What Makes the Best Bingo Bonus?

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When you join an online bingo website you will usually receive a bonus from them. There are many different types of bingo bonus available, so it is important that you compare each one and choose the best possible deal for yourself. It is important to note that the biggest isn’t always the best, so don’t get drawn in by big numbers. The best bonus out there is, of course, a big one, but one that also caters for your gaming style and gives you as much flexibility as possible.

If you are new to online bingo, either because you are new to the game or because you are moving from playing inside a bingo hall to playing online then here are some pointers to guide you in the right direction of the best bonus for you.

The Bonus Amount

This is of course very important, and something you need to consider when choosing which bonus you are taking. The vital thing to remember though is that it is not the only thing to consider, there are other things in play.

You should look to take the biggest you can, but if a bonus offers something else and is slightly smaller then if it suits you better, it may be worth taking the smaller one because of the other benefits from it.

The other factors will be spoken about further down this article, but they need to be used alongside the amount to work out which is the best. Many bingo websites will offer very similar amounts for their bonuses, some offer the same, and it is the other factors that determine which is the best for you.

It is also worth pointing out here that these bonuses are personal to you and your gambling style. Just because your friend has taken advantage of one and things it is the best bonus available doesn’t mean that it will also be the best bonus for you. If you play in different styles and on different games then you will both have different needs when it comes to choosing a bonus.

Bonus Funds or Free Tickets?

This is one of the first things you need to work out. You will receive your bonus usually in two different ways, the first is as bonus funds which you can spend how you like. The second is in free tickets, which have to be spent in the value you are given them and may be subject to other restrictions such as the type of game or value of game you play.

Bonus funds certainly have more flexibility, and in most cases, you can use these in any way you like. This means if you play small staking games you can use your funds to buy a lot of small tickets if you play big staking games you can use them to buy fewer big prices tickets. This all allows you to continue playing in your usual style and for your usual stakes when you get the bonus, you don’t have to change anything to make the bonus work for you.

Free tickets don’t have the same freedom. Here you will get a number of free tickets to use as your bonus. These tickets will have a value and that will be what you use them as usually they are of low value too. This means if you are a bigger staking player then you will have to play on the low staking games to be able to use these tickets, which changes your style of gaming.

Some of these may also be limited in terms of the games that you can use, so this is worth checking out. For example, they may be limited to 90 ball bingo. If you play this then that is ok of course, but if you want to look around at the other games on offer then you will not be able do that using your free tickets.

This may affect some people who are looking to try out new things. The best way to try out new games is to do it when you have a bonus so that you are not paying for the games yourself, but with limited free tickets, this is not an option.

Size of Initial Deposit

The vast majority of welcome offers from bingo websites all require a first deposit to activate them. How much you deposit will determine how big your bonus is on those that have a variable bonus amount. This is a percentage of your deposit in most cases. Sometimes you will need to make a deposit over a fixed amount to qualify, this is usually when you are getting free tickets.

For example, some of the bonuses you may see are things like this:

‘Deposit £20 and get 100 free bingo tickets’

‘100% matched deposit up to £100’

‘50% matched deposit up to £200’

These are just three ways in which you will see a bonus, all of them have a difference when it comes to the size of your initial deposit. The top example requires £20 or more to be put into an account, with a bonus of 100 free tickets. This means whether you deposit £20 or £200 the bonus is the same.

This is great for those who wish to deposit a small amount and get a good return. However, if you were intending to make a deposit of £100 then this may not be the bonus for you as you are likely to be able to get more back for your £100 by using another type of bonus.

The second and third deposits highlight how a matched deposit can work in different ways and can impact on the bonus you get.

The first example is a 100% matched deposit up to £100. If you want to get £100 then you need to deposit the same amount, giving you a total of £200 in your new account, half-real cash and half bonus funds.

The second is a different way of doing things, this offers the potential to get a larger bonus but you need to deposit more of your own funds to get it. In this instance, your bonus is 50% of the deposit you make, so if you wanted to get the same £100 here you would have to deposit £200. If you deposit the same amount, £100, you will only get a bonus of £50.

The fact that this says ‘up to £200’ will draw some people in, thinking they are getting a good deal, but it is the percentage figure that is vital here as this is the one that determines how much money you have to put in the account.

Which of the Three Examples is Best?

This is where bonuses become personal to you and how you bet. The top bonus is great for those who have a small playing budget, a deposit of £20 would see you with a number of free tickets to enjoy as your bonus. If you are looking for a bigger bonus then the only way you are going to benefit from the second bonus is if your deposit amount is more than £200.

If it is then you will earn a bonus of over £100, which you cannot do with the second example. However, if you intend to deposit less than £200 then the better value for money comes from the second example, which matches what you deposit into the account as bonus funds, the third option doesn’t do that.

Staking Requirements, Maximum Win and Other Variations

There are a handful of other things that make certain bonuses better than others, regardless of the actual type of bonus that they are.

Staking requirements are certainly something to look out for in the small print. This is how often you will have to play through your bonus winnings before it becomes real cash in your account that you can withdraw. Every bingo hall will have this in place, so when you are comparing them you want to find someone that is as low as possible for this figure.

Something else you should look out for when taking advantage of a welcome bonus is if there is any kind of maximum win associated with your free tickets or bonus funds. For example, if you play with a free ticket, the maximum win off that free ticket may be capped at a certain amount.

If this is the case for a bingo site you sign up with then make sure you know the limit and play only games where you are under the limit. If you win more than this you will not be paid out, you will get the maximum amount only and are leaving profit behind. This isn’t fair on players, so stick with games where you can get the full amount if you win it.

It is always worth taking a look through the various terms and conditions of the bonuses on offer to see which one stands out as being the best deal. This won’t always be the biggest, and the factors that have been mentioned above are the reason for that. Some bonuses will look more appealing than others after a proper look and it is these ones that you should be focusing your efforts on.

Every bonus will have some kind of terms attached to it, but these terms vary between the different bingo providers. The key thing to remember here is that a bingo bonus is an individual thing, don’t just choose the one that is the biggest on paper and don’t go with what your friends suggest.

Instead, take a look through and compare what you get with how you play bingo. The right bonus should, of course, be as big as you can get, but it should also take into account how you play, you shouldn’t have to change your style to accommodate a bonus if it is the right one for you.

By following these steps you should be able to find a great bingo bonus that allows you to enjoy your time playing on a new website.

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