Best Bingo Sites 2020 – Trusted UK Sites to Play Bingo Online

Are you looking for the best bingo sites for 2020? Well our site will provide and fulfil that online bingo urge you have been feeling of late. Our vision is to provide you with the very latest bingo sites, with every variable and twist that you can possibly think of. Not only that but you can be safe in the knowledge that these bingo sites we consider the best bingo sites to win on too.

Best Bingo sites to win on in 2020

We understand that the task of finding new bingo sites to devote your resources and precious time can be daunting and relentless and that is why we have come to your aid, to ease you of this struggle!

All the hard process of locating and reviewing each online bingo site has been done and dusted, with an in-depth consideration as to what each individual site has to offer a budding gambler like yourself.

When it comes to considering UK bingo sites and gambling today, technological advances are vital to ensure your gaming experiences are of the very best quality.

So, if the page itself does not fit the bill we do not recommend it to you. It is as simple as that. Obviously, you do not need to check all our highlighted bingo games out (there are quite a lot) but do consider from our ranking system that the best of the selections will be located right at the top (hint, hint).

How do we choose the best bingo sites?

We take pride in our ability to sustainably and efficiently review all the latest, validated and best bingo sites out there. Our comprehension goes above and beyond to ensure our ability of reviewing so many reviews at once with the same care and attention needed to select the details you want to know as the player.

The directory that we so intricately include, will feature well-known brands like Iceland Bingo, Betfred, Bet365 and so many more! This list is consistently updated whenever there is a contender out there that has the right credibility to compete for the attention span of our avid readers and enthusiastic new players.

The question is, what is the variables considered to put together our reviews? Read below to elaborate further.

Variety of games available on site

Our library contains the very best options for you the player, regardless of the genre you prefer. You ask and we deliver. It is as simple as that. We understand that a larger variety of online bingo games will draw a larger range of diversity and attention, which in essence means more new players.

We ensure all the games have variable price ranges of the bingo game tickets themselves in addition to featuring different software providers, whom are responsible for the best graphics quality.

Top end UK bingo sites and slots producers include names which you have definitely heard of like Dragon Fish, Microgaming, IGT, NetEnt and many more. This in itself is further assurance to you as the player of our cautiousness when coming to select independent bingo sites – only the regulated and verified will ever be featured on our lists; that you can be 100% guaranteed of. Be sure to see the library of games that each online bingo site offers.

There is an extensively elaborate supply. These include jackpot slots, scratch cards, bingo and slots (like Rainbow Riches and Starburst), casino games and so much more.

Trusted bingo websites

All the free bingo sites recommended within our directories are fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commissions meaning you are fully secure in your pursuits via the online bingo and slots platforms that we suggest. It is of vital importance that you only give your trust to the best bingo sites – those that interact with the Gambling Commissions, because they have secured systems throughout their bingo sites.

From secured payment of international methods that interlink, to site audits that take place consistently to reaffirm the gaming standards in terms of fairness and compliance. Your money is considered 100% safe as all necessary UKGC procedures keep your money regulated correctly.

This system is essential also, in case the company suffers from future liquidation. All your money will be reclaimed back efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Welcome bonuses and customer promotions

The first thing you will ever think about when selecting a UK bingo site to commit to is a welcome bingo bonus promotion. Bonuses split themselves into 4 distinctive sets: Free spins, No deposit bonuses, first deposit bonuses and the welcome bonus.

The best bingo sites will entice you with the best unbeatable offers around. From depositing as low as £10 to give you more than 100% matched offer to top you up! We will evaluate all the bonuses and the wagering requirements that accompany said bonuses, to ensure its 100% worth your while.

The average wager requirements across the internet currently stand at 4%, so we will make sure to highlight what you are up against, so you are fully prepared and ready without having to read all the promotion policy small prints!

If an online bingo site has a specific genre of entertainment facilities to use your bonuses on, such as slots (like Rainbow Riches and Starburst) or live tournaments, we will clearly make that all clear for you and state it in bold.

