Two £50k Winners in 4 Months! Does That Make This the Luckiest Bingo Hall in Norfolk?

Mecca Bingo in Norwich may just be the luckiest in the whole of the county of Norfolk. 2 amazing wins totalling up to £50,000 each, in the space of 4 months shows that this may be true. The winnings have taken place in the Mecca Bingo on Aylsham Road. The branch manager, Janette McCracken has […]

Mum becomes a Millionaire in under a fortnight from two £500k wins!

A mum based in the County of Durham landed a massive jackpot within the space of 10 days from her love of bingo!            The lucky player landed two consecutive jackpot totals of £597,000 and £552,000, making her a millionaire in practically under a fortnight. Its very rare for people to get one jackpot, never mind […]

Lucky Bingo Player finds £2500 was in fact a £171,546 win instead!

It is not often that people find out their winning jackpot amount is incorrect and in fact so much more! It is those rare opportunities that make bingo news all the more worth it. A 30-year-old from Southampton unexpectedly revealed his win at his local bingo hall, expecting £2500 (which is amazing in itself) and […]

Who Is the Woman in The Sun Bingo ‘Are You Gonna Bingo’ Advert 2019?

Jayde Adams (whose full name is Jayde Pricilla Gail Adams, born 26 November 1984) is a British comedian, actress, writer and singer from Bristol acted the ‘are you gonna bingo’ advert in 2019. The UK newspaper, the sun, wanted to attract a new audience to Bingo, which is starting to pay off as we are […]