How Playing Bingo Keeps Your Mind Sharp

bingo keeps the mind sharp

Bingo was once classed as a non-digital game, before we were able to access online bingo sites. However, the game of bingo, along with other games that can be played without the use of digital technology, can actually keep your mind sharp, which is certainly a benefit for everyone, especially people that are approaching their 70s, or are in their 70s.

Studies have proven that games like bingo, helps to train your brain and can in fact benefit you in later life, as you are able to improve your cognitive ability. The study that was put into place, was based at the University of Edinburgh, and it found that those who played bingo often, scored better on the memory and thinking tests, than those who do not play bingo.

In the test, there were 1000 people who were 70 or above, tested for memory, problem solving and their thinking abilities. These very same people were tested continuously every 3 years for 9 years. The people who increased the amount of bingo they played between the ages of 70 to 76, were more likely to be able to maintain more cognitive skills as they got older. The study even suggested that it is never too late to start playing and see the effects of playing bingo. Playing from now can even help your thinking skills.

Analysis has been revealed that suggests that there is a correlation between intelligence and gameplay. This is not so much of a surprise to a lot of people, due to the fact that a lot of games do require some sort of decision making, and to make a correct decision, or a reasonable one, it would require some sort of mental justification, which gets the brain thinking. To prove this, an intelligence test was held, which was based upon a group of 11-year-old children, who had certain factors that met the criteria, to do with their lifestyle, education, activity and loads more.

The test concluded with people who increased their game playing time in their later years, were to see a less amount of decrease in thinking skills, when they are into their 70s. In aspects such as memory functionality and also the speed in which they think, seemed to have been the most efficient.

All of the results that were concluded of the many tests and examinations that took place all proved one key thing, which was that engaging with activities during the course of your life will help to better your thinking skills for when you are older. We all understand that the functionality of our brains declines when we reach our 70s and, in some cases, we cannot stop this, but what we can do is slower down the process massively by continuing to train our brains, even in our later years. It is important to protect our brains for when we are older and engage in thinking skills, bingo being an example of a game which keeps your brain thinking hard.

These findings will also help future tests to see what else can be done in order to keep the brain thinking and have high thinking skills when in your 70s. It is important to maintain these skills at those kinds of ages and that is why evidence from these tests will increase the thinking skills of elderly people. Other factors which were considered to have had some effect, were physical activity levels and also smoking.

Non-digital games lead to sharper thinking and improve cognitive health. With this and other factors like excessive alcohol, smoking and physical fitness, and also a healthy diet. These tests have been running for a long time and there has been a number of different tests taken place in order to come to this conclusion.

It is not just the board games that you have to play, some digital games can also have a positive effect. For example, online bingo games can help your brain just like non-digital bingo games. On our website, you will be able to find a range of the best online bingo sites and excellent bingo games for you to play. These games can be played anywhere at any time if you have a mobile device and you can check out some bingo bonuses that you can play with to begin your online bingo journey. You can also download the official bingo apps for more immediate access. You can play these bingo games with other people around the globe, chat to them using the live chat options. It is a nice friendly environment where players congratulate each other.

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