Help and Support

In the core of our values, we understand that community satisfaction is of a high importance to you, therefore we do not underperform by making sure you have the best possible support system as you gamble online.

Our reviews will include all the features the bingo sites use to interact with you in your time of need. Be on the lookout in the pay to play and free bingo rooms for key features such as the 24/7 chat facilities. Across the online bingo site, you can use email contact forms and an agent hotline for support.

These are the optimum options that the best bingo sites use to communicate with their committed customer base. It is vital that trusted bingo sites have these facilities readily available to you and are at hand to encounter and resolve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If the problems you face are not urgent, you may overlook the frequently asked questions (FAQs) with readily made answers, there and then for you.


All the better reviewed bingo sites have HTML5 software to ensure that the games showcased are compatible and compliant with your mobile phone or tablet device.

All the legitimate UK bingo sites find it of upmost priority that they cater to the latest mobile phone devices because of the convenience it gives to players. You no longer need to be contained and limited at home for example on your desktop or laptop. The fact that gambling has become so very much versatile is what has made it gain so much appeal and popularity – which is greater than ever before and online bingo wants to evolve and surpass such levels even more!

Experience a bingo community

With the free bingo sites we recommend, you have the exclusive community of the online bingo sites that most people love and crave. The idea that you can connect with the online world internationally brings certain togetherness in the free bingo games you play – but also a greater selection and mix of competitiveness for you.

You will meet some of the greatest gamblers online virtually through our online bingo sites, that’s why we go into great detail to explore how players feel when welcomed by the best bingo sites themselves.

Within your playing experience, you can be sure to come across a different selection of online bingo rooms to accompany the level of play you want to experience. You prefer a relaxing meet (virtually) with easy flowing pay to play and free bingo games, we got you. Or perhaps something more network worthy and credible to increase your playing experience? Don’t worry, we got that covered too!

The latest bingo sites

The industry at present is saturated with all the latest bingo sites that you can possibly even imagine. However, as we briefly touched upon before, not all bingo sites are good and convenient for the type of gaming experience you are looking for, as all differ greatly from one another. No one of these online bingo sites are a one size fits all kind of establishment.

The latest bingo sites believe it or not, do generate quite a buzz early on due to its uniqueness and differentiation from the generic old systematic style.

To keep up with competition, newer bingo sites tend to take it up a notch with their technological advances, so they can have an edge and eager consideration despite all its contenders. Gamers want a challenge and something new and unencumbered, so that’s where we have all the latest for you-right here, right now.


We are sure that you wonder what actually defines a good mobile bingo site, and what set principles we follow to categorise our reviews. Overall, such variables depend on previous player experience, history and their feedback, in addition to operation statistical analysis and finally our own verdicts.

Playing on your mobile device has become the most valuable evolution in gaming history, as it expanded the client base massively. Gamers appreciate the flexibility that arises with technological advances and therefore are able to gamble pretty much everywhere.

The advantages that accompany mobile usage for you as a player include: mobile only promotions, gaming variety, extensive payment options, licensing and regulation, exceptional customer service and site speed and usability – whether on an online bingo site or bingo app.

What are bingo networks?

Online networks are when bingo sites use the same software developments as other bingo establishments and then use this to their advantage by linking and connecting new players and resources.

This means they can optimise the number of players available and therefore sell a greater number of tickets for online bingo – and thus more jackpot prizes and bonuses for the new players too.

Not all bingo sites use such networking ways, but that is a choice for yourself as the player to identify if that’s an objective of yours. One of the leading bingo networks that we recommend to new players is Cozy Games. They’ve grown over the years and so has their bingo site portfolio. They are definitely worth checking out.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Always consider that you as the player, will always receive at some points within your gambling journey the privileges of bonuses as a new player of returning player.

This is so frequent now due to the countless offers and competition that saturates online bingo gambling. If bingo sites do not provide this, you can immediately feel discouraged in liaising with them, as it really indicates maturity in what that online bingo site can offer you.

Free no deposit Bingo games:

An offer that is found for the newbie bingo game players who have just opened an account with a bingo site and getting a varied amount deposited straight away within their accounts wallet – with no need of you depositing cash within the system.

