Top 10 Christmas slots

Top 10 christmas slots

Christmas is the time to be jolly and not forgetting to mention, taking advantage of that holly jotted about… Christmas is very well known as the time of year where presents and gifting are very common to receive to celebrate that festive period, therefore you definitely deserve some nice giving in the Christmas slot games that you choose to play too right? Of course, you do! Therefore, we have taken the initiative to provide to you what we think are the best Christmas themed slots out there for yourself. You can definitely thank us later for getting you into the Christmas spirit and giving you more slot games to try out and do.

Santa’s Wild Ride

You most likely have heard of this game or played it before. It is a Microgaming release, and we all know how Microgaming are when it comes to the games, they create for us to play-absolute kings, that’s for sure!

The theme of this game is very different and will definitely get you contemplating where the ideas came from-how what why and when. Basically, Santa doesn’t have a traditional sleigh, filled to the brim with gifts, no. It begins with Santa on the midst of Christmas eve, riding around on his motorbike filled with gifts! We guess Santa finally wanted to get with the times and invest in something far more time-efficient perhaps? To start this game, you will need to bet on the paylines you want to go for (as usual in a slot game) and stake the amounts that you want to go for. This game definitely has more winning combination potentials for you as there are a total of 243 paylines! Definitely a game filled with intensity and to progress with the chaos and fun, all you need to do is press ‘Spin’ or the ‘Autoplay’ option buttons.

The wild symbol within this game is, of course, the Santa Wild Ride logo, and this essentially acts as a symbol substitute, to advocate winning combinations for yourself. This can multiply your winning value by approximately 4 times! Free spins, however, are accessed if you find yourself landing 3 or more scatter symbols within the game. You can have to play with up to 3 optional scatter games as an additional gameplay. Do keep in mind however that if you land a bonus symbol within your reels 2 or 4, you will land the opportunity to have a cash prize of up to 3 times more than your initial bet amount. This game is definitely a hit to try out in your Christmas gaming schedule that’s for sure!

Secrets of Christmas

A NetEnt game, that could potentially be missing from the games list you are currently playing-it is definitely perfect for this time of year, that’s for sure. It has been out for a few years, since early 2016, however it is still considered as the top game from NetEnt’s Christmas selections. The payline options that you have to play with are 25 varieties within a 5 reel slot machine. This is a very average slot setting meaning, most players will be able to adapt and play this game-its perfect for all levels. The games theme is very Christmas intricate, with lights that light up the reels and backdrops, in addition to a classical soundtrack that rings Christmas bells, surrounding by the typical Christmas attributes like holly, tinsel and even milk and cookies for Santa!

The wild within the game is of course Santa himself and he has the power to alternate and substitute all your reels symbols, with the greater aim of getting winning combinations. However, if you manage to land 3 or more scatters within one line, you will automatically receive 15 free spins to use within your game playing. There are also other bonus gifts that you can receive, such as multipliers for your jackpot payouts. More reason to play Christmas games, right?

Santa Paws

Inspired by your Christmas feels, this game is a 20 payline video game slot. This game takes you back to Lapland-the origins of Christmas and presents. You will meet all Santa’s Christmas allegiance and four legged friends that help him make Christmas so marvellous. The games graphics are definitely engaging, colourful and vivid. They defiantly thought the soundtrack and gaming interface well through and through.  

The wilds within the game consist of more than one meaning it gives you more opportunity to multiply your cash out jackpots for sure. The wilds are Santa paws and a red nose Rudolph. So, keep an eye out, as this symbol will mirror the symbols with the most matches to help you gain multiple winning combinations. The scatter symbols will allow you to gain multiple free spins, based on the tier of scatter symbols that they provide for you. Free spins are activated on reels 3 to 5 at anytime and anywhere.

Santa Surprise

We are sure you have heard of Playtech game developers, that is a definite must and this game does the game developers every justice as it is definitely a lot more Christmassy than the other games mentioned above.

This game has a standard 5 reel and 20 payline system and we have to admit we favour the games design and graphical forefront more than the other games. It is very intricately designed with snow, Christmas sleighs and Santa himself! The standard symbols within the game include, sleigh bells, stockings, bells and of course a Santa Wildcard in addition to snow-covered cottage for the scatter symbol. There is also a bonus feature symbol that pops up randomly (if you are lucky) within your gameplay. That is the Christmas tree, which can offer you there and then, a very nice bonus to add to your final cash payout. If, however you manage to land more than one of these babies on a payline, you can pick up to 6 bonus gifts that will allow you to leave the game with a little more than expected. From free spins to multipliers- it is all waiting for you on this slot game-so, what are you waiting for?

