What is the Difference Between Free Spins and Bonus Funds?

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Those who have taken a look at a lot of casino offers, both for new and existing players will have seen that there are two main types of offer out there. The first is an offer that gives you free spins, something that is easy to understand and perfect for slot players who can simply use these instead of paying for their next batch of slot spins. The second is bonus funds, these are often given as a percentage based on a deposit you make, and can be used on many types of casino games, so perfect for the gamer who plays on games such as card and table games. However, what is the difference between them and how can you find the best bonus offer for yourself?

What is Best: Free Spins or Bonus Funds?

The question here does not have a simple answer. Two things dictate what the answer is, and they are your own personal gaming style and the attachments on these bonuses. This will help you decide which is the best bonus offer to take, both in terms of the size of it and how much use and enjoyment you will get from it. You need to weigh up how much value you put on each of these too, do you want the biggest possible bonus, regardless of the restrictions or do you want something you can use while gaming in your normal style, that is slightly lower but a lot more enjoyable?

If you are wanting something risk-free with no attachments about turnover requirements then free spins are the most likely bonus type to give you this. Pretty much every bonus based around bonus funds from a deposit will have wagering requirements attached to it, meaning you will have to play over a fixed amount of money before you can withdraw the money. This is the case for some free spin promotions too, so it is advisable to read the terms on these offers, but you will find some that give you free spins no strings attached and if you win anything on them, then you can withdraw the winnings straight away.

What Games do You Play?

When looking at the difference between free spins and bonus funds, it is important to think about yourself for a moment. What type of games do you play and do you want a bonus that is compatible with this? For example, if you do and you don’t play slot games, then taking a free spins bonus is no good at all for you, as you won’t use it.

This is where you need to work out what you want and how big you want to claim. For example, is 200 free spins better than £50 bonus funds? Perhaps it is for a slots player, but for a roulette player then it certainly isn’t, and the lower £50 bonus is what you need to be getting.

Then you have to work out how much you want to do as you please with the bonuses and how much you are happy to work around them. For example, is 50 free spins on any game better than 80 free spins on selected games that you don’t like to play, again it is your own personal choice on this one.

When it comes to bonus funds, you are unlikely to find any restrictions on the games you play, you can usually use these on anything. However, the restriction here is on the wagering requirements you have to play through before you can get your funds out. Some big bonuses will have large wagering requirements attached to them, and no deposit bingo offers are one of the main culprits, these can prove tough to unlock, so make sure you look into this before taking advantage of anything.

It can often pay to go for a smaller bonus if you are a smaller player because this is easier to unlock and withdraw. Although a four-figure bonus may look great, it is no good if you can’t get to the funds because you cannot complete the playthrough required to get it. In this instance, a smaller, more manageable bonus and play through is recommended, so you can at least see something at the end of it all.

Conclusion: Bonuses are Varied, Suit Your Own Gaming Needs

At the start here we said that the questions surrounding the different types of bonuses available were not simple, and that is certainly the case. The key things to remember all focus around you and your gaming style.

  • Choose a bonus type that matches the games you play
  • Choose a bonus that has a wagering requirement you can hit
  • Choose free spins on games you enjoy, if you don’t want to be limited
  • Choose the best, not the biggest if you want to have the most success

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