5 Methods of Staying Within your Bingo Budget

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Staying within your bingo budget is definitely a task in itself-why? Because when you play, you can easily get scooped into the core of bingo and not stop. Little before you know it, your bankroll that you gamble with is pretty much left in minus value and you are finishing off worse than what you started. Bingo shouldn’t always be about leaving the game as a looser.

Bingo should be a game where yes, you may have lost just a bit, but you have gained something in the process too. You need to know when to say no to that bingo game, in favour of keeping your wallet looking healthy and ready to face the next bingo challenge! How you ask? Keep reading on to find out more…

Depositing Bonus

When you are next depositing money within a bingo site, you will need to think through the following aspects that we are about to elaborate on. In addition, this will follow the process of claiming your bonus via a deposit should you be unsure of what to actually do.

The size of your deposit

Obviously, this is a huge factor as to what you are available to play with. The deposit is what sets up your budget for playing and for that reason you should never go deposit anything else afterwards. Set this as the initial and most maximum amount that you will put into a bingo site for the week/ month (depending on how you play). This can be accessed via the ‘sign up’ button within the promotional header of a bingo site!

Promotional code

If you have a promotional code and are signing up with that to receive your bonus amount, you can receive your bonus money by inserting your promotional code within the signing up gateway within your browser. You will see a form with the field called ‘promotional code’ this will apply the code that you want to use to your deposit and bonus amount. This usually is in the part where your banking details are taken.

Happy Hour bonuses

Before you take up the process of claiming your bonuses, make sure you have the initiative to ask using the bingos help and customer services. You can enquire if there any offers on at the moment for you and your future bonus amounts. Usually, this is kept secret and the helpline agents will be able to specifically tell you if there are any goodies that you can claim-from free tickets to free spins upon registration. So definitely ask!

Free Bingo Options

Another method of keeping to your budget is via the usage of the free bingo options within the bingo site. This will prepare you for when the bingo gaming is for real money and you will need to stake money to be apart of it. This is definitely a wise option as it will allow you to gain momentum within the game and know what you are up against in your gambling journey. Not all games are available to play for free play however, it depends on the bingo site itself and their terms and conditions-definitely check that with them first.

There are free bingo games that will also give you real money if you do win, however. They require no stake and merely just your participation. These games are rare and you will definitely need to have a quick and attentive to detail eye to spot these. But don’t forget that if you win these games and get some money from that- that is extra money that can be added to your budget. You will be able to stretch it out a little!

Playing Low-Value Bingo Games

The good thing about bingo games is that their games can start at ridiculously cheap values that are very affordable and will not need much to have fun with. Most bingo games start at around 1p or 5p games and yes that is cheaper and you will most likely end up with a smaller jackpot overall if you win-but winning is winning at the end of the day, right?

If you really want to limit your budget as much as you can, limit yourself to the smaller value gams and do not buy multiple card strips until you have won a game. Then with the winnings from that game, use it to buy more bingo cards, because whether you win or lose, that will not negatively come out of your overall budget and affect your bankroll.

The more tickets you have within a bingo game, the more chances you have to win as that will significantly increase your odds in winning.

Bingo Chat Games

Chat bingo games are exclusive outputs within bingo that can provide to you more chances of winning a bingo bonus. Wanting to know more about what they are and what they do? Read more to find out…

What are chat games?

Chat games are the games that bingo players can play with each other via intimate online chatrooms. They allow you to get to know your gambling community a little bit more and play competitively against them.  These are usually free of charge and you can win little and small amounts, spread here and there. So, essentially this can help your bingo budget be stretched further and more easily for sure-every little small bonus will help you in the long-term.

There are multiple games that you can try out that have a reasonable amount of popularity and success. They are as follows…

Lucky Number Chat Game  

You play this game by selecting a game from numbers 1 to 90. This number will be played through the entire game and can be carried through as your lucky number. If your lucky number shows up in the game and you are the first to state it, it will then allow you to win a really nice little bingo treat along the way!

Chat games are great for getting to know your bingo community a lot more and it’s definitely a good way to interact and have fun. Do not forget that bingo isn’t just about making money-its also about the fun aspects too.

Higher Games and Entering Jackpots

Yes, we know that higher end games are more expensive and will at away at your budget more too, however, there is a greater chance of you making money from these games. Their payouts are much higher and definitely worth more your while.

Prizes start from around £25 and can increase within the thousands. However, it is defiantly recommended that you don’t exceed the minimum ticket amount that comes with the bingo game. They usually start around £3 or £5, meaning obviously it is wise just to stick to one ticket as these are an excessive amount more than the usually low-value games. If you win the higher value games you can actually use that money to contribute to entering the progressive jackpot game that your online bingo site has to offer. It is always recommended that if you want to enter a game with a lot more at stake, try and use your winnings to enter and then you will really have nothing to worry about in terms of budget loss etc. as everything is pretty much extra anyway.

How does the progressive Jackpot game work?

Progressive jackpot games are great for the possibility of winning more money than you can ever imagine. But did you know you have more chance of winning the lottery than you do of winning a progressive jackpot in slots games for example- but in bingo, you have a way bigger chance as the game has certain odds that are guaranteed? The only issue is when the progressive jackpot isn’t limited to that one particular bingo site. This is called a pooled progressive jackpot, where multiple bingo sites contribute to the jackpot and therefore the odds will be much slimmer but with a much larger jackpot.

The singular bingo site jackpots work by having the jackpot set around a particular set of numbers-45 to be precise. The tickets that you buy, will contribute to the jackpot amount. A percentage of your ticket amount will contribute to the end jackpot Amount. For the intimate bingos own progressive jackpot, the prizes can range from a comfortable £200 to a large sum of £4000! To win the game, the aim is to finish the game and have a full house in 45 numbers or less. Once the progressive jackpot has been won, the jackpot will be restarted and played again from the start.

Something to note about jackpots is, if you win the game in more than 45 numbers and no one else has managed to win, the jackpot amount will reduce the more numbers you increase with. 45 is usually considered the ideal amount. So, you can expect the jackpot to reduce by a few thousand each time depending on what your number is when winning!

To summaries overall, It is best advised to players to play bingo with a series of pre-determined bingo budget checklist as they play. This will allow for players to handle every negative situation that could come their way when playing. It puts a barrier between yourself and losing a significant amount of money. Make sure that when you look for bonuses online, to reach for the bonuses that give you more to play for but with lower wagering requirements. That is a mission to find, but believe us, there are some out there. Definitely read up on the terms of a few bingo sites from our own bingo catalogues.

Other factors to consider, include playing free bingo games, whether through the chat room games or over the bingo sites inhouse free bingo games. Their small winnings be it a £1 or more will still help you build up your bingo wallet in the long-term and every little helps for sure. Finally, don’t forget that if the games are priced at a lower value for tickets (starting from 1p) make sure you take advantage of that and purchase more tickets, to give you a better chance of winning. Anything that you do win, should contribute to paying for further tickets in the future as then whatever your loss will not affect your bankroll budget negatively at all!

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