The Best RTP Slots

The best RTP slots

Finding yourself the best RTP slots for your gaming strategy is not an easy aspect, that’s for sure. Yet it is definitely something that should come across your mind during your gaming career-an online casino with best payouts available to yourself. However, not many casinos give you the option of being able to filter your options based on the best slot payouts available. You have to physically source them out for yourself within the process of selecting your games to play. RTP is always published however within the software producers themselves, meaning the best slots to play are always available for a compilations list to be made and that is what we have done. We have collated all the information from all the best slots game providers and made it into a review for yourself to read and incorporate within your online slot strategy. Read more to find out all the latest and best of what you need to know!

All the lists within the guide that we have compiled for you, contains some of the best slots out there. Usually, it’s the games with RTP of 97 or RTP of 98 and more that are considered as the high RTP slots and thus the best payout. But we cannot forget that RTP is not everything. It matters to also have an idea of the variance that is associated with the game itself, the variance is key to understand if the game is of high risk or not and of course, an enjoyable game-one that you can have fun with in addition to making cash from it!

What is RTP and why should UK players take notice?

RTP is the return to player within the online slots games. It is expressed as an average percentage that will account for the total number of players over a set period of time that had payouts within their gaming activities. However, it is a theoretical value that you shouldn’t take for complete fact and rule. Other factors you will need to take into consideration with the RTP of the games you play within online casinos, is the house edge value that comes associated with it. We all know that the lower the house edge, the greater chance you have of taking more winnings out of that game. If you combine both the RTP and the house edge together, it is definitely a great strategical move from your part in gambling online. These values are always published online with popular software producers, meaning you are very much able to keep check of your favourite games yourself, every so often. It is definitely a good habit to take on, as casino audits etc make games always perform audits within the software, to ensure the game is still continuing via a random number generator and that all future games are fair and trustworthy to play at. The world of online casinos is a strict one when it comes to a players safety and game fairness.

The theory of RTP explained

As mentioned above, RTP is a percentage that a player gets back when they play any online slot game or other various casino games. It is a long term value that is applied from each playing period prior to a game audit.  If there is an RTP of 97, this will mean that for every £1000 wagered within that video slot, the machine will give a total of £970 back to the players that play, over however long the period is measured by. It may be a month, a few months or even longer! So you are not directly guaranteed a win within a short game of 10 to 20 spins.

If you get into the habit of selecting games with higher return to players, you are definitely setting yourself up to long term success, as at some point within your turns you will definitely land into a payout of the game- as the chances are greater and you have essentially higher margins to end up in a net gain in cash gain from the game itself.

What are the good RTP levels for UK players?

The good return to player values are ones with anything above 94% or equal too. That is the average across the online casino gaming realm. A slot machine, however, will always have a smaller return to player than the other varying casino games. The highest RTP can be found in games like blackjack, that boasts a total of 99%! If you happen to see a slot game above the 95% RTP mark, then you can definitely consider it as a keeper for your best slot games to play. Also, you will come to notice that this is not a common occurrence at all and definitely not worth you not acknowledging it. 

Video slot games come in many forms and it is definitely worth mentioning that if you see a video game that is a progressive jackpot- the rules here change slightly. Yet we will definitely elaborate on that further on within the article.

Do online slots have the same RTP everywhere?

Online video slots will always have the same RTP stated within reputable and safe casino sites online. They cannot miss state what is written within the official software pages online. For that reason, if you see different RTP’s published one casino site to another-definitely question it.  This goes against the licensing and regulation of casinos, and if they happen to be found out and caught by site auditors etc., they will find themselves persecuted by law on this matter. However, do not worry about the sites we recommend, they are all safe and trustworthy and most definitely follow through on the regulations required by law and the UK Gambling Commissions.

