What are the Different Versions of Online Bingo Available for Players?

Bingo is a very simple game that is loved by many people all over the world. However, did you know that there are many different version of this game available? Many of these have grown from being played online, and the majority of players now all have their favourite version of the game that they like to play.

Do you have a favourite version? If you are not sure then take a look below as we run through the five most common bingo games that are available to play online so you can see which one you like the best.

90 Ball Bingo

If you ask a UK player to explain the rules of bingo and how to play it then they would describe to you this game. If there is one game you can call the traditional version of bingo on our list then this would certainly be it, and it is the most popular version of the game online for that reason.

Some online bingo halls will not offer every one of the five types of bingo we list here, but what they will all have in common is that they will offer this one. This is often the busiest version, with more game rooms available for this type of bingo than the others, and more people inside playing this one than playing the others.

90 ball bingo has as the name suggests, 90 balls in play. Your card will have 15 numbers listed on it, this is done in three lines, with five numbers on each line. In total there are three different ways in which you can win when playing this game, these are to be the first to have one full line, two full lines and a full house which is every number.

Some of the more advanced games of 90 ball bingo also run a progressive jackpot for players to aim for. This is an additional jackpot that can be won if a player gets a full house within a fixed amount of numbers being called in the game.

Do this and you will receive a big payout, and it is always worth checking what the jackpot is in each room when looking at these games because they are progressive and build up to large amounts, rather than staying the same.

If you are looking for the most common type of bingo, and the most played then 90 ball bingo is certainly it.

80 Ball Bingo

The 80-ball version of bingo is not as popular but is played at a much faster pace so, for those who prefer that side of gaming, this is definitely one to check out. Despite being 10 fewer balls to call out, you actually have one more number on your playing card, with four rows and columns on the card, each having four numbers in them to create 16 in total.

Alongside that, you also have an additional chance to win with this game, with payouts for one, two and three lines as well as the full house. Just like the 90 ball game, some operators offer an additional progressive jackpot on their games which can be won by winning the full house inside an allotted amount of numbers so look out for these.

All in all, if it is a faster-paced bingo game you want, more chances to win per game but you still want a large number of numbers in the bag then this is a game that would suit that.

75 Ball Bingo

This is referred to as the American version of bingo and is a game that is the standard way to play in both the USA and Canada. Due to this, it is another popular version played online by a lot of players, with most bingo halls offering it and inside those that are busy, multiple rooms in which you can play in.

The ways in which you can win are a little more complicated in this version. Each card is a 5×5 grid with numbers filling each square with the exception of the centre square which is left blank, although it can be used to form lines and patterns for wins.

Single lines either down the card, across the card and even horizontally can all provide wins on these games, as can multiple lines together and a variety of different symbols. For example, the X pattern is a winning method, covering the four corners is a winner and other things like this.

For those that don’t know this version of bingo, the payouts are certainly different and could be a little confusing for new players. However, if you do know what you are doing and how the game works then this offers multiple fun ways in which you can win while also being a popular variant so you should find the game available on many bingo sites.

50 Ball Bingo

The final two versions of bingo are newer and so far not as popular as the first three we have mentioned. However, it is worth talking about them as they could become popular in the future and the style of games that they both are will certainly appeal to some players.

The 50 ball version of bingo has just 50 balls in the bag and 10 numbers on a playing card, really cutting down the possibilities with this game. The game is very simple so although not popular yet, it would be no surprise to see it grow popular in the future for that reason, with new players finding this game as the perfect way to start playing bingo.

There are two ways to win. The first is to have a full line on your card, which means getting five numbers correct on the same line and the second is a full house, getting all 10 numbers on your card marked off.

The game runs at a fast pace due to the small number of balls and due to only having two ways to win. This makes it ideal for those who are short on time, you could play multiple games of this version of bingo in the same time it takes one game of 90 or 80 ball bingo to be played.

30 Ball Bingo

The final version of this game works on the same principle as the 50 ball version above. This is all about speed, and to make things even quicker when playing this version, the only way to win is to cover the entire card and get a full house, so no stoppages in play except when the winner is found.

Your card consists of a 3×3 grid, so you have nine numbers in total. To win, you need to get all nine numbers ticked off, there are no prizes for lines or anything else with this version. That all adds to the speed this is played at and creates one big countdown to the winner, rather than stoppages for each individual winner before the full house.

The game is still relatively new and finding its feet online but it would be no surprise to see it become very popular in the future. Even those that already play and love other types of bingo are looking for games that offer speed. We all love the excitement of playing, but many people struggle to find the time to play along.

New games such as this one combat that by being about speed and being over quickly. The expectation is that traditional 90 ball bingo will continue to be the most popular way to play, both online and offline. However, especially for online bingo players, it would be no surprise to see a short and fast game such as 30 ball bingo become popular in the future and challenge the traditional versions.

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