How To Play Bongo’s Bingo – A Guide

how to play bongos bingo

Within this instructive guide, we will explain to you the ins and outs of the very popular and quirky game Bongo’s Bingo. This game has attracted much attention for its rave combination with the gambling past time. Have you ever had to have a dance-off, in the name of a bingo win? Well, you just about have too with this game. Read on to find out more about this game and how to actually play it!

What is Bongo’s Bingo?

First thing is first before you play the game, you will definitely need to know what the game is all about and what the rules are. The rules will be elaborated on below, and the basic game structure and attributes will be explained upon.

Bongo’s Bingo is essentially traditional bingo, with a different twist added to the principles of the game itself. Your typical night with the Bongo’s Bingo will involve a lot of rounds of bingo (not just the one), surrounded by dancers, raves in the core of the dancefloor, on the tables and on the catwalk around the tables themselves. The songs played within the venue consist of all those tunes that are well known from the period of the 1990s, meaning it will be a trip down memory lane for you if that music was once your vibe (or still is). It is a bingo that allows you to drown yourself in the gluttony of alcohol and beverages and good stodgy food to accompany your gameplay. Definitely ideal for the players that find standard bingo just a little bit to mellow for their liking. This event attracts visitors from far and wide, if you are the type that likes to attend events with the hope of meeting the famous folk, know that past visitors within this field of gaming has attracted people like, David Hasselhoff, S Club 5 and other reality TV stars from Geordie shore etc.

This game has a really fast alternative when playing. It can go from quiet with subtle surround music, to all of a sudden being dramatic and fast-paced. Each time a series of numbers get readout, a rave will begin, that can last up to 15 minutes. Each rave is usually presented by a particular celebrity, who will provide entertainment within that particular rave of the night. This game can be bizarre for a newcomer, however, it really does get players in a laughing fit, when they have to find numbers on their card, all the while they dance on their tables and in the midst of darkness, with glowsticks as their only source of light for that time being. Definitely a multitasking job wed say!

What Prizes do I have a Chance of Winning?

Bongo’s Bingo is like a progressive prize jackpot. The prizes ultimately get better as the night commences, with chances of winning big and memorable prizes. Usually the trigger of the prize handouts, start off with really low valued prizes like house amenities and stuffed animals, which we are sure people will appreciate, but obviously, when you play you are looking forward to prizes that are more like huge cash amounts right? That’s why we play bingo after all. So, surely a bingo game with a twist will also follow those same principles too? The answer is most definitely yes! Holidays that have been noted down as commendable are sailboats, cars like a Porsche and holidays abroad for you and your loved ones. Can you complain? That is highly unlikely.

When you do happen to have a full house, and you call out bingo, if anyone else calls out the term at the same time as you, you will be obliged in the Bongo’s Bingo rules, to have a dance-off against your fellow competitors. The person with the grooviest moves will go home with the Bongo’s Bingo prize for that round of the game! The aim of the dance-offs is not only to dance well but to please the crowd and have their support on your side. If you are not about that life of pleasing your fellow crowd, then the money or any prize available is pretty much as good as gone.

What are the Prices of Bongo’s Bingo?

The size of the event will contribute to how the prizes are for you to enter and play. Usually, they do in fact average at around £1-£6, meaning that if you think about it, they are pretty much the same as online bingo game ticket prices, yet the interaction and engagement you will have in this game is significantly more than what online bingo games present to you right? All the prizes that you should hope to win in bongo bingo, will come out directly from the fees of the tickets that you purchase. However, do keep in mind, if you should so wish to join an exclusive bongo bingo game, you will be required to pay the extra fees to enter. The prices will not be too significant at all. Just enough to cover the higher end prize margins for your gaming experience. Most refreshments through the night are completely self-funded and can be accessed throughout the night, whenever you should see fit.

Try to keep up your awareness and game stamina throughout the night, however, as the game will get significantly better in terms of prizes available to win and therefore you could be missing out future prizes if you let the alcohol get to you… Another tip we would recommend not to do is calling out a false bingo full houses on your card. This will cause you to be disfavoured by the crowds and imagine when you actually do call out for a bingo full house and the crowds then don’t like you at all in the moment of doing your dance-off? Setting yourself up to fail there right?

Should I go and try it out?

That is definitely completely up to you, of course, however, do keep in mind that it isn’t certain you will win anything-like that of other online bingo games. Therefore, it is essential for you to play the game purely as a way of primarily seeking entertainment first and foremost. The environment of Bongo’s Bingo can be quite draining as it is a very active approach to playing bingo. All the dancing you will have to do and imagine getting a full house in every round- you will definitely need to make sure that when you play, you are fuelling your body too and giving it the energy, it actually needs too!

Advantages of Bongo’s Bingo

The game itself can have negative attributes which will not be the same as playing the online alternatives. First and foremost, it is known that when you play the Bongo’s Bingo the most attractive appeal to the game is its ability to share with your friends and loved ones. You can play all together and enjoy the experience with one another. You are not limited to a screen and a basic bingo chat room to collaborate bingo efforts together. This is live face to face interaction, which was definitely lost in the rise and popularity of online bingo gaming that’s for sure. In addition to this, this gaming in the Bongo’s Bingo venue will allow you to win more rare and exotic prize alternatives. The game offers players the chance of winning holidays abroad, cars to drive, activities to try out (like sky diving for example) and so much more. That is something you will not see as often, within the online gaming industry. Not to forget to mention that there are also celebrity appearances that feature within the events. Winners personally get to meet the celebrities and interact with them.