This bingo bonus is prime for enticing people to join a particular gambling establishment and community. Bear in mind as you join you will be advised to add additional banking/ card information, to support your accounts validity within the UK bingo site.

These offers will have a wagering requirement that you need to be fully aware of, as you will not be able to withdraw that cash as quickly as you would like, until your reach a certain bingo bonus amount, built within your wallet of winnings.

The first welcome bonus deposit

This bingo bonus will be recognised as the largest offered to you within your bingo wallet. Typically seen as a percentage or matched deposit bonus that can go as high as 300% or greater depending on the bingo site and the first deposit you make.

The welcome bonus could be offered to you, where up to several bonuses can equate to free money for yourself. Again, as mentioned prior, small print and policies connected with your chosen deposit bonus will apply. Therefore, make yourself acquainted to them from every angle.

A reload bonus:

A lesser bingo bonus in comparison to the initial bonus, which makes sense as it does proceed after it. This is for returning players to take full advantage of and play with on their favourite pay to play and free bingo games.

Sticky Bonuses:

A rarely understood bingo bonus, which we will elaborate on for you and include within our bingo site recommendations. So, what are they? These can never be withdrawn alongside your winnings and must remain to be used in your bingo gambling pursuits. Sticky bingo bonuses are a great way to continue and extend your gaming experience.

Any other bonuses you should be aware of?

Most of the bingo sites we recommend will include other prize forms that you can fully take advantage of. From free bingo tickets, prizes and competitions. You can get free entry to tournaments and linked to the bigger network amongst independent bingo sites, which is definitely desirable for the competitive new players out there right?

Jackpots that can be won internally from games, include progressive jackpots. They enter you into the chance of winning ridiculous amounts of money, with crazy average winnings of £10 million + on the money slot games…

Funding your bingo account

To play for real money, it only makes sense that you have to fund your membership account with real money, too right. There are so many variants in platforms that you can utilise to deposit and withdraw:

  • PayPal is a very popular choice and method of input/outputs of money. Considered an extremely safe and regulated site – if anything were to occur to your funds, they can provide instant help to secure your payments efficiently.
  • Debit and visa are accepted, however depending on your online bingo site and provider there may be a charge incurred. Therefore, definitely check your terms and conditions prior to any movement of money.
  • Pay By Phone is a banking option which is very popular amongst mobile and desktop players and is something more bingo sites have started to provide. Companies like Boku allow you to add funds to your new bingo wallet by adding the balance to your monthly phone bill.
  • E-wallets have become considerably popular, due to being a secure middleman between you and your cash with full security and assurance if anything suspicious was to occur. Popular examples include Neteller.

With all this being said, make sure to consider that if you are not comfortable in using the major funding formats and giving out your details, direct bank transfers can be arranged with accompanying ID verification as a must.

How to claim your bingo offer

To have access to your bingo bonus, is a very straight forward and quick procedure. Offers will appear in the following format (for you to be aware of) ‘Get welcome bonus of up to £50’. To achieve and have this credited to you, you must sign up with the platform yourself.

If the offer involves a first deposit bonus, then make sure you do so accordingly, by depositing within the bingo site (using platform methods mentioned above). Yet if the bonus is completely free and a no deposit bonus, you simply need to make your account and you are very much good to go! Other options involve manually adding promotional codes within the system, which we do provide for you readily.

Rewarding you for your loyalty

Online bingo takes pride in all its loyal and committed customers who stand by their initial bingo site choices. Therefore, for that main reason, reward schemes are emplaced for you and other avid new bingo players out there via a VIP system.

A point regulation will be applied via every deposit you make. Each method will differ depending on the bingo site you choose to give your custom to; however, the overall gain is the same-extra bonuses to play with. Reaching the highest tiers of the schemes will land you exclusive access to facilities, not often seen by the common bingo folk-which of course makes you feel special.

Birthday bingo promotions amongst entrance to exclusive events, are all the aspects which you can look forward to when committing to your bingo gambling journey. Good luck!



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