Gala Bingo Hall Raged by Fires Is now Under an Investigation

Gala bingo fires

A fire within the Gala Bingo Hall in Essex, Pitsea had a fire which raged and caused chaos within the surrounding derelict areas and building itself. A full investigation into the cause of the fire is now underway, to give reasoning to the surrounding community who believed that the building was susceptible to fire due to its asbestos interiors and cladding installed. A total of half a dozen fire engines were needed to put the fire out, in addition to 10 police officer cars and an emergency hazardous team came quickly to the scene in a matter of minutes to assess and act upon the situation.

The surrounding collation of councils and locals want answers to this very distressing and dangerous event, therefore upon the pending investigation, all the following answers and truth will be fully clarified for all. The Conservative councillor for the South East of Pitsea, Craig Rimmer, spoke to media platforms, voicing his concerns and telling people how he supports the pending search for answers. He also addressed an official letter to Basildon council and chief executives (one of whom Scott Logan), all in the order to gain support and add pressure to find answers as quick and as efficient as possible.

This following passage quotes directly from what he had stated towards the press:

“It needs to be fully investigated to see if there is asbestos there and what the risk is. I have demanded answers, I think authorities were too slow to act. I think someone’s head should roll for this. Someone needs to come forward and assure the public or inform them about any asbestos risk there.”

He didn’t just stop there.

“We are demanding transparency, quite frankly it’s the least the residents deserve. People are telling us they are extremely angry and concerned at the asbestos issue and the general situation with the site.”

So, it seems Craig Rimmer is very much adamant and on side of the people of Essex. It is clear to see that the search for answers was clearly neglected and that all the more creates more suspicion and pressure for answers. The careless attitude and energy will definitely cause issues in the coming future, as people are convinced fires do not just occur from nowhere. Local residents had reported to certain media outlets, to have been brushed aside and ignored for their anxiousness, but who can blame them, due to the Grenfell fire-starting furiously from the same suspected material in the Gala Bingo hall. The landlord of the building Umar Hussein stated that he was not aware of the building’s makeup, however, now is the time for answers and he is eagerly anticipating them.

Thankfully, however, an evacuation did take place smoothly and in the residing areas around the bingo hall, with no reported injuries. All that awaits now is the results of the assessments that are taking place currently for the building. There is full assurance however that the site will be managed safely to ensure the surrounding environment and quality is not harmed or altered.

Should you wish to know more about recent events, it’s better to seek more information from local media outlets that represent the area of Pitsea. Local newspapers will keep you updated with all the latest developments on the case investigation. Police officers predict that results surrounding the cladding and asbestos will take approximately 2-3 weeks to be revealed and then shall be accordingly announced to the surrounding communities public. However, one thing is for sure, if it is confirmed to be of the same material that makes up the Grenfell tower- there will be a lot of questions waiting to be answered by the surround areas people.

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