The Best Bingo Clubs In The UK

The best biongo clubs in the UK

Bingo to many is that typical gathering of people, who sit in chairs and mull around waiting for their turn in shouting out ‘bingo’ for their ultimate and most waited payouts. Yet, very slowly the times have changed, and bingo has developed a new spur of life within its gaming themes and genres. It is as if the ’20s have come back into bingo fashion and you can enjoy that crazy energy that people once did back in those early ‘prehistoric days’ of bingo. You can definitely have in on what you are missing out and more by purchasing your own set of tickets to the host shows around the UK. These events are definitely once in a lifetime and will make you re-evaluate your current bingo routine, in a way you may never look at it the same way again, that’s for sure!

How times have changed from the old days where elderly folk all huddle together using bingo as their social meet and greet rejuvenation. Times are very much changing, and this game has now evolved into a game that matches the wild youngers out there that want to have their own take on bingo gambling in the process. Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the club events that host bingo with a twist and a boogie (literally). The younger generation has definitely found a huge appeal for this new bingo craze; if you don’t believe us, make sure you ask someone from the younger generation yourself. You may be surprised at how far bingo has come along and how many people have started to religiously follow it!

Don’t go into these UK bingo clubs with presumptions though, as you well and truly will be shocked at how different it will be despite all expectations. So, read up on all the local, far and wide places we have to recommend you-here is all the UK bingo club nights that you should consider popping into next, for your next bingo buzz!

Bongos Bingo

An event and take on bingo like another, bongos bingo has definitely built a reputation for itself as being the most wild and fun night ever in bingo history! Hosted by the man himself Johnny Bongo, he has travelled all over cities within the UK, with tickets to the event selling out usually within a few days. The game consists of 8 rounds; each round going up in value of prizes and an increase further in the money potential. You can get anything from a large thousand-pound jackpot, all the way to a minuscule box of cereal. Your options are surprising, and you literally can be playing bingo one minute and then within the next, you will find that there is a sudden rave where your bingo cards physically depend on!

This event is particularly special as many celebrity guests will make a star appearance and you as the winner of each round would have the opportunity to meet and speak to the celebrity guests. So why not? If you are wanting a quiet game of bingo then this will definitely not be your option of choice, as the event will go from a casual evening of bingo to a full-blown rave that will take over the floor, stage and even your own table and chairs!

Drag Queen Bingo

Calling all camp bingo enthusiasts, if bingo and drag is your kind of cup of tea, then definitely look no further. Your night from start to finish will be hosted and looked over by a drag queen. Think of all the comedy that you can think of and double it! That’s how vibrant and colourful your evening will be with the Drag Queen bingo. Not, forgetting to mention the bingo call out names-camp and ready for an evening of fun!

Rock and Roll Bingo

The dawn of rock and roll has just arrived at your bingo hall. The game routine will be very different to traditional bingo games. There will no longer be any bingo typical calling out names for the numbers, this time it will be all about the rock and roll music. You will be crossing out the names and songs of famous artists within the rock and roll industry. Rock and roll lovers will definitely love the vibe and feel to the game and realistically never want to actually go home right?

Rebel Bingo

Those who love the Ibiza party scene will most definitely love the party vibe of this bingo game. Yes, the standard principles of this game still stand, such as calling out bingo numbers and names, in addition to bingo cards. However, entertainment is significantly larger and much more exciting. From laser lights, DJ’s, dance and rave music all entwined with great amounts of alcohol! This one has a very much similar vibe to the bongo’s bingo variant and therefore if you liked that, then you most definitely cannot miss out on this one, one bit! Find the next event in a venue within the UK near you!

Musical Bingo

It literally says it within the name. You will find all music lovers will particularly be fond of this or are about to be. This is an interactive bingo night set within a club theme. The game prizes are rather odd and as the bongo bingos substitute, you can win anything from house appliances to real money in abundance! All you need to do is dance and keep track of your cards numbers, ensuring you cross every single one that gets shouted out as you go along. With Musical bingo creating waves within the bingo world, why not set up your next available weekend in match with their next scheduled event and try it out for fun? You will never know what is about to go down until you are actually there and ready to have lots and lots of fun! It’s not every day you can attend a club bingo event, right?

Bogan Bingo

A bingo fun night set within the late eighties and early nineties, this bingo event could definitely be the one for you. Don’t forget that not only has the nineties fashion took a storm in everyday wear, if you were to attend you are bound to find something appropriate to wear no? This game will be filled with much humour and inappropriate jokes from that prestigious time era, specifically for your reminiscence and fun. Fancy a bingo game that makes you go on stage and lip-sync all the words? Yes, you do? Then look no further then Bogan bingo! This bingo is frequently on across 4 major UK clubs, yet restricted for now in those four cities. Definitely keep your eyes out for expansion, but in the meantime, definitely hop on by!

Boozy Bingo

A bingo which revolves around the love of alcohol, this bingo speaks volumes about the kind of bingo lover company it wants to keep! Each round of bingo traditionally finishes off with a free shot of alcohol, so you can definitely imagine people at the end of the night being well and truly drunk! However, one thing you should definitely know is that the even caters to only a small group of people. Meaning it is a very intimate kind of game and you can embarrass yourself being drunk with very less people! Most people opt to hire the whole event for a group of people, meaning you can keep it to friends only, in fear your reputation will never be the same again! Find this event throughout the UK region.

Bingo is a great game for people who want to gamble and socialize at the same time. However, the UK party bingo alternatives are definitely made to make your nights are a night to remember! So, make sure you make it your priority to get yourself down to your local venue host provider of these events today.

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