Deal or No Deal – From a Television favorite to a worldwide Bingo Game success

deal or no deal bingo game

A new television gameshow called Deal or No Deal began being shown on Channel 4 in 2005.

The show, presented by well-known television presenter Noel Edmunds being very popular in such a short space of time and it is regarded as one of Channel 4’s best ever gameshows. The aim of the game is for players to choose a box from a line of 22 boxes which have between £0.01 to £250,000.

The contestants who trusted their box to have the amount they want could keep hold of it or they could alternatively accept an offer from ‘the banker’ who’s job was to regularly call Edmunds to give an offer for the box which the contestant would then be asked to give an answer of whether they want to accept or decline the offer. 

It was recently announced that Deal or No Deal gave away more than £40 million by the end of 2016 when the show officially ended. Episodes were broadcasted daily with thousands being aired and even though the show is now over after more than 10 years of running, fans can continue to enjoy it by playing n Deal or No Deal games that are inspired by the show, this includes the online Deal or No Deal bingo game.

Popularity of Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal has gone onto become one of the biggest gameshows in British television history with some episodes surpassing more than a million viewers. In addition to this, with so much popularity surrounding it, Deal or No Deal have won several different awards, including the ‘Best Gameshow’ award which was won in 2011. Dick de Rijk, the creator of the show has also been frequently recognized for his great work.

Since the ending of Deal or No Deal, Channel 4 have offered quite a few different gameshows which haven’t been as successful as they had expected. Some of these gameshows also presented by Noel Edmunds include ‘The Bank Job’ and ‘Cheap Cheap Cheap’. None of these shows have surpassed the success of Deal or No Deal as of yet.

Deal or No Deal Online Games

Even though Deal or No Deal was around for over a decade, not everybody got to live their dream of going on the show and winning big via the iconic red box! With this being said, avid fans of the show can now have a great Deal or No Deal experience by playing on various games inspired by the show, some of these include the official Deal or No Deal app or ‘Noel’s Quiz’ which actually allows players to be the banker. There is also an official question game machine which can usually be found in pubs around the United Kingdom.

The Deal or No Deal bingo game is one of the most popular games associated with the well-known television gameshow. In this game, you can expect to find the famous red boxes which contain an amount of cash in them that open up to show the player how much money they could potentially win. If players win a full house they will receive an offer from the banker and the other players in the game can help the player to decide whether they should accept the offer or not.

Deal or No Deal Success

Stats don’t lie and there is no denying the fact that Deal or No Deal was one of the biggest television gameshows in the United Kingdom over the past decade. With a loveable presenter, big money to be won, an entertaining dealer and other great aspects it is clear to see why Deal or No Deal will go down in history. The tension that was created on the gameshow as well as the large amounts of fun that players and viewers had was great and Deal or No Deal has definitely had lots of successful which is fully deserved.

There probably won’t be another television gameshow like Deal or No Deal and even though there have been some great gameshows that come and go, Deal or No Deal always remains as a classic favourite that will certainly be remembered for plenty of years to come.

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