Families and neighbours play bingo in unique ways to escape lockdown boredom

sheffield street bingo

News has emerged that families and neighbours across the globe are finding new and unique ways to play the game of bingo during these unprecedented times.

Street bingo

On one Sheffield street, while trying not to go stir crazy, Mr Gibbs magiced up the idea of street bingo to keep the neighbours engaged.

It is thought that 50 neighbours took part in this new bingo game, socially distanced, with the cards being shared out by a kid’s fishing net.

Mr Gibbs said:

“We have loads of bunting on the street and we thought bingo would be a good idea.

“One neighbour had the balls and one had the cards and we all donated prizes but ended up with too many so held a raffle.”

The raffle raised £110, which was donated to a local foodbank.

Bingo marathon

And in New York, one Long Island family is to host their 60th straight themed bingo night – which is open to the public.

Again, this is an idea born out of boredom and the hope of bringing people together for something fun.

The Mastriano family run the bingo night for an hour on Facebook Live.

The latest theme is 1960s as the consecutive number of bingo nights hosted by the family reaches the 60 milestone.

In another twist on the famous game, there is a word list supplied and a blank bingo sheet on which the player must choose 24 words to write on the card.

The Mastrianos then pick the words live, share interesting facts related to the night’s theme and make jokes.

Players are encouraged to dress up to match the theme. On the night, traditional bingo and full-sheet are both played.

Since the bingo game’s launch on 20 March, there has been a new and unique theme each and every night.

Previous themes have included: SpongeBob Squarepants, Sports Night, Super Heroes, Movie Night, Video Games, Harry Potter, Ice Cream, Sharks, Alice in Wonderland and Nurses Night.

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