What Exactly Drag Bingo is and Why You Need to Know About it

drag bingo

When it comes to the wonderful world of Bingo, the nation of Great Britain are usually miles ahead of everyone else. Even though Bingo originates from Italy, it is infact the Brits who fell in love with it more than anybody else. Bingo has been around for decades and it really became part of British culture, especially when local communities would head to their nearest Bingo halls on a weekly basis to enjoy hours of fun whilst playing it. From standard Bingo halls to online Bingo, musical Bingo and more, the UK is the one place where Bingo is truly adored.

Now in 2020 there is one type of Bingo which has started to get big in places such as the USA and Australia but hasn’t quite yet taken off in the UK. This type of Bingo is Drag Bingo!

Drag Bingo is still fairly new and because of this mainly people don’t actually know what it is. So Drag Bingo is pretty much what the name suggests, regular Bingo but a glammed up version of it with plenty of additional funky Drag features. You can expect lots from Drag Bingo, including excellent lip syncing performances from the stunning Drag Queens, adult calls and lots of glitter & glamour!

Drag Bingo in Australia

Drag Bingo has become increasingly popular in Australia in recent years and there is no doubt that the Australians are loving Drag Bingo.

Bingay was launched in Australia back in 1999 and their website stated that Bingay was a funky, pretty and excellent type of bingo which was jam-packed with fantastic prizes, outrages antics and funny penalties. Over the past 20 years, Bingay has grown to be massive and it is huge in the LGBT community.

Bingay also raises funds for ACON who are NSW’s leading health organization in the LGBT community. All of the funds that are raised are given to services and programs that aim to support the wellbeing and health of LGBT people who have HIV and are living in NSW.

Felicity Frockaccino who is a well-known drag queen from Sydney launched Drag Bingo back in 2017 in Australia and had this to say.

“Back then it was very blue collar and I kind of just put a proposal in and they said they were going to do some renovations soon and were interested in the bingo night. So, we started Bingo at the Salisbury and it kind of just went crazy and grew! Drag Bingo’s totally becoming a huge thing, especially in Australia. It’s been a thing for probably about 15-20 years but is really coming into itself now. I think it’s partly because of the prominence of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and all the other drag-esqué things happening it’s magical, it’s amazing.”

Drag Bingo in the United Kingdom

Even though it is quite behind Australia, Drag Bingo in the United Kingdom is certainly on the rise and it is increasing massively in terms of popularity with more and more people taking interest in it. Plenty of well-known Drag Queen have helped Drag Bingo gain recognition in the UK, with Charlie Hides being one of the main people to do so.

With Drag Bingo on the rise and major events taking place in typical Bingo halls and other top venues as well as attracting plenty of people in the UK to take interest, there is no denying the fact that within a few years Drag Bingo will be huge.

GlamSlam speaks on Drag Bingo

Teresa Tilly the MD of the world-renowned company GlamSlam had a few things to say about Drag Bingo.

When asked how much of a demand for Drag Bingo there is in the UK? Theresa responded,

“Really popular there has certainly been a surge in both Drag Queen enquiries and Bingo coming into the mainstream so to put them both together is the perfect partnership for a great night out!”

Theresa said this about the audience at Drag Bingo events,

“About 50% gay and the remainder straight mostly females looking for a fun night out”

Theresa was asked whether she thought Drag Bingo could overtake Bingo’s Bingo and this was her response,

“Certainly not for now Bongo Bingo is a great concept, they are the leaders who re invented Bingo for the new generation and they have done this perfectly, but the Drag world is learning fast and they are a perfect combination for Bingo, so I will say Bongo Bingo watch your back!! You never know….”

Get Playing at Drag Bingo

If you love Bingo but haven’t managed to try out Drag Bingo, then now is your time. Drag Bingo is one of the more out-there types of bingo which has tons of benefits, you can expect lots of fun and it is something very different from what you would have been used to. We suggest all of our readers to try it out, so be sure to do so!

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