Virtual Reality Gambling – Is it the New Craze?

VR Bingo

With virtual gaming as the new ‘it’ thing, you could literally be transported anywhere and everywhere that you like, all for the sake of gambling!

You will be able to practically hear the rattle and release of balls on the wheels of the roulette, the sharp crisp edges of cards that get dealt on the blackjack table and not forgetting to mention the suave of the glitz and glamour nights that accompany those late casino nights…Who wouldn’t want to experience all of that and more?

Virtual reality (VR) gambling is most possibly the next big thing to hit the online gambling gaming industry. The question is are you ready and what are the facts that you should make sure that you are aware of?

Casinos online and the entire development teams that are behind their creations, definitely know a thing or two of what it takes to producing the next big thing for the industry, so we can definitely see how this niche would appeal to them greatly. Although it is certainly considered early days the progress in this market is certainly well under way.

So, what are the latest VR updates out there in the industry at the moment, in terms of current game releases you ask? Well, NetEnt jumped on the bandwagon very early and released virtual slot games like Jacks world and the popular release Starburst. Other developers that you need to look out for and are in the process of developing games include Microgaming, NextGen and RTG.

VR is making storms in the industry and subtle ripples that are very much expected to rise and conquer the industry. It is expected that this movement will not only provide new innovative ways to gamble, but also will act as a catalyst and trigger to more players. Let’s not forget casino games branch out much more than just the slots that have only currently been developed, meaning we are yet to expect many more great things to commence.

Virtual casino reality

VR’s have actually been introduced 4 years ago within typical land-based casinos, for players to use as a feature while in the casino building. However, the progression that has risen is essentially an upgrade to the old school casino vibes-rather more upcoming and not restricted to that Vegas vibe type of casino games you would typically associate brick and mortar casinos with.

What are the benefits of VR systems?

The most prevalent positive that comes with using the VR, is that it drives an overall larger increase for online gambling. However, there are more factors to consider if you would carry on reading below.

Increased accessibility

The most obvious reason and benefit is most definitely the availability of using VR for players internationally. People will now be able to fully enjoy the realistic benefits of a casino from the very comfort of wherever they should so choose. So, any players that live to far away from a casino and are geographically at a disadvantage-never fear, VR is here!

Social experiences

VR can be an eye-opener to social interaction possibilities, as you can interact with people face to face while they are playing. Antisocial behaviours are very common to people who gamble and game online, therefore this could prove a step forward in reducing that problem. You will be introduced to likeminded people all over the world who engage with the games you choose for the very same reasons. Definitely, a good conversation starter to have over a bingo or roulette table no?

Game education

VR offers opportunities for individuals for face to face educational lessons. Prior to playing a game you can physically have tutorial walk throughs where the game rules and components are explained to you thoroughly and visually. It can also increase your confidence if you want to gamble within live casinos. You can build yourself up using the VR systems and then casually one day enter a casino and completely obliterate all the taken for records!

Personal Customization  

VR gives the players the privilege to make there gaming at a greater personal experience than simple online gaming. You can actually select what your casino layouts will be like to suit your gaming preferences, so that every single time you log into your online profile, the system will automatically remember every detail that you saved on your membership account.

Realistic experiences

When you play using the VR, essentially your experience is immersed within the game entirely. The technology allows your to have a firsthand experience of the game and its theme. Golden temple treasure finds in the Peruvian jungle? Your horizons are endless and possible and you can be anywhere you like using this system.

What are the negatives of using the VR systems?

The positives defiantly outweigh the negatives, however, they definitely need to be reflected on, to give you and future players the ability to make an informed decision for their future gameplay on casinos.

The prices of the headsets and equipment

This is potentially the greatest barrier when playing with the VR systems. They don’t come cheap that’s for sure. The appeal for online casinos is that they can cater for anyone and everyone. The average casino player will be able to access and enjoy the same benefits as everyone else.

However, with VR you most definitely won’t be able to purchase these with an average wallet. There is a greater possibility as the technology advances, prices should most likely go down in value and anyone can purchase them. Yet this does raise the question that possible the next evolutionary stage of gaming will still have players feeling left behind.

Incompatibility with all casinos

At this moment in time, what you may find as you buy a headset VR with all the equipment and are gearing and ready to go, yet unfortunately all the casinos that you are loyal to and familiar with, do not in fact accept the VR systems that it runs on. Therefore, should you wish to purchase the technology, do make sure to research the compatible casino sites that it may be able to run on.

Gambling legalities

It may be that you reside in a country that does not accept forms of gambling. Therefore, you may struggle to find common ground between the types of gambling. In addition to this, the VR systems are quite expensive meaning you cannot purchase one on the off chance to ultimately find out you are prohibited to use it.

The best thing to do in the situation and event of waiting for more clarity on the world and systems of VR, is by researching often and regularly on the game developers sites themselves. They will highly likely provide details on their most up to date technological advancements. However, one this is definitely for sure. VR’s are coming very soon and it is only a matter of time before we see a lot more of them.

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