GamStop to be Made Compulsory on All Gambling Sites

The UK Gambling Commission has announced that it will be compulsory for all UK gambling providers to have the GamStop self-exclusion scheme on their website by the end of March 2020. Any company who fails to get this in place by the deadline will risk losing their license until the matter is rectified.

There are four areas where websites operating will have to adhere to this, these are:

Sports betting operators, slot operators, bingo operators and casino operators.

If a company runs one of the above and they hold a UK license from the Gambling Commission for it then they must adhere to this new process before the end of March. There are penalties for those who don’t with the loss of a license being the toughest of those, so there is certainly an incentive to get on board and get the changes made.

Who are GamStop?

GamStop is a free service that is provided for those who are having problems with their gambling. The service allows users to log onto the GamStop website and self-exclude themselves from every website that GamStop currently works with.

With the changes coming into play in March 2020, by the time we get to the end of that month, if we have every company on board then UK players will be able to self-exclude themselves from every UK gambling website.

The system works very easy for users who wish to use it. Simply head to the GamStop website and enter your details, before confirming that you would like to self-exclude from every website. A process is then in place that will mean you cannot log into any of your online betting accounts with companies that are registered as part of the GamStop service.

They offer a one-stop-shop for those who wish to prevent themselves from gambling in the future, without the need to do everything individually.

What Else Does GamStop Do?

Alongside blocking access to your accounts, they also provide two other key services for those who are having problems with their gambling. The first is to block all advertising materials from the company’s too, so alongside not being able to bet, you won’t receive any marketing materials from them, either via email or otherwise.

The second is that they also prevent you from signing up to new accounts with other bookmakers. Your details are flagged as someone who has self-excluded and when you enter them, you won’t be allowed to sign up with anyone new.

How Many People Use GamStop?

The GamStop service is seen as one of the best self-exclusion methods for gamblers in the UK. It is regarded as one of the world leaders in its field and more than 100,000 people are currently registered with them from the UK.

The move to be added to every UK registered and regulated gambling website is only going to see their numbers grow. This is because they will be able to offer a complete service to their players, with no providers missing from their list and it is because they should receive additional exposure because of the move. More people will see and hear about them, realising the work that they do and those who do need help will remember them in their time of need.

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