How to Play Bingo

How to play bingo guide

Playing online bingo for beginners can be quite an overwhelming prospect for sure, however, one thing you need to be sure about is, when you actually leap into the world of playing bingo, it is a very enjoyable experience from the get-go moment of playing! When you play bingo, the experience online gives you exposure to the gambling community and not only this, you can enjoy all of these luxuries from the comfort of your own home.

Online Bingo Settings

There are some factors within learning how to play bingo, that you need to know before you can get the ball rolling if you know what we mean! Within the bingo site platform, you will need to approach the settings from within the site and adjust it accordingly to suit your needs of playing. This all begins by ensuring that your online bingo account does indeed have the correct password and security protocols to protect you and your sensitive information. Try and think of something that isn’t too generic and has a series of numbers and code style language, so there isn’t a likelihood of your account being compromised by anyone. You also have the option to set yourself crediting/depositing limits within your bingo profile. Parental controls can also be integrated within your online bingo profile, to perhaps prevent or limit access to people within your household (using ID for example).

Making your Profile

Making your profile on an online bingo site is, of course, the first step to making your bingo dreams come true and fulfilling playing bingo. When you create an Identify within the bingo platform, your identification doesn’t need to be correct, as in you can most definitely create an alias, just as long as your identity for payment withdrawal is correct, then you can communicate with the gambling community however you see fit and please.

Online Bingo Site Navigation

Once you are all signed up, with your online bingo profile you will need to deposit some cash into the system and get ready to buy your first bingo tickets! However beforehand, you will need to make sure you know exactly what the site has to offer you as a potential bingo enthusiast. It is vital for you to know the difference between online bingo bonuses, from ongoing promotions to mobile options, software optimisation and more.

Make your bingo schedule set!

Get to know your bingo sites gaming schedules and mould your gaming likes to the bingo sites systems. For example, you can come across bingo sites that run special bonus game rooms every Fridays, therefore you could make habit of gambling particularly every Friday, to ensure you have hold of that bonus! Or it could involve the basic timing knowledge of when live tournaments start and end. You don’t want to come and play just as the tournament is about to finish so you need to know the exact timings of when such games begin! Don’t worry too much about this however, as new games start frequently across online bingo sites, meaning playing bingo should not be too hard to achieve.

Bingo lobby’s

This is the area where you can be updated on bingo game rooms and their progressions, rules, gameplay, your favoured and options for banking and much, much more. You can navigate through any bingo homepage and come across a link to direct you straight to the lobby for all the terms, conditions and more.

Bingo rooms

This is the area on the site, where you can explore playing bingo in its essence. From 75 ball games, 90 ball games and more. All the options that you have to play and select from will be here for your own particular taste. These rooms are ripe with opportunity to connect and no more people within the online community-by playing against them or with them. The number of cards you will need to use to enter these game should be clearly stated alongside the game description. The amount you want to stake and play with, however, well that is completely up to you.  

Play Bingo

Online bingo rules are very straightforward and not hard to grasp at all. After you play and decide what ball game you want to try out, you should be given a card (or more depending on how many you buy), this card will contain rows of numbers that you need to eliminate if the number is actually present. You will need to work fast to keep up with the bingo callers pace. Each time you number within your grid has been called out, you can circle it or cross it, to represent that it has been called off and very much available on your cards. There is, however, if you have more than one card, an auto option that will eliminate all your numbers from the cards immediately. The more numbers you can eliminate will contribute to you hopefully circling off a line of numbers, or if it is your lucky day-all of them! This will help you receive prizes; however, the jackpot amount depends entirely on what is at stake and what kind of game you are actually playing. Usually, when the first player gets a full house on their cards, it is a done deal and the game is subsequently finished. Each game has slightly different rules to the other, so make sure you read the small print game introduction and description.

What are Online Bingo Jackpots?

Jackpots is a term that you may be familiar with, or not. It represents the large sum of money that you will receive depending on the game type itself. These are the ones that you need to make yourself aware of when playing bingo online:

Progressive Jackpots

This kind of jackpot increases increments. Its pooled with a percentage of the players stake money to contribute to a larger sum of money to take forward and allow for someone to randomly win. It’s based on a timer, therefore, every day takes it a day closer for someone to leap in and take that large sum of money home! There is not much of a method to guessing when the timer is due to stop, however, you could possibly guess from the past winner and work from there. Usually, the progressive jackpots are a year-long and once they are won, they get reset.

Fixed Jackpots

These are the cash amounts that can be won in every game that is played. Meaning you are very much more likely in terms of odds, to win the fixed jackpot, over the actual progressive jackpot.

Gambling Community Jackpots

This is usually common within gaming rooms with multiple people. Bingo games can put a progressive jackpot kind of game, where if the timer lands within that moment, everyone within that particular bingo room is entitled to take a share of the hard-earned cash winnings! The fact the jackpot gets shared regardless makes this game very popular and for that reason, entry fees are a little more expensive than the rest available.

What kind of games are available for me to play?

