Lucky Bingo Player finds £2500 was in fact a £171,546 win instead!

It is not often that people find out their winning jackpot amount is incorrect and in fact so much more! It is those rare opportunities that make bingo news all the more worth it. A 30-year-old from Southampton unexpectedly revealed his win at his local bingo hall, expecting £2500 (which is amazing in itself) and […]

Bingo enthusiast mum banned from bingo for buying a homeless man a coffee

A woman named Sue Francis has reportedly been banned from using the Mecca Bingo services for life, due to making friends with a homeless man names Darren Genery. The incident occurred after Mrs Francis was on her routine weekly visit to the bingo hall, to engage with friends and have a nice evening when she […]

Woman uses online bingo to relieve her grief and steals £5k in the process

A woman has been recently under scrutiny for her gambling habits, which made her funnel over £5000 from her very own husbands building business. Denise Postgate has caused an uproar in the Newton Aycliffe Magistrates court, as they unveiled how she personally asked her husbands, clients, to pay upfront and transfer the amounts within her […]