What is the etiquette of online bingo and using chat rooms?

online bingo chat room etiquette

The game of bingo may be straight-forward enough, but the social rules are a little more complex. Regardless as to whether you’re playing online, mobile bingo or in a physical bingo hall, not honouring bingo etiquette could land you in hot water with other players – or even get you kicked out completely.

Want to know what the do’s and don’ts of online bingo sites are? Read our guide to find out.

Avoiding the face-to-face contact you have in a traditional bingo hall makes playing online less awkward, or so you might think. That being said, there are still some pitfalls to be aware of, especially when it comes to chat room do’s and don’ts.

Your bingo chat room is the equivalent of a virtual bingo hall – where you can meet other players, exchange tips, have a laugh and play a side game or two. Though just like in a physcial bingo hall, there are certain rules you must abide by in order for everyone to have a safe, conflict-free and fun time.

Why is bingo etiquette important?

In following the online bingo etiquette you’re contributing towards the pleasant, safe and friendly atmopshere bingo is renowned for. In the same way that land-based bingo halls have a sense of community, online bingo chat rooms do too. By keeping to the rules you can build real strong relationships with your fellow bingo players, which adds to your sense of belonging within the community. Bingo etiquette is not at all meant to be restrictive. It’s there to ensure your safety, peace of mind and ultimately to help all players get the most out of their online bingo experience.

Top 10 rules of bingo chat rooms

If you’re making the switch from playing at a land-based bingo hall to online bingo, it’s worth noting there are a few rules that are entirely unique to this world so it’s important to get clued up. Chatrooms can often feel overwhelming. With so much going on, it’s easy to make a mistake. Be sure to start you online bingo playing on the right foot by learning the dos and don’ts listed below.

  1. Do respect the bingo chat room host: Every bingo chat room is chaired by a chat room host. The role of this person is to make sure everyone is having a good time as well as keep the peace. Be sure not to distract or interrupt the host and always be polite with them, especially as they have the power to liven things up with gifts and bonuses from time to time too. And if you do have a complaint about a host, don’t air it in the chat room – it’s better to use the site’s regular complaint channels for that.
  2. Do be nice: This is not just bingo etiquette, but general good manners. Be respectful, even if you disagree with someone. And it should really go without saying that you should avoid any racist or sexual comments. At most sites, there is a clear code of conduct listed at the top of the room. Do check this before posting if in doubt.
  3. Do make your complaints to the right people: Venting your frustrations about a bingo brand in a game chat room is not the way to make your complaints known. They can disrupt the flow of the conversation, be annoying for fellow bingo players, and the likelihoos is chat hosts won’t be able to fix the problem anyway. Direct your complaints to customer support.
  4. Respect people’s privacy: The relative anonymity of playing bingo online is one of the major benefits to doing so, and should be respected at all times. Many players will use a pseudonym for privacy and security reasons as they don’t want to reveal personal information. You should never give out your personal email address, phone number of other information in the chat rooms, or ask other players for theirs.
  5. Do welcome new players: It shouldn’t take long to feel at home at a new bingo site and if you follow these guidelines you’ll make friends fast. It can feel intimidating joining a fresh new community where everyone seems to know each other already. That’s why taking the time to welcome new players ensures they feel comfortable ass quickly as possible. They’ll appreciate it as much as you did when you were a newbie.
  6. Don’t sponge off other players: It should go without saying – asking for bonuses, gifts or loans when you run out of money is a big no. It can even get you banned from the site. This is stated in the rules openly on most bingo site chat rooms. If losing, it is better to be gracious, log out and try again another day.
  7. Don’t use caps lock to type in the chat room: The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, chat hosts are often identifiable by their use of all capitals – this is to help players easily know who is running the chat room. So typing in all caps will confuse and annoy the other players and the host. The second reason is that all caps is considered shouting when typing, which can come across as rude or aggressive. Only type in capitals if the chat host has asked you to reply doing so as part of the game.
  8. Don’t use an inappropriate username: A risqué or tongue-in-cheek username may seem harmless to you, but may offend someone else. Keep your name clean as you may be asked to change it, or at worst, be banned as a result of it. Inappropriateness also applies to your words in the chat in general. Swearing should be avoided for instance, as it’s typically frowned upon.
  9. Don’t promote other bingo sites in the chat room: Promoting competitor bingo sites is massively frowned upon, and could get you banned from not only the chat but the whole site you’re playing on.
  10. Don’t impersonate other people in the chat: You should always be respectful in the bingo chatroom and not impersonate anyone, even if you think it’s a joke. Most chat moderators will react to this very seriously, and ban you from the chat room or the whole site.

If I accidentally break the rules, what should I do?

If you break the rules of bingo etiquette accidentally, how serious the breach is will determine the next steps. Something like leaving caps lock on or typing a comment that was misconstrued could warrant an apology as enough to resolve the issue and move on, for example.

Serious breaches mean you may face disciplinary action – even if you didn’t realise you were breaking the rules. The chat moderators can ban you from the chat room you’re in, other chat rooms on the site, and even the whole site itself in really serious cases.

If another player breaks the rules, what can I do?

In online bingo, if you are upset or offended by another player in a room it’s best not to confront them directly. If you get into an argument with another player, it could result in you both being banned, so it’s not worth the risk, even if you weren’t the instigator. In this event, speak to your chat moderator first. If you believe the issue hasn’t been resolved, or don’t feel comfortable raising it with them, consult the customer support team.

Online bingo etiquette exists to make the experience of playing more enjoyable, safe and friendly for everyone. By sticking to the rules and respecting your fellow bingo player, you could not only feel part of a fantastic new bingo community, but make lifelong friends on the way too.

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