Could We See 24 Hour Bingo Halls in the Near Future?

24 hour bingo in Bolton

Planning permission has been put in for a 24-hour bingo hall to be opening in Bolton, England. The review has not taken place yet, but if it opens then this would be the first 24-hour bingo hall to be in the UK. Could this be the first of many, a flash in the pan one-off or something that simply won’t work?

Is There a Market for 24 Hour High Street Gambling?

This doesn’t seem to be something that would prove to be hugely popular at the moment, but there will be people out there who could take advantage of the opening times should this be passed.

As the world progresses and becomes more commercialised, we are seeing fewer of the regular 9-5 weekday jobs available and more people working what used to be deemed unsociable hours, but are now seen as common practice.

With this change, many people have seen their lives change and when it comes to hobbies and pastimes, they struggle to fit them in at a reasonable hour. A good comparison here would be gyms. These have seen a real spike on those opening either 24 hours a day or opening very early in the morning and closing late at night, giving people a 20-hour window in which they can attend to train.

The reason for this is much to do with the nature of people’s working hours, family life and the other reasons why some people would not be able to get out to a bingo game at a reasonable hour. While it may seem odd to some people, there are many that can only visit the gym at 10 pm or even 11 pm at night, and this is when they have to go. Change that to gambling and playing bingo, if people can only play at those times then this is where a 24-hour bingo hall would work.

The same can be done for those who are free in the morning because they work evenings. These people may only be able to get time to do something at 10 am or 11 am, having a 24-hour bingo hall down the road would mean that if bingo was their choice of pastime, they would be able to play.

How Would This Work?

One thing that would be needed is some kind of link-up, either to other 24-hour bingo halls if they were available or to online games, which would be more likely. The reason for this is that bingo thrives on bigger jackpots when more people are playing, if you go into a 24-hour bingo hall at an unusual time then there is likely to be few others in there, meaning few to contribute to the jackpot winnings.

The best scenario would be bingo halls having their own games when they are busy enough to hold them, with dedicated sessions to deal with these in the same way that a regular bingo hall does at the minute. Then when the hall is not too busy and outside of a session, players could link up with online games and play on terminals that pit them against other players online. This could be run with relative ease, and what would actually happen here is that the halls would provide online bingo when they were quiet, and offline bingo when they were busy.

The Future of Bingo Gaming or a Hard Sell?

While the idea in principle is certainly a good one, and one that will be of interest to some bingo players out there, whether it takes off or not is another thing. One of the reasons why online bingo gaming is becoming so popular is because of the convenience of it all.

If you are a bingo player and have the option to stay at home to play either before or after work or when you have a spare hour, then you are likely to choose that as opposed to getting dressed up and going out to your local 24-hour hall. This is even more likely to happen if it is at a time when few others are going to be in there.

The sessions created for live games would more than likely be popular with players because they would offer the same kind of experience as a regular bingo hall. This is the social aspect of it all, something that players love.

However, gaming outside of those hours, likely playing a version of online link-up games would only give you the same experience you can get online, but with the added trouble of having to get there and back to play, when you could do it all from the comfort of your own sofa if you wish to.

For that reason, it is unlikely to take off, even if they do really suit the needs of a handful of bingo gamers.

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