What are Slingo sites and how do you play?

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Are you a fan of slots? And bingo? You’re going to love Slingo sites. The days of indecision wondering which sites to play are over. With Slingo you truly do get the best of both – slots and bingo. Continue reading to find out more about Slingo and to get some handy tips on how to play.

What is Slingo?

Slingo is the cross between 75-ball bingo and a five-reel slot. It’s a 5 x 5 grid that looks like a bingo card, though it has a set of five reels located underneath. Just the one space on each reel is visible.

Slingo is a pretty new game in the UK – unlike bingo and slots, which have been around for decades. In 2015, Gaming Realms acquired the rights to the game, and later went on to develop more versions. These are now known as ‘Slingo Originals’. Slingo the game, started off as play for free, however it is now very popular as a real money game. There are different variants and payout levels of the game too.

In online bingo you have a caller read you the numbers, though in slingo the numbers are given to you by the reels underneath the card. Five numbers or feature symbols (see the Special Slingo Symbols section below) are revealed with each spin – which, if they appear on your card, can be crossed off, or influence what you can do on the card. An automatic daubing feature will mark these off for you, or at least highlight the numbers you need to mark, in most real money Slingo games.

A Slingo site is one that offers these types of games.

How does Slingo differ from individual slots and bingo?

Slingo is most easily described as a cross between slots and bingo. However, there are few more nuanced differences that you should be made aware off before you play.

  • Compared to a typical slot game, there’s a lot less reel estate, by which we mean reel space. As the slot reel is found at the bottom of the card, you’ll see just the one space on each reel, whereas with traditional slots you’ll usually see three or more spaces.
  • Symbols on the bingo card will be an unfamilar sight to bingo players, who are used to seeing only numbers. With Slingo, some of the most popular symbols will be on the card. From gold coins to jokers to free spins and more, expect to see these on your bingo card when you play Slingo.
  • There are single player (like a slot) and multiplayer (like bingo) options. This undeniable flexibility means you can easily choose a Slingo game that reflects your current mood. Much like in the online bingo scene, the chat rooms with multiplayer Slingo offer a real social buzz.

How to play at Slingo sites

Slingo is a very simple game to play. There’s no need to learn any strategies or techniques to be good at it, which is great. You’re given a pre-defined number of spins on the reels (be that anything from 10 to 20) and within this time the aim is to gain points by matching up as many numbers and symbols from the reels on your card. Be sure to pay attention as there’s a time limit after each spin, and if you don’t have automatic daubing, you have to manually daub your card. At the end of your allotted spins, you have the option to buy more.

Slingo winners are decided based on points. Accumulate the highest number of points to win the Slingo bingo. Points are awarded for your actions after each spin, including marking the numbers off your card. Lines are worth more points and marking off the whole card will give you an even further boost, depending on how many spins it took you. Points can also be earned for spinning specific symbols like coins or jokers.

In solo Slingo, there’s a pre-set score that you have to beat to win the game. With multiplayer versions of the game, you compete against others to get the highest points score.

Unlike bingo, in Slingo there are special features like multipliers, power-ups and free spins in order to help boost your points score.

The special Slingo symbols

Slingo has a number of special symbols. Landing these on the reels will earn you more points or even unlock special features, so it’s important to get familiar with these. Each version of Slingo is slightly different, though the main symbols you’ll likely come across are much the same:

  • Coins: they give you extra points and also trigger free spins
  • Devils: your score will be cut in half and you will lose a potential number on your card
  • Cherubs: these will cancel out the devil, shooting him with an arrow
  • Jokers: considered the wild cards of Slingo, meaning you can daub any number in the column above
  • Super Jokers: essentially the same as the joker, however you can can mark off a number anywhere on the board (not just in the same column)
  • Free Spin: gives you an extra spin on the reels without having to pay

Each time you play a new version of Slingo, you should take the time to learn what the different features and special symbols are, as whilst the main symbols are similar, there is variation between the different games. It really does pay to do your research.

Slingo game variations

Slingo has become ever more popular in the past few years, and as a result, new variants are appearing online. Extra features, lucrative bonus rounds, big prizes and more can be found in these versions. Variants include Slingo games such as: ‘Slingo Adventure’, ‘Slingo Extreme’, ‘Slingo Riches’ and ‘Slingo XXXtreme’.

If you thought that wasn’t enough, there are also plenty of themed Slingo games about too; ones based on reality TV and game shows like Deal or No Deal, Love Island and The X Factor. On top of this, a number of Slingo games are also based on popular slot games like Rainbow Riches – named ‘Slingo Rainbow Riches’ – and Reel Riches.

Tips for playing at Slingo sites

Simply put, winning Slingo is all about who can accumulate the most points. And as such, while it is mostly a game of chance, there are some things you can do to help increase you odds and offer you a stronger likelihood of winning.

  • Save multipliers til the end: if you’re able to save up your 3x or 5x multipliers, using them as late in the game as possible is best as this is when you’re most likely to be completing lines, and maximising the number of points you’re getting with them
  • Use power-ups: things like extra spins and extra time will help you collect more points (if the version of Slingo you’re playing offers these kinds of power-ups). Make sure the power-ups you choose work together if you use more than one at a time as some don’t and you don’t want to waste a power-up
  • Carefully read the instructions: the basic idea is the same, though with each variant of Slingo there are differences. From the different features to the power-ups to the symbols, be sure to clue yourself up before you start so you can make use of the opportunities to get the max points possible

Slingo is fast becoming one of the most popular casino games, no doubt due to its simplicity, great payouts and variety of special features. Now if you love bingo, why not give Slingo a go? Chances are, you’ll love it too.

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