Slot characteristics

The slot characteristics that you need to look out for is the volatility of the slot itself. This will ensure you understand the risk of the slot you are playing online. If a slot is of high volatility, that means the game itself is of high risk. On the other hand, if you see a slot with a volatility that is low, that would mean that you are about to play a slot that is of low risk. Usually, slots that are associated with low volatility, will also have lower payouts than games with a higher risk.  Determining the volatility of the slot is important if you want to be able to budget within your online gaming experience. Therefore, pick the right slot budgets for your budget. If you have a lot to spend, it would make sense to go for higher risk slots, however, if you have a tight budget, it would make sense to go for slots that are of lower volatility, to avoid loss of your bankroll as much as possible.

Why do progressive jackpots have really low RTP?

We are sure you are wondering why when browsing on huge progressive jackpot slot titles, they come across as games with smaller RTP’s. The reason for that is, due to the design of the game. It is not by coincidence, as each player stakes within the game, a portion of it will go towards the grand prize jackpot, meaning the base payouts of the game are worse and the jackpot overall will be much greater. That is why the RTP must be lowered to account for the pooling of the cash in total.

The best slots to play with the best payouts

So, with all the theoretical details that we have elaborated on, now it’s time for us to enlighten you on the actual best RTP slots available. So, without further ado, here are the details you have been dying to know for sure!

Mega Moolah

A classical legend within the world of slots, this game will get your heart palpitating for the shear wait and possibility of you actually triggering the jackpot itself. The last lucky winner won a massive £13 million! The anticipation that comes with casino games is what gambling is all about. You will always have at the back of your mind, the thought and possibility of actually winning a tonne of money!

As we explained above, progressive jackpots will always have an RTP that is lower than most average high and best RTP slots, due to a portion of the percentage funds and money back that players could get from the game will go towards the jackpot itself. Therefore, for that reason, this RTP is at 88%.

Rainbow Riches

The next game within the series is the Rainbow riches. This game is another popular title that many avid slot gamers will play and know well. This game was made into many spin-off games including the ‘Pick ‘n’ mix, both these games have a higher than average RTP, however, the latest sequel has a higher RTP of 98%, whereas the older version is at a lower 95%.


Cleopatra is believed to be one of the UK’s most searched casino games online. Why do you ask? Because the game has an original theme that many games cannot meet or come close too. The theme is based off one of history’s influential female figures, Cleopatra herself (if you did not figure it out already) and is a very consistent game to play and enjoy. The RTP is not too bad either with a total of 95.03%. Do make sure to play the sequel which is at a higher RTP of 96.8%. The bonus features of this game are supposed to give you a worthy jackpot of £200,000-if played right-so why not?

Fluffy Favourites

This games success and best RTP is a reason it has been allowed to progress further into multiple sequels and further progressive slot versions. The game has a switch, where players can choose to play the progressive alternatives or the straight slot game version. Either way, the fluffy creatures will definitely warm your heart and make you want to play more and more! If you’re interesting in finding the best Fluffy Favourites slot sites, you can find more here. This game stands at a high 95.38% for RTP. The game features works very well with bonus free spins. If you manage to land on some within playing this game, you are in for a very interesting and entertaining time-that is for sure.

Gonzo’s Quest

A game of adrenaline and you constantly being on the edge of your seat, you can expect that this game will complete your evening, no questions about that.  The inner adventurer will come out of you, as the game commences, you will enact as Gonzo himself and take over the Peruvian lands-not easy work we will tell you! But stay patient, this high variance and volatility game will most definitely reward you, with its 96% RTP value. You will be able to have all the fun and more, this game definitely has it all, to give you that video slot fixes that you have been craving.


Starburst is a game that is often rare not to find on most top prestigious casino sites online. The high RTP and cool free spins feature definitely make this one to add within your top slots to play next. It is a really simple game to get the hand of and with a high RTP and medium volatility-why not?

Definitely play the free play version beforehand to be able to see what all the cool bonus slot machine features this game has. The free spins that you can get within this games wild card feature is absolutely insane and completely jampacked at 100 miles an hour!

We hope you were able to understand the basic principles that come associated with video slot games. They are fun and always have an intriguing storyline behind them, so definitely utilise all the knowledge we have passed onto you, to make your gaming experience that much better! Always check the RTP before you play, and the house edge to ensure that the game setting you are playing is suitable to your slot machine capability and a free play now and again wouldn’t hurt too that’s for sure!

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