Two £50k Winners in 4 Months! Does That Make This the Luckiest Bingo Hall in Norfolk?

mecca bingo norwich

Mecca Bingo in Norwich may just be the luckiest in the whole of the county of Norfolk. 2 amazing wins totalling up to £50,000 each, in the space of 4 months shows that this may be true. The winnings have taken place in the Mecca Bingo on Aylsham Road. The branch manager, Janette McCracken has said that she “would hope so”.

This huge bingo hall has been around since 1988 and on its busiest of evenings, it can attract up to 800 people. The manager has explained how the atmosphere is always excellent in the bingo halls, but certainly since these 2 occurrences, they have seen the excitement of customers rise massively and they have certainly been a lot more eager to play. They went on to say that “everyone is pleased for the winners” and that the players are having the attitude of “it could have been me”. This suggests that it is a factor that keeps them returning to the bingo hall, so that they can try and be this lucky themselves.

The main stage caller for the 2 winning occasions was the same person as well. Ivan Winser is being recognized as the lucky caller and is said to have the special touch considering that he was on duty on both occasions. As you could imagine, every time he is the main stage caller, the seats are filled in the bingo hall.

The manager wants these occurrences to encourage more people to come and hopes that this will put them onto a winning streak. She wants the winnings to continue and says that “you could win £50,000” on the national game any day, it’s always possible.

Do not think for a moment that these are the only recorded wins in this bingo hall, although they may be some of the biggest, there has been some other delightful wins that customers have claimed. For example, other players have recently bagged sums that equal £15,000 to £18,000. Thousands of pounds are said to just be given away in jackpots.

The team working there have said that they see people from all backgrounds coming to enjoy a good game of bingo, which is excellent from a community point of view, it doesn’t matter what your demographic is, we can all come together and socialise over a game of bingo. This is what bingo halls and communities want that enjoy bingo, as they fear that online technology will ruin and end bingo halls.

Statistically, there has been a huge decline in the amount of bingo halls that are open since the 80s. We are seeing a lot being shut down as they are no longer attracting the audiences they once did. This is because of online bingo sites, it is so much more convenient for a lot of players to enjoy bingo at the best bingo sites, as apposed to going into a brick and mortar bingo hall to play.

This Mecca Bingo in particular is an exception to the current statistics, as it has an impressive record amongst it, in the turn out it gets and the number of customers that turn up each week. They also have a huge following on social media, which attracts more attention towards them.  

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