Disadvantages of Bongo’s Bingo

The disadvantages to this game, primarily are how loud and atmospheric the game can get. This game can be quite intense and imagine when you are trying to talk to people and interact, as a social get together kind of meeting, you will most likely be not able to hear them and possibly be constantly shouting in each other’s ears. Maybe the solution to the negative factor is not used Bongo’s Bingo as your method of meeting long lost friends that you need a good cup of tea/ coffee to catch up-this is definitely not one of those situations!

How do I actually play?

So, to play you will definitely need to overview the rules of the game itself. It is vital before playing any bingo game-be it online or in reality, to understand the rules perfectly. This is a strategy in itself and often gets undermined. So, without further ado, let’s get started on what you need to know when playing Bongo’s Bingo!

Before you play

Before you play, it is essential to be clear of all the aspects mentioned by the caller prior to the game starting. You will need to make sure your game is fully equipped and ready to continue with the Bongo’s Bingo game ahead and that it is fully functional to the games standard and satisfaction. The process that will occur to ensure your gaming is fully functional, involves the following steps.

Firstly, the caller will announce the bingo cards in play for that moment. He will then elaborate the rules of how lines and full houses are met, so make sure you listen carefully and intently to ensure you will play the following game correctly. You will need to understand how to get full houses and a bingo call. All attendees will receive a bingo book and pen to, therefore, begin their bingo games and adjustments as needed.

During the Bongo’s Bingo Game Play

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is what will select your numbers throughout the game. You will mark off the numbers as you would in a regular standard bingo game, but make sure it is clear and readable, upon being checked by staff for future bingo calls. You need to make sure they are easily verified and readable.

If you missed your number, have no fear. All the numbers will be presented upon a board for your future reference and assistance within your gameplay. This was put in place to prevent any future disputes between the players and callers. For the sake of fairness within the game, the caller will never be instructed to check your numbers within the game, unless there are special circumstances that require them to do so. Upon the day of playing, such circumstances will be fully spoken and directed towards the attendees.

Stopping the Game Play

The game will continue, with each number being called out by the caller, using the descriptive bingo calling names etc. This will continue, with the numbers being called, colours to describe them and the associated calling names. It will stop when the last number has been called out and a winning combination is then declared by one or more of the attendees. The winning cards must contain all the correct numbers as called out by the caller to be in for a chance of being considered for the prizes of the game.

You need to be aware that the game will continue if you should not call your line or full house in the nearest possible time. You have to make haste as you are competing against other players too meaning your Bongo’s Bingo prize may be taken by another. Each time you call out a win, with any other player consecutively, you will be ordered to play a dance-off to the crowds and the caller, where the winner will then be decided in due cause.

Each game, there are 3 chances to win against the 6 houses and 3 lines that consist within each game. Therefore, make it an imperative task for yourself to shout out bingo anytime that you see a match!

Prize Draw

There is also a possibility of entering a Bongo’s Bingo prize draw, however, this option is limited to certain cities and therefore cannot be depended on as a rule for the game i.e. always being there. This draw is for all the players- as they enter the bingo venue, they will receive a free ticket. With that free ticket, you will be entered in the so-called prize draw! The whole purpose of this is to introduce to a secret jackpot prize that can be won by players if they are selected at the end of the game. If you get selected out of the draw, you will be invited on stage to answer a question by the caller and if you answer it correctly, the prize is then yours to take home, whatever that may be.

Your details will be collected, in terms of postal address, contact number, banking details to make a direct wire transfer of the amount into your preferred method of payment.

Last-minute tips that we recommend to you before you take up your first game of Bongo’s bingo is…

Dress code is usually pre-set

The dress code of the event that you will join will usually come as pre-set and have a theme. The more extravagant the better, that’s for sure. They usually say for yourself to dress if you are on love island, which means plenty of fake tan and over the top kind of style to suit!

Undercover police will most definitely be there

This will ensure that there is law and order within the venue and things do not get too dramatically out of hand. Yes, the location where you will play will be secret, but do you really expect that, that many people will attend without any us of control over the masses? One thing is for sure, a rave, bingo, some alcohol and lots of people can sometimes call for trouble. So, it is defiantly all done for your own good.

There is a break from all the raving

Thinking that, a lot of raving on tables and chairs with multiple dance-offs maybe a little bit too much? We will most definitely agree with you. There is a break called by the bingo caller, with the calling ‘Sandstorm’. This will initiate a 15-minute break, where attendees can go out for a quick breather and recuperate against all the events so far within the evening. It is definitely advised to be used…If not, you can always pick up some glow sticks along the way, right?

This event originally started within the Northwest regions of Manchester and since then has progressed further out into Cardiff, Leeds and further South still. It definitely should be something to consider if you are bored of the usual bingo routine that you take (however often that actually is). It will be a nice revitalizing moment for you and your gambling techniques, not forgetting also a little bit of physical activity from those long dance-off rounds that you will take every time that you shout a full house bingo! Definitely check the events around your area and get a day booked in for you and your friends and family!

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