5 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Bingo

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To many people’s surprise, Bingo is not just a fun activity that people partake in, in order to win prizes. A recent study has shown that bingo can in fact have multiple health benefits, especially for elderly people.

At first, this may shock some people and you may disagree with this statement, but we have evidence to back this up! If you actually delve into the game of bingo, you will notice that bingo does in fact take a lot of concentration. Concentration in itself can improve a person’s memory skills, especially short term in this case and also the skills of listening. These are 2 common problems that elderly people can suffer with.

The bingo games that these people are playing, are played in bingo halls, which will improve social skills. Social skills are massively important amongst bingo players and it is also very important for elderly people specifically, who can suffer from loneliness and go long periods of time without speaking to a fellow human, hence why bingo is a great alternative for them. Interaction between people is massively important and can make your lifestyle a lot healthier.

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If you know any elderly people or you are elderly yourself, consider playing bingo and continue to read upon the benefits of it, as it may be a massive positive for you. If you are not familiar with what bingo actually is, then here is some background to it. Bingo is the American version of a game, which was originally created as an Italian Lottery, going by the name of “Lo Giuco Del Lotto D’Italia”. The name Bingo came about after a player accidentally shouted Bingo, instead of Beano, Beano is what the game was called in the beginning and also what the winner should have shouted. Bingo is a game that is massively popular and played globally.

Cognitive function, memory and speed are all examples of factors that Bingo can improve, which are all important when you get to elderly ages. Concentration and listening skills are very important and are used when playing bingo. It also helps avoid isolation, being in a sociable bingo hall instead of being sat at home. The repetitive nature of the game can improve hand eye co-ordination. Vision is an element that we take for granted and can worsen as you get older, so to keep your eyes being tested and try to improve your site a bit more, training your brain, bingo is good!

Studies have been released on people that struggle with dementia. Dementia patients that play bingo, can actually see improvements in their memory and can see improvements in their dementia. This is a huge positive due to how serious the illness can be and how it can affect you on a daily basis, with bingo being a therapy that requires no medication, it is certainly a recommendation.

As we mentioned earlier, the effect of socializing is massive. Being more social can make your lifestyle a lot healthier and it is excellent therapy for a person’s emotion. Studies will suggest and prove that having a lack of social skills and lack of socialization will prove to be a negative effect and not be good for you. It can also lead to other mental issues such as depression, stress, anxiety and more. If you socialise, it can reduce stress, and other mental health issues. It is also suggested that by being mentally healthy and socialising, you are extending your life and you will live longer, because you are helping yourself avoid having health problems mentally. You can also slow down your physically physique decline by socialising.

The rules surrounding bingo can be slightly different, but the basic principle is the same from one bingo house to another. Here are some simple etiquette rules and also bingo tips that can help you understand the experience more and decide whether it is something that you would enjoy.

  • If you are wanting to make conversation, then hold the conversations for between days. Do not talk whilst a game is underway because it can be distracting, and people need to be able to hear the next numbers.
  • Listen to every number to ensure that you don’t miss one that you possible have, or that you think you may have got bingo when you have not.
  • People believe in superstition, be aware of the bingo superstitions. Players believe that certain seats are lucky, and they want to be able to sit in the same seat every week. Some also bring some probs that they consider to be lucky.
  • Listen to the callers, some players don’t like it if you ask them what number was called out.
  • Don’t repeat the call out loud, some players can get annoyed at this, and it is a common habit amongst players, to repeat it as they are marking it off or looking for the particular number.
  • Do not show frustration towards the caller, it is a game of chance and unfortunately not every can win, therefore if you have a problem with the caller, then ask them to speak louder. Or, if you want someone to sit down, then politely tell them too.

If you do in fact have any health implications that may affect your bingo performance, there are ways around this. For example, you can purchase bingo cards that are designed for players that have vision or memory problems, or even have arthurites in their hands.

As well as playing bingo in bingo halls, it can also be played online, from the convenience of your own home. As long as you have a mobile or desktop device then you can do so. At BingoSites.Bet, we have a list of excellent bingo sites that you can register with, and play an array of bingo games, without the travelling. You are able to play at your own speed and have assistance if you are having some difficulty. Also, unlike bingo halls, you can play anywhere at any time, games are eligible to play all day. You can also use a live chat option to communicate with other players and congratulate each other. There are chat moderators there to make sure you are having a good time and to welcome you to the bingo halls.

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