Bet365 Details Unwavering Commitment to Player Protection


World renowned British online gambling company Bet365 – which includes their sportsbook, casino and Bet365 Bingo – have said they are working on certain things in order to boost safer gambling and player protection in their financial support which was submitted to the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies in December 2019.

The company stated that there was an “unwavering commitment to deliver industry-leading approaches to player protection” in the strategic report part of the document.

Bet365 currently have a system that detects early risk and it is there to monitor the activity of punters who may have concerning behaviour when using the platform. Over the last couple of years, Bet365 have been delving into the overall use of the machine to learn technique that will develop it even more, with this also came a view for improving how to detect risky behaviour from suspicious players. Bet365 have said that an exploratory model is on the codes and it will be tested in the coming months.

Bet365 recently partnered up with Focal Research who are a Canadian research company and the aim of this partnership is to develop a tool that uses the data of players to analyse risky patterns when it comes to gambling among punters. This same data is also being used by Focal Research who are using it to find out how it corresponds with the high-risk players.

A spokesperson for Bet365 stated that the company are taking time to improve how they carry out forms of player interaction with GamCare. This partnership will focus on strategies that are motivational for encouraging players to take good steps when it comes to controlling gambling addictions.

Operators have said that these improvements have been put in place because of the desire to give players ‘more freedom when it comes to management tools’, as well as providing players with extra behavioural data about their gambling habits.

From this, there became an establishment of a handy tool which is there to allow players to block having access to online gambling sites on certain days/times of the week as well as having the choice to repeat it for as long as they may wish.

The gambling giants announced the arrival of a modern betting site in 2019 which is available in various different jurisdictions and languages where players can also get access to information about how they can control their gambling as well as finding details about the tool that are available to assist them too.

Bet365 stated “The group recognises that player protection is not a competitive exercise. To that end, the impact of its systems and the positive results it identifies through internal research are routinely shared across the industry”.

“In the coming year, the group will continue in this vein, and is willing to work with other operators and regulators on raising standards across the industry, in a shared endeavour to make gambling safe for all.”

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