How Online Bingo is Keeping the Love for Bingo Alive

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It is far to say that as we moved into the 2000s, the bingo industry was not in a good place. The traditional bingo halls were struggling to attract new customers, and their clients were not getting any younger. The perception of a bingo hall is one filled with smoke with and elderly women taking part in games with their dabbers to pay for their night out.

Bingo in 2020 is far from that, in fact, you could argue that it is the opposite of that. The reason for this has been online bingo, how it has shaped and changed the industry, and how it is currently keeping bingo alive and kicking.

The online game brought new players to the industry that felt comfortable playing at home. Halls had to do something to compete with major online players, and that has forced them into looking at their service.

We have an excellent offering out there in 2020 for people who want to play online, play in their local hall or maybe even do both. Much of that is thanks to the online bingo industry giving traditional halls the kick they needed to ensure their product was the beat it could possibly be.

The Rise of Online Bingo

There are more and more players turning to playing online bingo as a hobby and there are currently over 3 million people who are playing or have played online bingo in the past. Of those, a whopping 700,000 of them are reported to be between the ages of 18 and 24.

When you consider the way that the bingo industry has been portrayed over the past few decades as an older person’s pastime, this number shows that the appetite is certainly there for younger players.

The difficulty that traditional bingo halls have is enticing those younger players to visit them, and for that reason many play online and stick to that. Being able to play on a computer gives the player a chance to try their luck at bingo while also feeling comfortable.

With no online bingo, these players would never have been given the chance to try bingo out and fall in love with it like some of them have.

Small Stakes that Offer Potential Large Winnings

One of the reasons that bingo has really thrived has been because people like to have a go at something that costs relatively little and give themselves the chance to win a large sum of money.

This is a method of gambling that is far more likely to attract casual players who are intrigued, rather than being big gamblers. Rather than betting on sports or playing inside a casino, bingo offers young people the chance to play speculative games and try to win themselves a large amount of money.

For those looking to find these big pay-out games, look for games which are known as link-up games. These have been available in bingo halls for many years, with many different halls up and down the country coming together to offer one large jackpot for one player to win. However, we are also seeing these online, with players from different websites that are all under the same banner working together to try and provide a large jackpot for someone to win.

Each site works in a different way here, so the best thing to do is to check how your site works regarding big money games. Those who don’t have link up games usually offer something in place of that, for example, a game where the jackpot is already set as a minimum and the more people that play, the bigger this rises.

If you are thinking about trying out bingo then the good news is that it won’t cost you much to play online. Some games have ticket prices as little as 1p, which allows you to find your feet and understand how things work. From here you can increase your stakes if you wish, but the fact that online bingo offers this low entry point means that almost everyone can give it a try.

Mobile Bingo Gaming

The entire gambling industry has been able to expand the service it offers thanks to the advancements in mobile technology. This makes it easier than ever before to place a bet, play in an online casino and of course play mobile bingo.

There is nothing better than convenience in life and we all look for it. When it comes to gambling as a whole, the first part of that was an online service. This gave people the chance to play what they wanted at home, from playing bingo to placing sports bets and trying casino games.

This also gave people the chance to have a quick game rather than going for a full night out at the bingo. For casual players, this is a big benefit of online bingo. This may be because you don’t want to play for a full session, or even because you don’t have time to. Whichever it is, having the ability to play just one or two games is better than not being able to play at all.

Join the Virtual Bingo Community

You may think that bingo is a game where you need to go to a bingo hall to get the social side of things, but that is not the case. When you play online, you go inside a bingo room. These rooms have a chat function where players can all talk to each other and get the social side of bingo playing.

Inside each room, you will find a moderator who looks after everything, and they are also on hand to work out any issues you may have while playing. The rest of the people in there are those playing along with the particular game you have chosen, so you can get to know your fellow players.

If you play on the same site and at roughly the same days and times each week then you may see the same people online. These players are the same as you in the fact that they play at the same time, and there have been many stories of people who make friends in the online bingo chat rooms while playing.

The Future of Online Bingo

The future of online bingo looks really good. The service currently on offer for players is very impressive, with many bingo sites that offer their players an excellent platform to play on.

This includes the ability to play on the go via a mobile app which will save players a lot of time and add a great deal of convenience. With strong numbers playing online already, expect to see those rise even further over the coming months and years as online bingo continues to grow.

The Future of Bingo Halls

With bingo growing online, there are more potential customers out there for bingo halls than ever before, which the industry will be thrilled about. However, will any of those players actually go and play inside a bingo hall or will they stick online?

Having people playing bingo is good, but if the gap between the quality of service online and that which is available in the bingo halls then this may cause an issue. There are two things needed to get playing in bingo halls, the first is for them to like and enjoy the game of bingo and the second is to get them to go to a bingo hall rather than play online.

This means people need to see it as a night out, so they can play online when they want a quick game and head to the bingo hall when they want a full night playing with friends. If this happens, the rise in players online could help bingo halls thrive in the future.

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