls

Although the terms used by bingo callers may be popular, some may even feature in many modern dictionaries, many people don’t know the origin of these words. Some people are even unsure of the origination of the game. Only a few people have a well-grounded understanding of the beginning of the game of bingo. Even the word ‘bingo’ is enmeshed in the thick mystery. Many people have propounded different theories about the origin of the game. There are even many different sources on how the game came to be. These sources can only but confuse players who want to know more about the game. When we talk about the unique terminologies used by bingo callers, the terms are inspired by rhythm and rhymes. Sometimes, the shape of the number matters. For example, number 5 is referred to as a snake, and this is due to the shape of the number. The term ‘2 fat ladies’ refer to 88 and this is also due to the shape of the number.

The conflicting sources about bingo are very fascinating. It adds a lot of twist to the complexity of the game. The conflicting sources are used to activate lots of discussion, arguments and debates. For instance, the term for number 1 is ‘Kelly’s eye’, this term is believed to have several military origins. It is specifically considered as a military slang that was coined during the 1st world war among the allied troops. People came up with a counter-argument that the word has no military origin. They said that it does not relate to the military in any way. They suggest that the term originates from the popular outlaw, Ned Kelly. Some others even believe that it is coined from a music hall song with the title ‘Has Anybody here seen Kelly?’

How do the mysterious Calls drive the Bingo Industry?

Mystery calls are definitely the driving force behind the popularity of the game of bingo. These calls are central to the success of the bingo market. It creates several talking points among players. The terminologies serve as an entry point for old players to engage new players on a neutral level. This sort of conversation can even entice neutrals into trying out the game of bingo and the neutrals may end up falling in love with the game. Hence, they become regular players.

Apart from the mystery that comes with calling out some numbers, there are other numbers with clearly understood origins. There are no diverse sources on the origin of these terminologies. These clear terminologies can also serve as talking points among players based on the unique capture or funny pronunciation. For example, there is an interesting moniker used to call out the number 6. The term for number 6 is ‘Tom Mix’. This term rightly evokes the beautiful memories of the popular cowboy film star. ‘Tom Mix’ will definitely serve as a talking point for bingo players who are fans of the famous film star. These players will find some sort of connection while playing because of their adorable star.

It is important to state at this point that the origin of bingo is shrouded in mystery. The only available fact is that the game was introduced to the streets of Italy in the 16th century.

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