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Mobile Bingo Apps

Bingo sites have taken it up a notch and made their bingo sites mobile optimised, so that customers can download their official mobile bingo apps and play their favourite bingo games form the comfort of their own smartphone or tablet device. BingoSites.Bet have found, what we consider to be, the best mobile bingo apps, in terms of bonuses, usability and mobile optimisation. Some bingo sites are more user friendly that other bingo sites. We understand that customers carry different tastes and preferences, so we have provided a range of different bingo sites to be considered, all with their own unique features. The mobile gaming industry has rapidly increased over the years, to the point where more customers are using mobile apps to play bingo, than customers that are still using a desktop. So new bingo sites are straight away aiming to hit the mobile bingo market, as that is where the larger customer base is. With the software that the latest mobile devices are running on, it can actually make mobile gaming more enjoyable than desktop gaming, as the graphics and visuals are a lot better on mobile devices.

The Making of a Good Mobile Bingo Site?

If you are unsure as to what features to look out for, to determine whether or not a mobile bingo site is suited to you and whether it is one of the best mobile bingo sites out there, you can take a look at the following factors, that make a mobile bingo site successful. From here you can then put a bingo site in comparison to these factors and see how it matches up.

Mobile App Speed

Mobile bingo apps need to be ran on smooth bingo software that is going to allow for an enjoyable gaming experience. Customers do not want to have to be waiting around because of slow operating and buffering being experience within the app. Even if it is just a matter of having to wait a few minutes for a page to load, or the app itself to load up, it can get very frustrating and is something that needs to be sorted. Especially when customers are changing bingo rooms, this needs to be done with ease.

Bingo Games

There is not really a necessary argument in regards to bingo games and bingo sites anymore as mobile bingo apps offer the exact same variations of games as their desktop version. There was a point where games were still in the process of being mobile optimised and therefore not all games that you could access on desktops, could be accessed on mobile bingo sites. But that has changed now and most, if not all, games are mobile optimised. So, you will be able to play your favourite mobile bingo games from the comfort of your mobile device, allowing you to play on the go and if you are just wanting to pass some time. Just like a typical bingo site, you can play free bingo games and mobile bingo games for real money.

Mobile Security

Mobile security is a very important factor that bingo sites need to properly execute, to ensure the safety of their customers and their private information. When money is involved, there is always a cause for concern and worries about the security levels in place to avoid the likes of hackers etc. You can check what kind of security is in place by either reading through the terms and conditions of the bingo site, or by scrolling down to the bottom of the bingo app and looking at the licensing certificate. The bingo app should be licensed under some sort of gambling commission, there are a range of excellent gambling commissions. One of the most popular commissions, that the majority of bingo apps will be licensed under is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which has strict laws in place to ensure that customers are getting a safe and fair betting experience.

Customer Support

The support that a bingo site will provide on their website, will be matched on their bingo app. The mobile apps can run the same features, for example a live chat platform, where you can speak to a member of team on live chat through the mobile app. Also, if there is a telephone number link, you can click on it and your mobile device will give you the option to ring that number. The same applies t email support, you may click on the email address, this will load up your mail app and you can send an email from here.

Making Transactions

Making deposits and withdrawals through a betting app is very simple and fast. Simply enter in the amount you want to deposit, enter in your preferred method of payment, confirm the deposit. If it’s a withdrawal, all you will need to do is enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and then confirm the withdrawal, the funds will reach your account within a few days, depending on what type of payment method you use.

iOS Bingo Apps

iOS devices were in fact the first to offer mobile bingo apps to their customers. These official bingo apps can be downloaded for free via the iOS App Store. Apple have always been excellent in this aspect and offer a range of top mobile bingo apps to their customers. Apple products have great software and this platform allows games to run smoothly in high quality, making it very enjoyable for customers. iOS bingo apps can be played on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.

Android Bingo Apps

Android users are able to download mobile bingo apps from the Google Play Store. These apps have been well optimised to comply with the set up of Android devices and run efficiently on their platform. Android were quite slow to release mobile bingo apps onto their platform, but with a bit of patience, they have now created a huge mobile bingo market on the Google Play Store, where players can download free bingo apps and achieve a great betting experience on their Android.

Mobile Bingo Bonuses

The same bingo bonuses that you can claim on a bingo betting site, can be claimed on a mobile bingo app. As long as you follow the same steps and abide by the terms and conditions that are in place, you can claim the bonuses and play the mobile bingo games. Whether it be a deposit bonus, free spin bonus or even a no deposit bonus, you can claim these offers through your phone. Start playing your favourite progressive jackpots, bingo games, top slots, and casino games now.