Your Guide to Progressive Jackpots

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A term often dashed around on the pages of casino and online bingo sites, the question is do you actually understand this term or not? We all know that when you gamble, it is vital to understand the terminology as it can be a significant obstacle between you and some serious winnings. Genuine casinos that are fully validated and known within the gambling world pretty much match up in their terminology and the way they define their bonuses and jackpots.

Nowadays, all bingo sites worth their salt have something to offer in the realm of slots and this includes progressive jackpots. Therefore, its essential prior to getting into depth of what progressive jackpots are- to gamble responsibly and safely. Want to know the infill on what progressive jackpots are amongst other related terms? Read on to find out more…

Progressive Jackpots and Non-progressive Jackpots

There are two types of terms that you need to associate yourself with within the gambling realm-Progressive and non-progressive jackpots. With progressive jackpots, they gradually progress to the next game rather than resetting at the end of each commencing game. Therefore, with each stake put into a slot reel game (even bingo rooms and table games), there is a portion of it that gets placed into the long run of the jackpot. They do apply to both virtual and online games, meaning everyone can have in on this rare prize. If you can imagine how this feature can be significantly large in terms of winning and interchangeable (not fixed)- meaning you will understand how definitely life changing it actually is.

Non-progressive jackpots share in similar contexts-where it applies to a large sum of money to a select winner, however this type of win involves a restriction as it is fixed to a specific amount. For example, within slot games, you will win this jackpot by landing the traditional ‘cherry’ symbols or the lucky number ‘7’ high value symbol.

How did they become introduced?

People often think, these wins of rare joy, actually originated from online games, however they definitely did not. They are actually a creation of the traditional landmass casinos and physical real-life world. Defined as a rare occurrence, these were at first designed and limited to one or two types of games. Yet through the years and popularity of online casinos and slot sites, corporates saw and realized the benefits to actually introducing them as worldly available as possible, due to becoming very much desirable by players internationally. We are sure that currently as you are reading this, it most likely sprung to mind of- ‘how do I actually win this?’.

Winning a progressive Jackpot?

These babies are not so easy to win we are afraid. There cannot be any strategy or methodology applied to aid you in winning this for yourself. It all comes down to sheer luck and beating the odds one day or another (very much more easily said than done). They have odds that co-incidentally match similar to the lottery, meaning you defiantly cannot rely on this as some kind of life goal that’s for sure…

Here are our top picks for you to have a go on and possibly see if the odds lie in your favour?


Very much a nations favourite, this definitely has slot game lovers talking. A favourite slot at old and new sites, created by the renowned IGT; it has a very high RTP variance of 96%, meaning you can almost guarantee that you can make some winnings out of this game. The progressive jackpot is quite a hard game to conquer.

cleopatra slot

in that sense, however the game itself is highly enjoyable, with its Egyptian themes and queen Cleopatra herself! You never know it could definitely be your lucky day with the jackpots…

Mega Moolah

mega moolah slot

Another Gamblers favourite, this game has been reported as one the best progressive jackpots out there. With the highest paid jackpot being a whopping £13million! The period for its turnaround time and landing onto the jackpot is 122 days, meaning it occurs 3 times in every year.

Mega Fortune

mega fortune slot

Recorded as the biggest jackpot pay-out ever in any slot game, in the Guinness world book of records, the jackpot is £15,143,600. Take that all in..Yes. This can be you if you land on their turnover time period of 70 days. If this game has hit your fancy, make sure to try it out with Grosvenor for the recommended providers.

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