Lucky Bingo Player finds £2500 was in fact a £171,546 win instead!

Unexpected jackpot bingo winner in Antelope park club

It is not often that people find out their winning jackpot amount is incorrect and in fact so much more! It is those rare opportunities that make bingo news all the more worth it. A 30-year-old from Southampton unexpectedly revealed his win at his local bingo hall, expecting £2500 (which is amazing in itself) and found that amount increased to £171k+.

The story of how he received the money is quite spectacular. He was supposed to be in a completely different location, at the Salisbury races but he cancelled at the last minute, to play bingo with his father and family. He initially started playing, hoping in fact that he would receive any small amount in the process and he certainly did that and more. On his bingo card that he had bought, he had a double number and the jackpot number meaning £2500 was instantly his. However, after further investigation they realized there has not been a winner in 32 days, giving him all the rolled over cash summary of £171,546!

Reported by the bingo to be the largest sum ever won; they are reporting that this kind of money will not be won again in a long time and for that reason, the bingo player is a very lucky man!

Speaking directly to us, the bingo player stated that he was very happy to receive such a life-changing amount of money. He said the moment he called house, that money he was to receive was more than enough and he was over the moon. However, finding out he was to get the rolled over money too, put him in complete shock. It brought him to tears and he celebrated by buying drinks for all the players in the house.

He continued by saying what he will be planning to do with the money. He said that it was his moral objections to share his winnings with his family who accompanies him on the day to the bingo hall. He then thanked the Buzz Bingo team who made him feel welcome and humbled him with a party in their exclusive club, as the guest of honour.

The general manager of the bingo hall, situated in the Antelope Park club, expressed her happiness for the winner, saying that the double jackpot is an actually new feature that has been introduced and Gareth was very lucky to actually have won this so early in its bingo career. She also encouraged other bingo players to try out the latest new bingo jackpot additions, as if it can happen to Gareth, it can happen to anyone.

If you are wondering more about the Buzz Bingo branches, you will be happy to find out that there is 118 in total for bingo enthusiasts to enjoy and take advantage of. There are also online casinos that give you the comfort of your very own home and mobile/portable device. The bingo doe does not have any wagering requirements meaning the double number could, in fact, be yours next and very soon. So, what is stopping you?

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