Bingo Winner Planned a Foreign Holiday, Car and a Home from £50,000 Winnings

bingo winner £50,000

It has been nearly 20 years since a lucky council flat resident won almost £50,000 when playing at Barrow’s Top Ten Bingo in Hollywood Park, Barrow.

On May the 19th 2000, Kieran Hall, a regular lad from Ormsgill shocked the entire nation when he won a massive cash jackpot whilst at a Bingo Hall. With all of this big money in his pocket, Hall a devote Manchester United fan decided to purchase a new car, home and a holiday.

The 47 year old’s whopping win saw him complete the outstanding treble, the regional price, house prize and national prize. These were £2,368, £54 and £47,500 which added up to make him become one very rich man!

Craig Lambert, the manager of Top Ten Bingo said this about Hall’s jaw-dropping win. “This was by far the biggest win that I had ever seen and everyone in the community is really happy.”

Now in 2019, Opera Bingo is now opening on Holker Street in Barrow, the same location as a former Kwik Save supermarket and we know that many avid Bingo fans will be looking to replicate the same success that Kieran Hall endured nearly 2 decades ago.

A representative from Top Ten Bingo told us that “Hall had been to bingo on the odd occasion and he was not a regular. I would put his major win down to beginners luck.”

During and after the iconic ‘Hippy Hype’ in the 1960s, Bingo had become seen a massive rise and it was huge, along with cinemas which also became immensely popular too. Many cinemas decided to share their venues with those who liked to play Bingo however soon after, Bingo Halls then became a common thing.

Popular venues include Walney cinema, Roxy cinema, Roose Pavilion, Palladium and the Palace cinema which was infact a very popular place for Bingo fans based in Barrow.

The grand opening of Top Ten Bingo in Barrow, Hollywood Park was on the 25th June 1999. Jean Waiting, the mayor at the time opened the venue which costed a reported total of £1.25 million.

In response to questions about Top Ten Bingo, Bruce Roberts the operations director said, “We have managed to respond to the demands of our customers by providing a modern purpose built facility which can be enjoyed by those of all ages”.

The blue, neon lit Bingo Hall had a maximum capacity of 800 people and it also offered drinks and food via a fully licensed bar.

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