Mum becomes a Millionaire in under a fortnight from two £500k wins!

bingo mum win makes her millionaire overnight!

A mum based in the County of Durham landed a massive jackpot within the space of 10 days from her love of bingo!           

The lucky player landed two consecutive jackpot totals of £597,000 and £552,000, making her a millionaire in practically under a fortnight. Its very rare for people to get one jackpot, never mind two and her luck has astonished people everywhere. It has been told by Mecca bingo-the bingo that the lucky player decided to join and play with, has reportedly seen a dramatic increase in their new coming players since their report of two jackpots following each other. It most definitely has increased the bingo spirit within the community that’s for sure.

The story of the lucky player is most remarkable and rare that’s for sure. It is believed and mentioned by Mecca Bingo, that the mum actually only opened her bingo gaming account with Mecca bingo, just over a week prior to winning her bingo jackpots.

She has spoken to us on behalf of her winnings, in hope of inspiration to bingo players all over, far and wide. ‘Bingo is a game that can scoop in and surprise it when you least expect it. I won and it has taken me over a week to actually believe this surreal experience. Every time I check my bank balance, the shock hits me all over again and I cannot believe the numbers that I am seeing there-right in front of me. I am definitely the most luckiest player in the world right now.’

The Mum of two, described how these winnings have allowed her to make a difference within her family and household. From supporting her own parents and providing her kids the amenities that she couldn’t actually provide to them before. She described how the winnings will be spent wisely and used to benefit her and her family within a long-term approach. Many past winners have come and gone, winning life changing amounts of winnings, yet have not micromanaged their outputs well-a few years down the line and their story was back to square one of being financially worse off again. She made it clear she would not fall down that path at all.

The Director of Mecca Bingo described how pleased he was for the mother who had won not once but twice. He said that ‘Mecca Bingo is delighted for the win of this lady and the amazing luck she has had over the 10 days of playing. We hope she does indeed inspire other players to start their journeys with us, because these miracles do happen and they can indeed happen to you too!’

Mecca Bingo hope to provide all their players with life changing opportunities and were indeed very glad to contribute to this winners strike of luck.

Wishing the winner all the luck in the world, they obviously wish for this player to continue playing with them and continuing and trailing her possible lucky strikes further in the near coming future.

It seems that there are many bi8ngo players that are striking lucky far and wide, the only question left that remains is-when will it be your turn?

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