Bingo Software

UK bingo sites have hit new heights and the amount of online bingo sites in the UK is phenomenal. It can be the case that some bingo sites operate on similar software, which means that the gameplay, lay outs, and bonus offers can be quite alike. There are not many different bingo software’s in the industry, so of course bingo sites are going to have to share the same software providers. Here are some of the best bingo software that operate your favourite bingo sites.


Dragon Fish are one of the top dogs in the bingo industry, one of the most established software. They are partnered to a huge variety of different bingo games and they look to innovate the bingo market. They produce an epic range of 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. They also have some card games in their library. This award-winning software has a great library of bingo sites that customers should take a look at. If you are an experienced bingo player, you may already be playing at a casino operated by Dragonfish, without even knowing.


Cassava are a very popular bingo software and are part of the 888 group. This is a huge network to be apart of and gives us an idea of the nature of this and also the size of Cassava. There are many different Cassava bingo sites available for customers to sign up to. These bingo sites come with some huge bonuses as well.


Many may consider Jumpman to be a fresh face in the casino industry. For a new software, it is doing exceptionally well. Jumpman were formed in 2011, where their sole focus was bingo games, until recent times where they have now newly expanded into slot games. Their games can be accessed on both desktop and mobile bingo sites. They have a heavy focus on mobile optimisation and want to make their players experience how great and accessible their content is on a mobile device.

Gamesys Group

Gamesys are a popular software provider in the bingo and casino market. They are very experienced with over a decade in the industry. The UK based company has now reached a global scale and are very competitive. The quality of games that Gamesys produce is excellent.

They were established back in 2001 and have produced some excellent bingo platform that most bingo players are sure to be familiar with. Gamesys are also an award wining software and if you come across some of their gaming content, be sure to try it out.

Cozy Games

Cozy Games is an excellent software provider for bingo platforms, with a library that ranges of over 500 games. This goes beyond bingo games, it also includes slots, table games, scratch cards and more. This portfolio is evidence of how well established Cozy Games are. You don’t need to worry about the level of security with Cozy games, as they are licensed under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Virtue Fusion

Virtue Fusion are a hugely experienced online bingo software that were established in 1999. After gaining a huge amount of experience in the industry, Virtue Fusion were taken over by Playtech in 2010. It is one of the biggest bingo networks out there. There are a range of different games that customers can play, powered by Virtue Fusion. An example of a highly popular and excellent bingo game that will attract a lot of attention is their Deal or No Deal game.


Playtech have an epic portfolio to their name. Playtech are not just successful in terms of bingo games, they also thrive in other gaming markets, for example slot games, table games and more. If you are an experienced casino player, not only may you have heard of a Playtech bingo site before, you may well have played at one too. Some of the bingo sites include Sun Bingo, Paddy Power Bingo, Gala Bingo and more.

Choosing a Bingo Software

When you admire the great bingo software that is available in the market, you will be able to establish what casinos are operating under what software. Then by looking at the different bingo sites for a particular software, you can decide whether this is the type of software you want to play under. There are factors that you can consider in order to choose an excellent bingo software.

Number of Bingo Sites Listed Under the Software

This can give you a little inkling into the stature of a bingo site, by looking at the amount of bingo sites that are registered under that particular bingo software. Dragonfish have by far the biggest bingo library. They are partnered with over a hundred different bingo sites, which is way more than any other software provider, this just proves the scale of DragonFish.


Bingo games are now being improved so that they are played in better quality. HTML5 formatting of games allows customers to experience great content and have an awesome gaming experience. Different software providers also adapt their games a little to differentiate them, adding in subtle features that give them a bit of individuality and a bit of a trademark that players expect from certain bingo software’s.

For example, when you witness some different types of bingo games, you can find that some software providers do things in different orders to others, even if it is just as simple as when the announce a winner. The loading speeds and graphics also differ. In order for you to be able to experience the different software’s and see which one you prefer; you could try and play some of the free play bingo games.

Software Experience

Experience is important in any meaning of the word, so bingo software is no different. Some of the bingo software that you see before you have been around for a very long time and has collected a great chunk of experience along the way. Dragonfish are a perfect example of this and are why they are one of the best software providers.

Just because they have the most experience, does not mean to say that they will always remain in pole position, if they fail to keep up with modern software and technology, then they will begin to drop back, however that is unlikely to happen as they are excellent software developers in this market and are always looking for innovative ways of increasing their software.

Network Games

Networked games are very popular amongst bingo players. Bingo games are played in rooms on the bingo site. Games are running all the time in these rooms, and players can continue to enter and leave the online bingo rooms. Some of the most notable bingo networks include Cashcade Ltd. who’re part of the larger, parent company, QVC Holdings.

Within these bingo rooms, you also have a chat room and a host, in these chatrooms you can speak to other bingo players. You often find exclusive games in these bingo rooms; these exclusive games will come with big rewards and even jackpot prizes to claim. Not all the prizes involve cash, some can include holidays or vehicles.

Standalone Games

Standalone bingo rooms offer players a better chance of winning, as there are less players that are playing against each other for the prizes. The prizes are therefore not as lucrative as the ones offered on a standalone game, but they are still worth snatching up. The prices of the tickets do have some affect on this though, the more expensive the tickets, the better the prizes can be.