What is rave bingo, and how can I attend or host one?

rave bingo

You’d be wrong in thinking that bingo is the preserve of the over 60s adorned with silver hair and a comfy cardigan.

In the last couple of years, bingo has transformed from something uncool to something played by all generations (from age 18 and over). See Bongo’s Bingo for example.

Bingo has been moved online, its popular at hen nights and often played at charity events to raise money for worthy causes.

This latest development we call: rave bingo.

What is rave bingo?

In a nutshell, rave bingo is where a group of people get together, play bingo, and rave. Electronic dance music (EDM) plays as the bingo games play out – and in the intervals, thereare rave-offs between people.

Rave bingo events have been put on in around 50 locations around the world, drawing together those who love to rave and bingo all in one place. There’s, of course, cocktails and beers at these events to help the night run more fluidly too.

How did rave bingo start?

The combined love of music, dancing, fun and bingo gave birth to the idea to start rave bingo. It was also considered a solution to disappointment from people if they didn’t win at bingo. When you’ve music, drinks and friends with you, how could you not take enjoyment from it.

It’s thought that by combining the social aspect of clubbing, the fun of dancing and raving, and the classic game of bingo into one event, everyone’s a winner.

Since the launch of the first rave bingo some years ago, it has become ever more popular as a concept for events now hosted around the globe. From Manchseter and other UK cities to Australia, rave bingo is becoming a worldwide sensation.

Organising a rave bingo night

If you want to go to a rave bingo night and there are no events nearby, you could always consider the do-it-yourself option.

For an in-person event, a location, a DJ and a bingo caller is needed. A nightclub or bar is typically the best location. In terms of music, think of the type of EDM you won’t to play – from rave to dubstep to electro and everything in between. (The more upbeat the better to keep people cheerful, active and motivated).

The bing ocaller should have experience in doing so, but also be young that can get the crowds going both during the rounds of bingo and the interval rave-offs etc.

Now if in-person isn’t possible, you could even organise an online bingo rave event. Using video calling software, you can create a room for your bingo ravers to jump into. You might like to all visit an online bingo site, even enter the same room, share screens, and join in the fun with your own rave music.

Alternatively, you could share you own bingo cards via online forms, share screens and stream music to all the ravers.

Rave bingo isn’t going anywhere. Thanks to technology, there are now more ways for people to connnect through their shared passion of rave music and bingo. Whether in person, or online, you can enjoy EDM, bingo and dancing all at the same time.

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