How To Win Online Slots: Secret Tips That You Need To Know

How to win at online slots

Big slot wins are always the goal when you play on online slots. However, having those wins are a lot easier said than done. There are many tricks and tips that are being spread around online, yet what do you actually go for in the process of making your winning slots strategy? Well, trust us of course! Using our sites advice is always a good step forward within your online gambling gaming strategy because our agents are well experienced and know the best tips to give out to slot players, regardless of if you are a beginner or a well experienced slot player.

Ready for the best and biggest slot machine wins of your life? Read our slot machine tricks and tips to find out how to get there!

No deposit bonuses are your holy grail

First and foremost, we definitely recommend that you take advantage of the no deposit bonuses that can appear when you join a new bingo site or casino. It is essentially free money given to you in the palm of your hand to play with-so why not use it to maximize your winning potential and make some big slot wins? Usually, the offer that you can access is a free £10 no deposit bonus, that of course can only be received after you sign up and register with the site. Do, take note of this however, once you make those real money wins you will have to deposit some money into the casino to be able to withdraw what you have won. This is all due to the wagering requirements that come linked to all bonuses. Yet even if its wagering free, you will still need to make an input to the casino itself with your own real money.

Slots with the highest payouts

This may seem rather obvious when considering your power moves for winning slots and making big slot wins, however lots of people tend to forget and neglect the idea.  Picking a higher than average RTP (return to player) percentage is key because the figure is an indicator at the consistency of how much players win and receive money back by playing the game. Therefore, it is definitely logical for players to select a game with higher RTP’s, because logically that means a higher chance of a payout, right?

However, do take note that the percentage is based as a whole of how much players have wagered and got back at the end; it doesn’t necessarily mean that you personally have a that direct chance via percentage of winning. So, definitely keep that in mind during your playing experience. Some days you will have a higher chance than other players and win more and others it will be quite the opposite.

Do your research

Knowing your gambling market and what there is to offer is definitely key in attaining the biggest slot machine wins. Most bingo sites and casino sites will all have bonuses and free spins etc. all with different offers in order to lure you in and get you signing up to their deals. Take it upon yourself to compare their online attributes, to make a decision which is the best offers out there to contribute to you winning more.

If you are picking an online bingo site that has extremely high wagering requirements, you will be making it harder for yourself to keeping your wins that you make from your bonuses, as you will need to wager them a certain number of times before you can actually withdraw them. Therefore, make sure you look for the lowest as possible wagering requirements. They will make it easier to withdraw quickly.

Don’t forget also to check the expiry dates of your bonuses, as if you have 7 days until expiry you will have a lot against you in keeping your big slot wins, because don’t forget you have to wager them too to keep the winnings! Usually bingo and casino sites that have a month’s expiry date, are the best options to use in aiding the biggest slot machine wins.

For further slot machine tricks, be sure you check the online bingo sites maximum cash out rates. Some casinos will not pay your winnings all in one go, you will have to get payed in instalments, which I am sure you would admit is quite a nuisance in the process.

Loose slots

Some slot machine tricks include this tip of looking for slot machines that are considered ‘loose’. This is when slot machines are defected in some way to pay out more than others. Meaning you will have a better chance of winning more if you play on them. Although, this is significantly hard nowadays, since all gambling sites that are licensed will have a random number algorithm integrated within them, there is still a chance of doing this slot machine trick via real life casinos, so maybe you could try this hack there.

Know the volatility of slots

The volatility of slots is also known as the variance or the risk level. This measure is essentially an indicator to tell you the likelihood of you losing your money. The higher the risk and volatility, the more chance you have of losing the money that you out into the slot machine.

Slot machines that have a low variance, low volatility or low risk, will have more frequent wins for their players. However, bear in mind within your list of slot machine tricks, that the wins will be smaller of course because more players are winning, and bingo sites will never give out large amounts frequently! Yet sticking to low risk games definitely could be your go-to for making the big slot wins in a long term approach.

Slot machine tricks that you can try to figure out a slot machines variance-if it hasn’t been published, would be to use your free spins or free play to monitor the theoretical and actual wins that you achieve. If they are little and often, then that would mean that your slot machine of choice is a low risk and variance. However, if the slot machine doesn’t give you that many wins frequently, but when it does, they are much larger in value, that indicates to you that the slot machine is of a larger payout kind of slot.

Regional and international jackpots

When you play progressive jackpots, always take note if the game itself is linked and networked across many online bingo and casino sites or if it’s on a local scale meaning it’s just limited to that very online site. Obviously, the online sites that are networked across many, will give you a very high payout. An example of this is the Mega Moolah game. This game gave one lucky player a £13 million jackpot payout, meaning that networked and international progressive jackpots are definitely the ones to play when you want to win online slots.

Progressive jackpots are of course significantly hard to win, however they all run under the same principles. If you want to make the biggest slot machine wins, the best time to play slot machines that are progressive would be during the time they are due to restart their timer. Read and research the average dates players won and at what particular sites-this can make you figure out an estimate of when you need to play to have a chance of winning.

Free spins

As mentioned above about free spins, these act as a free run and trail for players to win some money from a particular game. Most online casinos and bingo sites use this as a method to lure players-new and old, back to the playing. This can be the best time to play slot machines because you can use the free spins and take advantage of the free runs. Maybe you know a particular trait of a slot machine-if it’s a low variance game, that means it is more likely that you will win something. So why not use this prime opportunity as a method of gaining some free winning slots big slots wins? You will have nothing to lose in the process and potentially have all the more chances of winning!

Betting strategies

Betting strategies in terms of betting fully on all paylines is a risky business. Usually there is an assumption that if you want big slot wins, you will need to bet on many paylines as possible to increase your chance of winning. However, that isn’t necessarily true as the variance/volatility of a game, means everything when it comes to this factor. If you do this rule on a higher variance game, it will be harder for a payout then a lower risk game-but when it does for example, it will be a very big winning slot. This rule works better on lower risk games as they have a bigger certainty of giving you wins often, meaning you can take the risk more often by staking on all the paylines. Most slot games do start off with bets as little as 1p, meaning you could make it work within your budget for sure-it’s just knowing when to stop….

Use free play

Free play options are a very good way of knowing the ins and outs of a new slot machine game. Yes, they don’t particularly give you anything in the process, however they can help you understand the games variance and risk. So, when you do decide to put a stake on, you will be able to come to a conclusion of the aggression you want to play with. Light and easy? Little and often input of money, or a lot more payline stakes in one go because it is a low risk game.

You don’t want to be playing and then come to realise that a slot game can spin a feature that you never even knew about. That could most definitely be the be all and end all of your gaming session then, that’s for sure. We call that quite a sticky situation.

Be active and pay attention to your gambling community

Your gambling community is very much a way in, in understanding if a game pays badly, or there is a certain feature that could hinder your winning potential. Therefore, always look to your bingo and casino forums and reviews. They will always give you an in-depth understanding and possibly help you understand whether a game is worth your time or not.

Usually a bingo and casinos sites most obvious choice and advertised games are the ones that have the worst payouts. They like to advertise and give hype to the games that will make them better off in terms of payouts and profits (of course), so you will definitely need to use games that are not so much advertised in the process. Usually the games that are not hyper about and left to the back of the gaming catalogues, act as the secret underdogs to the big slot wins that you desire. So be smart and select games wisely-being a sheep never channels success, its thinking outside the box that does usually.

Playing online slots is all about making those large big slot wins. Selecting the winning slots is just as important. We hope we gave you the insights you need to make the right decisions when it comes to picking slot games and how to utilize the largest profits in the process.

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