Best Bingo Offers & Bonuses 2020

Bingo bonuses are often dangled in front of players by bingo sites to lure in players with new and exciting deals to get their hearts palpitating and addicted to everything that there is to be offered. Bingo offers can be package deals within bingo gambling, that make playing so much sweeter without the complete need of using up all your bankroll.

Lots of sites provide bingo offers as a sweet little pick me up that gears you up, ready for a hot headed and enthusiastic playing day. Below are a series of contenders that are available for your playing benefit and wallets. Everything you see here is decided and concluded upon by our very own experts that circle the bingo bonus offers around for you, getting you the best online bingo offers possible!

What is a bingo bonus?

An online bingo bonus is an offer that you may receive on a bingo site to entertain yourself with for longer within a site. It’s essentially money that you get given within the site that you gamble with; however, you cannot withdraw it-merely use it to progress with winning further and increase your initial bankroll. There is a possibility of converting your virtual money outside and banking it. Yet, you will need to comply to the wagering requirements of the site you gamble with. We will get onto that further on into the passage.

Bingo bonuses are usually a variable that coincides with a deposit offer where you will need to put in some of your own cash to qualify and trigger the extra bingo bonus. However, there is a possibility of receiving it for free due to certain promotions within a site. They all differ, and it depends if it’s your lucky day in receiving the free bingo bonus, or the paid one!

Can I play slot games with my bingo bonus?

Bingo bonuses are always usually made to be spent on buying bingo tickets to enter the 90 ball games and more.  The bonus will obviously be triggered once you have activated it via a promotional code or instant deposits within your bingo profile. As soon as that money is placed within your account you are able to go wild and spend that on any feature within the site (depending on the operator individually of course). Most mobile bingo sites will actually let you go into different game rooms and explore your options with the bingo offers you have received and spent within the site.

We do recommend to evaluate what the online bingo sites have to offer before having a full-on shopping spree; spending all your funds, to only find that you could have played Microgaming’s new slot game for example and you just used all your welcome bonus to that bingo site on a game you know very well and didn’t give you that exhilarating rush that gambling games usually give! Do always check when you sign up for your bingo bonus, what games you are able to play, or if for example, you will receive free spins if you decide to play on Cleopatra slot game within the hosting operator – you may be missing out on extras that you never even knew about!

What are wagering requirements for bingo offers?

This requirement is in simple, the amount you have to bet and stake with your bonus money before you can even think about cashing it out. Online bingo platforms have wagering requirements that start from as little as 4x to an excess of 50x, it all depends on the offer itself and which bingo establishment you decide to commit your money to. Once you meet the wagering requirement, the money that you have accumulated and the bonus itself is yours to withdraw and keep as winnings.

Also, something that you need to be aware of in the process of gambling, some of the best bingo sites will have a cap on how much you can win with the bonus cash that you receive, even after the wagering requirements have been met. Therefore, you will need to clarify with the terms and conditions, on how much that limit is, so you don’t waste your time and efforts unnecessarily for a bingo bonus.

Can you win real money with bingo bonuses?

The bingo bonus can never actually be withdrawn as it is the casino’s cash, however, you can make money from the bonuses itself and convert the cash within the bingo games to real money! As mentioned above, however, this can only be achieved if you meet the wagering requirements set by the site itself. Sometimes companies tend to put a cap on the winnings available to be made by players because they want to maintain a certain degree of cash flow within the bingo sites. Therefore, you will not be able to convert your bonus cash into more money greater than the limit set. Not all bingo sites have the cap within their bingo systems. To understand more about the type of online bingo you choose to play and the possible rules and regulations about your winnings, make sure to check out the site’s terms and conditions, where the terms will be elaborated on further for your clarity and bingo playing benefit.

Where can I find these bonuses?

The best bingo offers can be found internally within our review catalogue systems. We include reviews of countless of bingo sites that have welcome bonus packages awaiting your arrival to use them! Most of the bingo operators’ bonus systems are within purely joining a site, however, there is a possibility of receiving further ongoing bonuses with a VIP loyalty scheme that they use to keep their players. Other promotions that can be found include daily spins and bonus cashback schemes. We make sure to evaluate all the bonuses involved within our list of the best bingo sites, therefore make sure you take the time to have a read and use the information to your advantage.

Why do some bingo sites not give out bonuses?

Believe it or not, players that play bingo games cannot like bonuses! Therefore, you may find bingo sites that offer no bonuses at all, just cash prizes and other prizes to reward their players. This is primarily due to many players not liking the high wagering requirements they have to keep to, to actually cash out the money they win. If they put in that exact bonus amount and win, that money is theirs to cash out and keep, pretty much instantly! Ultimately that decision is yours, whether you want to play with bonus cash money and face the wagering requirements that follow or play with your own fully funded bankroll and be the boss of when you want to withdraw and cash out your winnings.

How much do I need to spend to trigger the bonus?

That answer depends entirely on the bingo you play with itself and what bonus they are offering you within their gambling community. Usually, the minimum that you have to put into the bingo site is actually around £10. This is usually enough to trigger whatever bonus that website has available. Offers like ‘Buy 10 and get 40’ means that you can deposit just £10 and have an extra £30 cash to play within, within your bingo journey. There are bingo sites that work purely off percentages and ‘match bonuses’ as they call them, meaning your bonus will be triggered based on a percentage. You could come across a bonus like ‘receive a ‘100% match bonus’, meaning the site will give you exactly what you deposited and match that value within your bingo online wallet.