Bingo in simplicity is a very simple game to overlook over, however, there are certain differences that you need to know to aid you for your next game selections within the future. The main type of games are as follows:

  • 90 Ball Bingo Games
  • 80 Ball Bingo Games
  • 75 Ball Bingo Games
  • 30 Ball Bingo Games

The most traditional bingo games to play within the selection above are the 90, 80 and 75 ball games. The 30 ball variant is a relatively new option and still needs time to gain popularity in comparison to the other games. The number within the game title represents the number of squares within your bingo grid and of course how many balls there are for the bingo caller to let out. The game simply requires you to make a minimum of a line of numbers within your grid, to be able to receive a certain prize. However, there is an opposite game variant that we need to mention too-there are shaped pattern bingo games, that essentially requires you to make a shape on your bingo grid, rather than the traditional full square and line option. The shapes you can look out for in certain games include letters, basic geometric shapes and much more. Each bingo will have to their own themes etc. It is known that for valentines day, for example, there are options where the shape you need to make is a heart shape-so definitely look out for that option!

90 Ball Bingo Games

90 Ball Bingo Games are considered the most traditional playing bingo games around. They are very well known within the areas of the UK and Europe, however, within areas more western-like Canada and USA, they are more equipped and acquainted with the 75 Ball bingo game alternative. Don’t take it upon yourself to worry, or think you are having a lesser bingo experience by limiting your bingo playing to one game-you are definitely mistaken! The games are pretty much similar anyway and you don’t need to worry about that.

How to play 90 Ball Games

When you purchase a card, the RNG (Random Number Generator) built within the gaming system will ensure your card selection is completely random and not rigged at all.

The characteristics of the 90 Ball cards are as follows. The card which you play with will consist of three horizontal lines and nine columns filled with numbers. The card will have a total of 15 numbers, with 5 spread on each line accordingly. The second column will contain numbers from 10 to 19 until reaching 90.

The game itself is split into three parts to which it is essential for you to know. First of all, if you wish to go for a line within your winning combinations it is better to find a horizontal line of a combination. Then you can progress further by aiming for two lines and so on. Essentially it doesn’t really matter where your lines are, as long as you can get a completed card. When you finish your card, that is called a full house.

75 Ball Bingo Games

75 Ball Bingo games are the popular choices of the US and Canada. Players within the UK do play the 90 ball games more; however, they are familiar with this bingo option too and there still is a considerable amount of people that choose to play it. Online bingo really did cause the spread and knowledge of bingo variants a lot more… It significantly increased its awareness and advocated the different variations of bingo games there are for gamers to play and enjoy!

How to play 75 Ball Games

Players will be able to buy, just like the 90 Ball games a ready card, to eliminate numbers at hand of the bingo caller. However, the characteristics of this particular card are slightly different to its sister game. The card itself has 5 horizontal lines and columns, with each column having headers by a letter which coincides within the word ‘bingo’. The first column which has the letter B from bingo contains the numbers from 1 straight through to number 15. The letter ‘I’ will integrate with numbers 16 straight through to 30 and more.

The parts to the game that you need to keep in mind are as follows. There are 24 numbers, a vertical, horizontal and diagonal line for the bingo card, and this game runs on a particular pattern set, at the discretion of the online bingo site of course. This game will continue to play regardless if players win the horizontal, diagonal or vertical lines-the full house option will end the game immediately and allow the player to receive a unique cash prize amount. Patterned or shape themed bingo suits this game perfectly and the shape desired to win the game will be called out at the beginning of the game by the bingo caller. So essentially there can be a theme set to play with every 75 ball bingo game you play!

80 ball Bingo Games

This bingo game is the newest addition to the bingo games available out there.  It is often seen as the game that works in between the 75 ball games and 90 ball, as a medium so to speak. Again, just like the other game variants, the rules are very similar and therefore you shouldn’t find it too hard to adjust and get used to when playing.

How to play 80 Ball Games

The characteristics of this game that allow it to be distinguished from other sites include the characteristics of the card itself. This card presents the number in a grid made up of four horizontal lines and 4 columns respectively. The columns themselves are of a different colour and you can play this game setting like that of the 75 ball games- with a specific pattern set by the caller at the beginning of the game. Patterns that are popular and available to play with include an ‘x shape’ or a square-based in the centre of the bingo card.

There are multiple ways to win the game itself. You can win if you are playing bingo and marking off the numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line approach. You can also make patterns that resemble a 75 ball (being creative) but again do not forget that the winning patterns are first stated in criteria by the caller at the beginning of the game.

Something to remember is that the 80 ball games are not worldly available within bingo sites, however as the game traffic increases, you are more likely to start seeing this game available across more sites for yourself.

52-5 Ball Bingo Games

52-5 bingo games are the newest and latest additions to be added within the world of playing bingo! This progressive jackpot has a unique twist scheme within its gaming process. The aim of the game is to essentially complete all the 5 objects that you receive on the particular playing bingo card that you have. If all of the 5 objects have been fully covered, then you will have a full house jackpot! Imagine the progressive jackpot too though? Definitely an epic night in your bingo career for sure.

