Pelican Casino in a Gaming scam against top Software producers

hand rolling the dice

Top rated casinos are heavily regulated by governing bodies and licensing organizations. Therefore, it is extremely hard for casinos to get involved in fraudulent activities. However, in some cases, there has been casinos who are able to operate and conduct scheming activity undercover and beyond reach and suspicion-until now.

Pelican casino has conducted rip off versions for mass major known games in the gaming casino industry. The LCB, an undercover reviewer of casino sites and game presentation, preformed a lengthy investigation against the Pelican casino, after unveiling that pelican hosted scam versions of the top games in the industry and re-created the system to prevent players from having any chance of winning. They rigged the games in relation and excess of 11 renowned world game developers, meaning these guys sure have been busy as of late! This was said to have been given the go-ahead, after a number of players within that site, took the initiative to get in touch with gaming regulators and addressing their concerns. So, for future reference in choosing to play within the Pelican casino, now you definitely know the odds are forever against you!

Showing no regards to their loyal consumers and committed following, Pelican casino completely neglected the necessity of safe and fair gameplay that the casino gambling community are entitled to. Through their sneaky activities, it is very clear to see that their primary aim was to get as much money as they can from it. Even their basic regulation against countries prohibited to play, like USA, Turkey and Cyprus, they were actually found to be able to have access to the website, meaning their limitations and monitoring of international traffic is very poor indeed. It was a member of the LCB that went under a deep investigation, to bring all this news out to light. Nothing could remain hidden from the LCB, but of course, we are sure you are wondering how did they, in fact, do this? The answer is, of course, an elaborative software and many people to cover the job, around the clock.

Pelican casino is under the jurisdiction of Curacao and showcases so many game titles by the gaming providers Aristocrat and Novomatic, who in fact are not obligated nor able to offer gaming, due to a specific licensing restriction, which made it very apparent for the gambling experts within the investigation to know straight away-it was an easy indicator. It had been reported that the fake games shown on Pelican’s website where near right the same as the original-it would take a professional with many years’ experience to differentiate between the fake and original, besides referring to simple paperwork.

The following top-end gaming developers that have been involved and affected by this scam include NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, EGT, Quickspin and so many more. It is very unacceptable and highly unfair for the players that have dedicated their time, effort and money within a site they thought they could 100% trust. Essentially any bonuses that were in fact advertised to use within the games, like free spins and free bonuses, could not be used for the greater benefit and aim of conquering and winning big jackpots and prizes. Pelican rigged every possible route so that these could never allow any loses of money to players-but all the more profit for their platform. That is why is vital for reviewing bodies to remain as active as ever in spotting the fraudster casinos online. The rogue casinos that are very well covered, now have started to move past the strict regimes of governing bodies, so now its time for them to update their systems don’t you think?

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