Floating orbs found in a ‘haunted bingo’ hall


A bingo hall in the County of Durham has had a series of paranormal activity occur within its local bingo hall the Hippodrome in Bishop Auckland.

There have been many unexplained sighting that has progressively happened, but the most recent sightings of a ghost child, an older lady and a phantom winged bird have caused for great interest to pursue a paranormal investigation within the bingo hall. It has been shown on the film of a camera, that there are flying orbs that manoeuvre around the lens of the camera and this was taken by the group of experienced paranormal ghost hunters. From that reason alone, they found it imperative to investigate further, seeking out answers as to why the hall is haunted and what the evil spirits could possibly want for their paranormal activity.

For whole evenings there have been spectre detectors within evening after hours, to detect the focus and catalyst for the paranormal activity. The bingo hall staff also stayed for the evaluation, as they were a direct link to the spotting meaning they were of great use to the paranormal assessment. In charge of the operation is a woman named Elaine Kelly, who has over two decades of experience within this particular field.

The evenings monitoring was considered a great success due to the extensive number of pictures taken of the spirits; with pictures including a figure or mysterious young buy wearing shorts. The medium did state, through communication methods etc. that the young boy had a name of Jamie who lingered in between the sets that they had put in the purpose of the assessments. Other pictures and videos were taken of the electrical signs within the bingo coming on by themselves. In addition to the old cinema seats moving up and down with no aid. Also, the old lady’s name is believed to be Elenore, but the medium was not entirely sure as she was crossed between professions of actress or singer and names.

There were hints of smells that gave a vague familiarity of a hospital, with strong wafts of TCP antibacterial, but historical record could not be accessed to pinpoint the very location and link it to a hospital of the past, hence why the theory is not considered very strong to fully accommodate to that idea. What was for certain though, as stated by Eleanor, is that they were not alone within the Bingo hall. There were unidentified spirits sat within the old cinema-style seats, listening and looking over everything that was done in the spirit acquisition.

The building is listed as a grade 2 building, dating back to the year 1909 and designed by the architect JJ Taylor. It was suggested that the bingo hall may have been used as a quick fit hospital for during the war and that is why there were many lingering spirits -but again it is not conclusive. However other theories suggest that due to the period of film and music, in addition to the spirit named Eleanor who gave the medium some kind of vibes associated with the film and music industry. Looking further into the history the hall was used as a cinema within the early 1920’s, named as the Hippodrome picture house. Therefore, this could explain why the was the moving of the cinema seats simultaneously upon the arrival of the paranormal team.

Everything was recorded for the whole evening, with a series of recordings captured that prove all the events actually occurred within the moments of investigation. All that’s next to do is take a visit down there yourself if you are brave enough that is….

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