Could UK Players Be Seeing a Lot More from NetEnt in the Future?

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Players from all over the world are accustomed to the gaming provider NetEnt, they are one of the biggest providers of casino games out there, and also produce many top-quality titles. Their games are some of the most in-demand titles that we have, and they have made a couple of moves recently which implies that they are ready to put even more focus on the UK market, which is only going to be good for players here.

The first move happened a short while ago, with NetEnt creating a UK part of their business, which will now be known are NetEnt UK Ltd. While this move by itself is a relatively small one, it is still positive that they are looking at the UK market and deciding to put more focus onto it. While the structure inside the company isn’t known, by creating an arm of the company like this, it would imply that they are ready to work hard on bringing an even better service to the country, which can only be a good thing for gamers.

The service, choice of games and amount of regular new releases are all very impressive from NetEnt already. We may now get something on top of that, whether it is additional games, early releases or something else, it looks as though the UK is about to get a boost from the service that NetEnt brings.

NetEnt Launches UK Office

This was all then boosted further and confirmed by the second move that the company made. They have announced that they have opened a new UK based office, which they say will allow them to provide an even better service to their UK facing partners. Again, this news is big for the UK, and really confirms the thoughts that we all had after reading the announcement of the first move.

With an office in the UK, which will open in the Kings Cross part of London, not only will NetEnt have people specifically working on the UK market, but they will actually have people in the UK to deal with any problems they may have. This should lead to regular meetings and discussions between the UK facing casinos and NetEnt UK Ltd, and that should bring two things for UK players.

The first is the potential for specially commissioned UK only slot games, something that we will get, but the rest of the world will not. This would be a way for NetEnt to show their commitment to the UK and give us new games to play. The second is that by having a UK office, NetEnt will be able to work even harder with the casinos and bingo platforms that we are all signed up to. This should mean a better service for the casino, which in turn will lead to them using NetEnt more on their site, which is probably the whole reason for these two moves in the first place.

For those who love NetEnt and their games, this news will be fantastic. We will not see any disruption to the service or any drop in quality, this can only mean one thing and that is an even bigger and better service from them. Whether this is more games, early releases, exclusive games or something else remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, NetEnt are already big and visible in this country, and they are likely to get even bigger and even more visible in the coming months on the back of all this.

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