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It’s not usual that we find bingo sites that cater to slot games as fun and as exciting as this, but Fluffy Favourites has literally found a place in our hearts for being a slot game with much vibrant and fun appeal as possible. We are very much convinced that if you are bored of your usual bingo gaming routine, then Fluffy Favourites is the game you need to spice your life up a little (and make it a little bit pinker). Intrigued? Lets cut to the fluffy favourite slot site chase and give you all the details you have been waiting for.

Where Can You Play It?

To get your hands on this game you will need to find your bingo sites with Fluffy Favourite slots featured online. Our sites agents are on the ball with what they find out and what they do. Guaranteed all the sites that we recommend that cater to Fluffy Favourites, will be engaging, easily navigable, the best-integrated graphics and software services and most importantly trustworthy and reputable to use. Every month a new site will be launched that has Fluffy Favourites slots within its bingo sites and it’s down to us to give you the best review of the site’s credibility. If you are unsure of the offers available to you within the sites stated, make sure you overview and read the terms and conditions, so you can utilise your offers correctly on the new craze that is Fluffy Favourites!

What is the Fluffy Favourites Craze?

The first thing that needs to be said is that Fluffy Favourites has symbols that are completely adorable and heart-warming. From dragons, pandas and other animals, this slot games characteristics cannot be neglected-only loved even more! Moving more into the details of the game, imagine all these cute symbols filling up your reels as you play? You would have to be careful as you may get distracted from playing, with the cuteness overload….

The game itself has a good gameplay system where you can play in two styles-auto play and manual. The automatic settings mean as soon as you set your bet levels, the game will spin continuously and simultaneously for the amount of spins you have pre-set it to. Don’t forget that auto-play will, in fact, stop its run-up if there are wilds encountered. The wilds in this game enact as mini-games meaning you will need to interact with them and play to win the prize you are seeking.

The scatter symbols are represented in the game as the crane claw, which can help you make significantly larger payouts and if used in conjunction wild symbols, you will be really talking winnings that are very memorable! Your wild symbols for that matter are cute pink Fluffy Favourite elephants that can twofold and double whatever prize you are currently running on.  

Definitely head down your way to one of our bingo sites to get a chance of trying all these Fluffy Favourites gameplay attributes today!

Bonuses and Special Features

Special features and bonuses within a game, make your experience so much more exciting and entertaining. Within the Fluffy Favourites slot game, you can find that there are 2 bonus features alongside multiple wilds that you can use to make your gaming that much more successful. Here is a run-through of all the special features that you can use within the game.

Fluffy Favourites Toy Box Bonus

The Toy Box bonus will be activated to play with, within your slot game, when you have 3 or more claw symbols on your reels. When this happens to occur, you will be taken to a mini-game to play within the slot game. The aim is to pick as many toys as you can with your claws and possibly discover some prize goodies along the way i.e. multipliers, which will make your cash values surge! The largest multiplier that you can play with includes a 100x multiplier. So, the only question that remains is, will you be lucky enough to and this large bonus when you play?

Fluffy Favourites Free Spins

The Fluffy Favourites free spins are all the talk in terms of a feature within the game. This feature can be attained if you manage to land three or more elephants within the reels. This will immediately activate your free spin rewards within the process. The more elephants that you get-be sure to expect a lot more free spins too! The number of free spins to look forward to per matching 3 elephants is 15 free spins. However, if you do manage to be lucky in exceeding the 3 elephants within the reels you can land yourself much more free spins. Four Fluffy Favourite elephants will land you 20 free spins and a further 5 elephants give you an extra 5 free spins above the previous level.

Free spins are essentially a free turn to do absolutely whatever you want. You can put and play with max bet levels and possibly win some real money from not spending anything at all. They are a perfect combination to add within slot games, as they give you more chances to make big slot wins in the process.

The Gamble Feature

The gamble feature within the game gives to those players that are seeking that extra edge within their playing experience with a chance to win more of course. This game includes a way where you can gamble what you have already earned in favour of attaining even more. When selecting the option to play into this mini gamble front, you will come under certain options that will ask you to predict what suit will appear in the game and you will bet using your already earned money, to come to a win or a loss. If you predict right, your jackpot will be doubled, and you can go away being a very happy individual indeed! The question you must ask yourself is, can you bring yourself to walk away or will you continue and risk it all?

What is the Return to Player?

The return to player within this game is 95%, meaning it is an above-average game and has a pretty good rate of giving back players money as an average of course. This is how much you can expect to win if you spun a total of 100 spins in the process.

How can I play Fluffy Favourites for free?

You can play Fluffy Favourites slot game for free via different routes. One of the methods is by using Fluffy Favourites free spins or Fluffy Favourites no deposit bonuses. These two are the most common methods where you will not have to invest any money at all into the bingo slot site.

