Online bingo: is it purely luck or is there some kind of bingo strategy?

mathematics and bingo strategy

No question, bingo is an easy game to play and learn at any age. Its simplicity is part of its main appeal. There is the excitement of waiting to see which number is called and then crossing it off on your card(s) square by square. This is the essence of the enjoyment of playing bingo, whether online or offline.

When it comes to online gambling, bingo is a bit different to more skill-based games like poker and blackjack in the sense that it’s more about chance and is largely random rather than strategy. Or is it?

There is no real way to influence the numbers that are called, though there are a few fun strategies worth trying for a bit of fun. Don’t expect them to make any significant difference. There’s no strategy that can predict the numbers that are going to come up and in what order, let it be said.

Now, here are the two main bingo strategies:

Granville’s bingo strategy

Joseph Granville was a mathematician and analyst known for his success in financial market predictions. He also researched the odds behind the differerent numbers being called in bingo. This Granville strategy is very popular amongst online bingo players, and it involves making sure the bingo numbers on your cards meet a certain set of criteria. These include:

  • An equal number of high and low numbers
  • An equal number of odd and even numbers
  • An even split of numbers that end in 1 to 9

Granville spent a considerable amount of time analysing the randomness of numbers in bingo games. He then combined this analysis on randomisation with the laws of probability. And as a result, he came to the conclusion that over the long term there was an equal likelihood that even and odd numbers would be called, as well as an even distribution of high and low numbers.

With the Granville bingo strategy, it’s all about ensuring your numbers on your bingo cards are evenly spread in terms of high and low numbers and odd and even to increase your chances of winning. It’s basically common sense, though not workable in online bingo as you don’t choose your tickets – they’re automated.

Tippett’s bingo strategy

Another less popular strategy is the Tippett bingo strategy. L.H.C. Tippett, a British statistician, came up with a theory that the longer the bingo game goes on for, the greater the likelihood the balls called will be closer to the median number. For example, in a 90 ball game, this would be 45; and for a 75 ball game, this would be 38. The shorter the length of the game, the more likely the numbers called would be at the higher or lower ends of the possible spectrum.

In order to folow this strategy, you need to first figure out how long the game you’re playing is likely to run for. This can be done by working out the patterns needed to win, and the type of game you’re playing.

  • For shorter games, choose numbers closer to 1 or 75 (or 90)
  • For longer games – like blackout bingo – choose numbers closer to the middle (e.g. 38 or 45)

Bingo is very much a random game so there’s no real way to influence the numbers that are called, so just be aware of this before trying out this system, or any other strategy for that matter. There’s no way of knowing in advance whether a game will be won in 30 numbers, 51 or any other number of calls.

Bingo common sense

The most effective bingo strategy is one of common sense, rather than thinking you can influence the actual outcome of those bingo balls.

Let us give you eight top common sense tips to help increase your odds of winning next time you play online bingo:

  1. Play when it’s quiet – you should pick your time to play carefully. It stands to reason that the higher the competition, the lower your odds of winning are. So it’d be advisable to miss peak times like lunchtimes, weekends and evenings – playing when the rooms are quiet. If you’re wide awake at 12am, that’s a good time. Or if you’ve a day off work and you log in early morning, for example. At most of the top bingo sites you can see how many players are in the game before buying your tickets. Checking out this number is a great way to work out which rooms are worth your while, and which you should steer clear of. Do bear in mind though that fewer players can equate to smaller prize pots.
  2. Buy more than one card – buying multiple bingo tickets can improve your odds by giving you a higher chance of winning. While there is no hard and fast rule, it stands to reason that the more cards you have, the more likely you are of having a winner. And with many bingo games starting from pennies per ticket, this is a very doable and simple strategy for many players.
  3. Spread your numbers – when you buy multiple bingo cards, if you have the opportunity to choose your own, try to pick cards that are as different as possible and minimise double-ups so you can cover the widest possible range of numbers. The more numbers you have spread across your cards, the greater likelihood that at least some of them will be called.
  4. Keep an eye on your bankroll – one of the most important skills in online gambling is managing your bankroll. Set a bingo budget and stick to it – avoid chasing losses. In managing your bankroll you’ll have loads more fun, being able to play for longer than if you overdo it in the first couple of games.
  5. Play games where you can win with 1TG or 2TG – you don’t always have to get a full house first to win a prize. If you have just one to go (1TG) or two to go (2TG) you can still win in some games. This can hugely increase your chances of picking up a prize.
  6. Educate yourself in spare time – while bingo is a simple game at heart, like with any game, it’s easy to miss something important if you haven’t read up fully through the game information. There are plenty of variations of games to familiarise yourself with too. To give yourself the best chance of winning bingo you should read the game information fully before you start.
  7. Consider the chat games too – what’s more is there are various side games that can give you a little win here and there. You might not have luck on your side in the main game, but these chat games can be a great way to win bingo bonuses or tickets for other games so you can increase your chances of a bigger bingo win.
  8. Make the most of bingo bonuses – whether you’re after a new bingo site to play at or you’re keen to get more out of your bingo playing as an existing customer of your favourite site, great bingo offers are to be found. Online bingo bonuses are a top way to earn more tickets with little outlay on your part. Just be sure to always check terms and conditions, particularly when it coms to cashing out your winnings.

As we’ve covered, bingo is definitely a game of luck, though it doesn’t mean there aren’t effective strategies and tips to follow to boost your chances of winning. Some people have superstitious thoughts that by clicking ‘buy’ for their tickets with just 10 seconds to spare on the buying time is good luck. Some believe playing on mobile bingo sites are better than desktop. Who knows? All we can say is that by trying a system or bingo strategy, you can add a little more enjoyment to the experience. Maybe you’ll even get lucky!

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