The free no deposit bingo bonus

There are in fact possibilities to trigger a no deposit free amount to play with. These are called the no deposit bonuses. You can play with these pretty much instantly from making your bingo account and sometimes you can find bingos that are prepared to give new players a free £15 bingo bonus without any wagering requirements to follow in pursuit.

Are there free bonuses?

As mentioning previously, there are bonuses available to take without any need of depositing cash within the system. These can be either in the shape of free bingo tickets, free spins to use within other games that the bingo site offers for you to play, or you can have a raw amount instantly credited to your account to decide what to actually do with the bonus money. The choice is yours of course, but a very rare occasion indeed.

Free bingo vs. a bingo bonus

The free bingo bonuses are very much a nice little pick me up that will make your gaming experience that much sweeter. They act as an incentive to entice players to play and deposit their own money within the bingo system. However, if you are awarded free bingo ticket bonuses, you will be limited to certain games and where you are able to spend them-depending on what the bingo online site actually permits. Both free bingo methods will be to a certain degree of a limitation in terms of your gambling to what you are actually able to do. For example, your winning cash amounts from the free bonus would be given back to you as further bonuses until your wagering amounts are met. Both free bonuses and bingo bonuses both share the same factor where winnings cannot be accessed until you actually meet the wagering requirements. However, the difference between them is, you have to trigger with funds deposited into your bingo account for the bingo bonus, where usually the bingo operator would immediately credit your free bonus there and then.

Free bingo tickets

Free bingo tickets are usually a nice treat for the bingo players that can get awarded through many different routes- loyalty promotions, free bonuses, prizes and welcome bonus offers. The bingo tickets can be entirely free with no wagering requirements involved. All you need to do is play and enjoy all the rewards that come your way! They can be used within bingo game rooms and other bingo online games. Check the bingo terms and conditions for your bingo bonus!

Advantages of bingo bonuses

Bingo bonuses are first and foremost a very fun and entertaining prospect for the gambling community. They give individuals that chance to make cash from hours of gaming that they commit to. In addition to this, they also are an incentive of how you can make real money without investing a dime (in some cases) from free bonuses. There are also more chances to win if you have a higher bankroll from the series of bingo bonus offers, as you basically can put more stakes on and increase your chances of winning combinations and bingo numbers (via buying more bingo tickets). Finally, there is a greater chance to play and expose yourself to more games within a bingo network, if you have been given free money as you have nothing to lose no? So essentially it widens your horizons dramatically.

What to consider before taking a bonus?

Deciding and weighing up your options on bingo bonuses can be confusing, and it is very important for an individual to understand what they are going into before they actually sign up. Aspects that you need to fully be aware of within the bingo site you are leaning toward include:

  • How much your cash amounts need to be wagered prior to being able to withdraw any of that bingo bonus money.
  • Any caps that are related with your bingo bonus from the bingo operator itself. If all your winnings are in fact yours to keep, or can you only keep a certain percentage cut of those fees?
  • If you withdraw any of the cash prior to your wagering requirements being fully met, you will, in fact, lose all the bonus cash and more, due to not abiding by the rules.

What are the best bingo sites for bonuses?

Bingo bonuses are very saturated currently now within the market, meaning you will need to look hard to find the right bonuses you deserve. Luckily enough for you, BingoSites.Bet is here to help guide you in making the right informed decision. All you need to do is scroll through our selections and enjoy. Make sure to take a good note of the information that is being put across to you within the reviews, as they will elaborate on the software, the game selections, bonus details, payment methods and so much more!


Why should you claim a bingo bonus?

Bingo Bonuses are cash amounts or free bingo tickets that are given to players to heighten and enjoy their playing experience. You can receive free no deposit sums instantly credited to your account upon registration and applying the promotional code, which is advertised. Or there is deposit bonuses that can be triggered when you put money within your bingo wallet.

The amount your receive, be it a bonus match or cash amount can be entirely optional and bingo sites usually allow you to have a certain degree of say on which bonus you want to go for. All wagering requirements apply, and you must follow through accordingly, as stated within the terms and conditions.

What does wagering requirements actually mean?

Wagering requirements is the money that you will need to spend within the bingo site, to actually withdraw your winnings. These are put in place to ensure they are actually making money within the site and regenerating cashflow before they depart with the cash earned from their bonuses handed out. For example, at one bingo operator there may be a wagering requirement of 5 times (5x). You decide to take up the bingo bonus of ‘buy £10 and get £30’, meaning the site awarded you £20 free cash. With a wagering requirement of 5x that would mean you need to make 5 lots of that £20, which is £100 prior to withdrawing your cash.

Most bingo sites have a standard of a 4 times wagering requirement, however if the bonus is particularly high, they can also increase the multiplier too.

How does my online bonus actually work?

Bingo sites give you a series of bonuses depending on what type of bingo player you actually are. If you are a new coming player, you have access to the welcome bonus packages available, or a free no deposit pick me up. Some bingo sites will introduce their bonuses, depending on a match percentage system.

Usually they run in 100%, 50%, or 25%, but you may find the occasional one of 200%+ kind of bonus. This all depends of course on the particular site you are playing with, and the type of bonus you want to receive. It may actually be also, that you are a returning player who has used all their welcome bonus package and is in fact search of what else there is to offer.

You can have access to ongoing promotions within a specific site- be it a VIP loyalty scheme, free prizes or a weekday bonus spin, the offers are endless and filled with promise!