Fluffy Favourites No Deposit Bonuses

This no deposit bonus is definitely a good option to take into account as it essentially is real money that’s free to use to gamble. Some bingo sites will give you this bonus with little to no wagering requirements, meaning you will not have to worry too much about wagering your winning or any hassle that may arise with your withdrawal payment methods. Make sure to read up thoroughly on all the terms that come joined with any offer that you decide to take. It is important to know any of the facts that come accountable to you with your bonus usage.

Free Spins

As mentioned above, you can receive free spins in the process of playing Fluffy Favourites. However, there are other methods to play with free spins and that is in the process of registration. Some bingo sites will include complimentary free spins that you can use against a certain series of games. One of which is the Fluffy Favourites game. As you know you will not need to input real money to make the reels spin-you have that for free, so definitely use them wisely! In addition to this, some bingo and casino sites will involve some caps that come associated with your bingo bonus, meaning you will not have complete reign within the process of playing with your free spins. Make sure to read all the small print that follows with your bonus. Free spins that get given as a bonus will come with wagering requirements (some very high in comparison to others) or you will receive a cap that will come into action when you win beyond a certain amount on that particular slot game.

Progressive Jackpot

This game also has a fully-fledged progressive jackpot that occurs within the game while you play. That’s always good news to hear when playing a slot game for sure.

The jackpot itself plays in a series of 3, meaning it will be triggered if you manage to land the jackpot symbol within the game. The rules are very much similar to playing the game as mentioned before and in addition to this, you can include all the bonus rounds while you play the progressive slot too! It all works under one game feature and ultimately can help you gain some serious cash that’s for sure with no doubts…

There is two versions available for this game on varying bingo sites, meaning you will need to scout for a site that includes both the progressive version and the normal gameplay version with both combinations of the game found in one gameplay.

Do not feel pressured however to play the progressive jackpot, as the normal gameplay version has very large jackpot potentials of over £250,000 If you play your symbols right!

Jumpman Gaming Progressive Jackpot

Jumpman Gaming sites are a great place to start when you want to try out both the jackpot version and non-jackpot version. Bear in mind if you do not wish to play the jackpot version over fear of the special bonus combinations that you need to hit, the jackpot version is great as it just triggers randomly without the need of you making any effort whatsoever. All Fluffy Favourites jackpots are seeded by you simply putting in a minimum bet. So, keep your fingers crossed, your toes crossed and hope for the best!

Fluffy Favourites Mobile Gameplay

Believe it or not, Eyecon made a mobile app version of this game that you can access from your phone without having to worry about any web browser page loading issues or the length of time between finding games etc. This is a really good move as players can just go directly through the app and do not need to worry about casino and bingo hosting sites.

Also, if your phone has HD quality and more, your game will be optimised and shown at that level of exposure. Your gaming sessions are about to get very interesting and maybe even slightly addictive? Just make sure your internet connection is of the best quality and speed, as that will affect your gaming’s quality. The game depends entirely on high speeds of internet.

Are there other good slots within Eyecon?

Eyecon gaming really came through for us in terms of showcasing Fluffy Favourites directly within an inhouse app. However, we don’t blame you for wanting to find more games that Eyecon are involved with. Slot games that you could check out and play on including Imperial Destiny, Stampede and 99 Time. They have been generating many hits and interest as of late, so definitely check them out!

We still say Fluffy Favourites reigns at the top for popularity, as it isn’t often you find a game as cute and as magical as this. It definitely takes you down a trip on memory lane, with its toy vending machine style set up. We all wanted to win a toy from those at some point that’s for sure.

Games like Fluffy Favourites

So, you may have checked out the other games we recommended above, and they didn’t make the cut. You wanted cute, warm and fuzzy. For that reason, we have not let you down and have a series of games here for you that will definitely do you some good to play! They are as follows:

Plushie Pleasure

This game has just as much fluffiness and cute overload as possible. The games bonus system mirrors and is very similar to what Fluffy Favourites has to offer-definitely make this the next game that you need to check out.

Rainbow Riches

This game has gained much popularity within the recent years. With all the bright and vibrant themes, characters and gam play can your really blame us for including this in our list for games to recommend?


Twinkle is an Eyecon game that uses very similar characters as Fluffy Favourites. Wild elephant symbols that are pink, including mini-games to play in between reel spin sets.

Fluffy Too Sequel

Due to the immense success that this game showed, they also released a sequel to the game which features all the characters that players loved from the first game, however this time you will be in a completely different scene entirely. You will be hitting the beach for more fluffy fun. This is a perfect option if you are bored of the first part and need to spice up your gaming routine a little, without having to give up the fluffy characters completely. The Return to Player is the same as the first part, meaning you won’t see too much in variance when it comes to this game-everything on that part is pretty much the same. Yet, the biggest fact to consider when playing this game is that there is no progressive jackpot that features within the gameplay. It is a completely normal gameplay, with a max win of £5000.

The game is definitely a good choice to get hooked into and include within your usual bingo everyday routine. You should find that the inclusion of mini-games that feature between your sets are a great pick me up and a break between your hardcore money-making streaks. Don’t forget that the most important aspect of bingo and slot site gaming, is to have fun. You definitely picked a good slot game for that!

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