How to play 52-5 Bingo

This game is distinguished by the following attributes- all the cards have one line that holds 5 different numbers. 5 designs and objects. You will play each game, with 52 numbers that are drawn at random, including the objects and designs. Each design and object will be assigned to you at the beginning of the game with a number to allow for easy identification.

To win the game it is as simple as covering all your unique designs within your card up as quickly as possible. We all know that your chances of winning are buying a number of 96 cards (the maximum), as the more cards you have, the more the odds will be that your betting will be a winning combination. That’s the biggest tip in gambling-have a bigger bankroll and bet/ stake on as much as you can to increase your overall odds within the game.

Playing Bingo Strategy

Bingo as we all know is a game predominantly based on chance and odds. You will never know the numbers that come up as the winning combinations, all you can actually do is hope, right? However, that is essentially considered all apart of the fun for sure. But regardless of the game, there is always tips and hacks that you can implement, to have a better chance of playing better-that is for sure. What are these online bingo tips and hacks you ask? Read more to find out.

Pre-buying your games with the big Jackpots

If it is possible, we always would recommend you to pre-buy your cards prior to games-particularly if it’s scheduled later within the week as the pre-buying ones are usually linked with large jackpots that players never want to actually miss. In addition to this, the jackpot games are usually the ones that have greater bonuses surrounding their games. You do have to act fast however, as the games are very much limited and thus, they can sell out pretty quickly. So, go on in there and snap them up quickly!

Calculate your odds

Unlike other gambling games, this game has to have a winner every time, meaning it works in your favour if you figure out the odds against you in every game you play. You can easily work out your odds by making a ratio between the number of cards in the bingo game that you have in your possession, divided by the total amount of cards. An example of this is if you had 4 cards out of the total 100- your chances are essentially 4% or 4/100. You can choose to increase your odds with better bingo games chances (in terms of the total number of cards) or buy more bingo cards for yourself.

Big wins

The better odds are usually within the big-money games; however, they do usually cost more of course if you want in, due to having greater funds at stake for the potential winner. However, you can try the complete opposite approach to this process, try and win little and often in the smaller games, which may be then you can enter into the larger games as your bankroll will automatically be higher and much increased.

The Most Essential and Important Tips!

Set a Budget for yourself

When you gamble online, regardless if its an online bingo place or any other variable, you will need to be hard on yourself and set a budget that you need to uphold before you even start playing. This budget will ensure that you never will be out of money more than you actually expected-as you know you are putting that money at risk and you can afford to lose it. This will make sure that your bingo playing is always fun and never really put you completely out of your initial comfort zone.

Read up on all the game rules and regulations!

This is very much common sense and a pretty obvious tip; however, you cannot believe how many people lose their money before they even start to play properly! Make sure that you understand the game rules, down to the very last t, especially the wagering requirements that are associated with any bonuses and promotions that you have taken out in the process. All these factors will affect how much you win; how much are liable to withdraw-so study it up!

Summary of Player tips when playing

Take regular breaks

Bad decisions can be made when you have been playing for a very prolonged time, meaning that your focus could be altered and compared, and more money could be lost foolishly. Take a habit of breaking up your gaming sessions, as after all, it is online bingo-you are your own boss of your schedule and it works around you!

Always reconsider your strategies of play

If you have been playing a certain type of strategy for a few months and you haven’t seen any results from it, that should be your sign to leave and move on to brighter things. Your strategy should get into the habit of changing every 3 months or so if it hasn’t been successful. Make sure you do your research and read up on all the online bingo strategy variants out there.

Play at different times of the day

When you play bingo, try playing at different times of the day, to experience the game flow at peak times to quieter times. Your gaming experience will be different that is for sure and it is up to you to decide if that game variance works for you or not. Do not be afraid of trying different game momentums-it’s all a learning process after all right?

Choosing Bigger Bingo Game Jackpots

Playing games with bigger jackpots, does increase your chances of winning bigger amounts of cash! There is more money to be won as the money is pooled from a great number of players, meaning even a smaller jackpot would still be quite impressive and worth the hype.

Bingo Mathematics and Statistical knowledge

So, within online bingo, there is a mathematical theory that you can apply to improve your overall chances of winning a game. There are many theories out there that many people use and try out, however one in particular by the analyst called Granville, is a system where it tells players to select their cards within a symmetrical variance. Meaning, you need a balance between the even and oddballs, a balance between the high and low balls and finally include the same amount of quantity of numbers that end in 1,2,3 etc.

This method is good because it has an even distribution between the numbers and therefore will give you a greater chance to be successful within your everyday online bingo pursuits!

To conclude overall, it is essential before you play any bingo game to fully accommodate to the rules and regulations of each game. Make sure you know the ins and outs of the games and all the wagering requirements for the bonuses that you have been obliged to take. Some bingo sites put a cap on the amount you can win from your bingo bonus also, so definitely take the initiative to know the ins and outs of the bingo site.

Bingo games are really easy to play and adapt to. If you know one bingo game, the others will not be too far ahead for you to get the hang of. As we all know, practice really does make everything perfect!

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