Deck the Halls

Deck the halls is a game that wants you to continuously sing the song theme tune alongside playing the slot game, in time of playing this, trust us-it will definitely get rather addicted. This game has a typical game reel system, with that little extra nudge and push of 30 paylines, meaning you have 30 different ways to win!

Games by Microgaming hardly disappoint us (we have to admit) and therefore we think that this game will just do that and not disappoint you. The symbols used within this slot are very Christmassy indeed, from Reindeers, stockings, fireplaces, Santa, wrapped gifts, turkeys and finally Christmas trees! The game itself offers you two wilds to play with, with Santa himself and the game logo itself. This should please you to know that you have two opportunities for a reel filled with not only one but in fact, two crazy chaotic wilds that open the potential to more winning combinations, significantly more! The bells in the game are the scatter symbols and you have a nice wintery frost back reel to set the scene for you-lovely!

Ho Ho Ho

Out of all the Christmas games available out there for you, this may be the game that satisfies the Christmas urge, that you may be feeling. This game takes you to the traditional world of Santa clause, so you can expect to find all the Christmas attributes that you would find anywhere else that’s for sure. All the festive symbols such as gingerbread, Christmas pudding, eggnog, roasted turkey, red-nosed reindeers and more. Your Christmas hit that you are seeking out, is definitely what you need to check up on! The unique feature about this game is that one scatter symbol that lands on any part of the 3-reel can land you 20 free spins! Most games ask of you to land the scatters in a particular position, yet this game gives you the complete fluidity. Therefore, there’s more reason to play this game as it has fewer restrictions for you the player and it’s from Microgaming, the kings of slot games!

Naughty or Nice

Is Christmas that time of year where your sensual and relaxed behaviour is allowed to flow, without limits? If the answer is yes, why not focus those attentions to a slot game that is uniquely different and should get your vivid imaginations running wild!

This is a progressive slot game that has an active 50 paylines, meaning there are many ways for you to make money on the bets that you decide to take out on your slot gaming adventures. But this slot game is not just cheeky and flirty, it also is filled jampacked with Christmas fun and spirit to get you into the gambling mood! The wilds within this game are Naughty girl and nice girl and if on the reel together they enact as a scatter symbol too. You can get up to 10 free spins from this feature and the progressive jackpot last awarded the winner £56,000. Real-time gaming defiantly came through by creating this quirky, sensual Christmas game.

Holiday Season

The atmosphere of Christmas is definitly something that people look forward to every year. This game by Play’N Go brings to you the festive party period that you would get, with shared crowds, social calls, fireplaces and champagne and jolly Christmas songs. All these intimate Christmassy vibes are all included within this game and a 5 reel game set.

The symbols you play with include features such as alcoholic drinks and Christmas food and trinkets. In addition to this, there are scatter alcoholic symbols which can award you with free spins, in addition to the game logo as your wild symbol. A combination of 3 or more scatters on any part of your reel will award you free spins per scatter and a chance of attaining another 2 spins too!

This slot is definitely quirky and rather different, however, the starry sky backdrop and Christmas tunes, surrounded by good food, remind us of how much we like and enjoy Christmas!

Secret Santa

This game has crazy features available to be offered to you! Let us start with the games payline features within the game. There are a total of 1024 ways to win and place stakes into the game. Imagine they say that the greater bets you make within the paylines, the higher chance you have of winning. If your bankroll for gambling its feeling a little heavy and you need to lighten up a few pounds, we highly recommend this game to be the relief of your twitching gambling urges.

The games wild symbol presents itself as Santa himself and promises to cause money-loving chaos to your reels. Defiantly check this game if you know what is good.


The final game in our series of top Christmas games to play is Santastic. Provided to you by the software providers RTG, we have to admit we left the best until last and because of this game we slightly wish that we could play this game all the time rather than just being limited to Christmas. The game is set within the secret shop of Santa, where all the gifts get made for people who have been good that year before Christmas. You will see in the back of the reel, all the elves and helpers that build and make away in Santa’s shop. We highly rate the graphics of this game as, while you are playing you genuinely feel you are in Santa’s shop, while Santa’s elves work away!

For the wilds feature within the game, if you manage to land Santa within spaces 2 and 3 within the reel, you can make double your current payout value, as it acts as a multiplier for yourself. If, however, you can get two scatter symbols of the same kind, your winnings automatically get multiped by 6 times! It’s clear to see this game is definitely one you can use to make that Christmas money spread out further and make you feel Christmassy and lucky indeed!

It is safe to say that we may have made your Christmas period a whole lot more festive, with our top variety of slots to play. Christmas is a time that is filled with family and pretty much lounging around the house, against the cold harsh windows outside (usually), so definitely add a couple of these games to your schedule and make some serious Christmas money!

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