Is Online Bingo Fixed?

is online bingo fixed?

Bingo is a much-loved favourite within the gambling industry and is heavily regulated by bodies such as the gambling commission to ensure your gameplay is safe and trustworthy. Despite all the legalities and regulatory talk, people still have their suspicions that the games are in fact fixed and have some hand of influence over their outcomes, as it seems some people do actually win simultaneously, and it shouldn’t be that easy should it?


The Random Number Generator is a regulation tool used across all UK legitimate casino sites. It is essentially a site mathematical algorithm that ensures players are playing games that are fair; with truly random order and alignment of numbers in the system of the games. There are third parties in fact, that take the initiative to come and perform site audits within the platforms. Parties like eCOGRA and iTech Labs, will access the algorithm and either pass or fail the bingo platform.

What is the explanation of the same player wins?

Players win more prizes primarily due to spending more within the site. The players essentially buy all the bingo cards that a bingo site will permit you to buy (96 cards in total). Therefore, keep in mind, the more you put into the game with more bingo cards, you are increasing your odds of getting a winning combination. There is also the opening possibility of buying bingo cards around the clock, meaning you could play when you are offline and still winning. Of course, this is only a possibility for online bingo as you cannot exactly say bingo for all the bingo cards you have purchased all at once!

Does using statistics work?

Using theories like that of Joseph Granville, who suggests that if a bingo player uses an even distribution of numbers, you are more likely to win. Avoiding extreme distributions and also choose a balance between odd numbers and even numbers, is theoretically supposed to work.

Other theories exist too, from the ‘randomness complex theory’ which requires players to choose card numbers that are closer to an average, so an example for this in a 90 ball game is 45 or a 75 ball game would be 38. You follow this trend if you are in a long-running game or if you play a game in a shorter duration, you need to pick numbers that are significantly different from the games average. This is due to the idea of the median being very less likely to be called out if there are more bingo balls.

All these pointers stated are not proven for a fact, but are theoretical, so you cannot really take these word for word and use it as your next strategy.

Buying 100 cards for a single game or a single card each for 100 games?

This notion can be an example of how mathematics is a form of aid within the game of bingo! If you had 1000 cards sold per game, and you, in fact, take it upon yourself to buy a tenth of that i.e. 100 cards, you have 1/10 chances of winning the game. Each card gives you a 1/1000 odds of winning the entire game-so the more cards you buy, the greater the chance you have basically. In reverse, if you want to work out your losing streak, it is essentially 999/1000 odds for each card you purchased.

There is always disadvantages to analogies of course. Prizes are always worth more if you win on the off chance with one ticket, then having multiple tickets. In addition to this, not all bingo games accept you buying more than one card anyway, meaning you cannot apply this statistical analysis to your strategy, can you? Also, if you invest in so many tickets in the first place (which are expensive), is the prize actually worth it, for all the money spent already?

Return to player

Return to player is a really good indicator, on an average of how many people win and make their money back staked (and more), in roughly a standard set of games. Without thinking in too much depth, it is obvious that if a bingo game has a higher RTP closer to 100%, players have a decent chance to win some money for their betting. Usually, for slots games, they are considered very good if they are above 95%. Most, however, actually are on average 94% or just a few decimal places above that average. Bingo sites do however do not advertise their return to player, until after the game is finished, because it is not like slot games-they cannot be determined until after the game finishes.  Also, bingo differs due to after each game-there has to be a winner, whereas in a slot game that isn’t compulsory due to it not being a joint multiplayer effort. Therefore overall, it is clear to see that bingo sites do in fact have better winning chances than other gambling games around, due to it being a compulsory feature to have a winning player after each consecutive game.


The fact is, bingo games are in fact, games based on odds. They differ to other casino games which depend entirely on random numbers; however, bingo can be won at a more aggressive rate if you increase your chances of winning through mathematical analysis. If you decide to research the true extent of traffic a bingo game gets, you could essentially buy more cards to increase your chances of winning. As every game needs a winner to deem the game over. That is a compulsory feature that differentiates it entirely from other casino games in the industry.

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